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  1. I think it's closer to four hours, but still not bad. I was going to check out Who's Game House at one point when we were at Roam'n Around, but ran out of time.
  2. There are two of us in Dickinson, ND that play. We used to play weekly at the local game store. However, we had to change our game night and the store couldn't accommodate so we moved to his basement. Since then the store closed, but we still play weekly. We fly pretty darn casually.
  3. I used this in my ISD's and add resistors to some of the LED's so they're not so eye-searingly bright: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11259 This guy fits well inside an ISD, That being said, running engine lights, as well as window lights it's really only good for about a few hours before it visibly begins to dim.
  4. The three of us have plenty of ships if a fourth wanted to try it out, but nobody wants to commit. Everyone thinks it looks really cool, but too expensive. We've even done a few 'Learn to Play' days at the local game shop. Again, people think it looks cool...but nobody is interested. There is also a local board game club that has a game day every quarter. We setup Armada there as well...and once again....it looks cool...but nobody wanted to give it a go. We're going to try one more time at the next game day and offer a couple 'Learn to Play' scenarios...see what happens. Unfortunately, it just seems its not that popular up here. People want to play board games, they don't want to play anything miniature related....which also includes games like Imperial Assault, Descent, etc... We used to have a small group of GW guys, but they no longer come to the shop. Ah, but I'm way off topic now.
  5. Trust me, we are trying. Unfortunately, we are in a small town in western North Dakota. A couple years ago we had a fairly strong X-Wing group...I think at it's peak we had 8 or 9 people, but that was at the height of the oil boom. Lots of guys up here with lots of extra money. The x-wingers have all disappeared. I was lucky to find one guy to play Armada, then another guy just recently joined us. Like many people, most of the guys at the local game store say they spend too much money on other games, so they can't spend more money on Armada. And that...is that. The game store had 12 starter sets in stock when the game first came out, I think over the course of two years he sold maybe four of them. Now....they don't even carry stock for Armada or X-wing. Makes me sad.
  6. Very true. When it was just two of us we pretty much always played 500 points as it felt like it gave us just a bit more room to breath in regards to making fleets and allowing for more squadrons. So, we'll likely try one 500 point fleet against two 250 point fleets and then tweak it from there.
  7. Thanks, BergerFett. We have considered doing a 2v1, and splitting the 2 player team in two. I'm a little concerned about balance and potential inherent flaws. A coherent single 400 point fleet is potentially much more effective than two smaller 200 point fleets. I don't know if it would make that much difference in the balance of power or not. A consideration is to have the 2-player team make 2 separate 200 point fleets, both with their own commanders. Thus, allowing for each player to create a fleet (albeit smaller) around their play style. We definitely have options, just wasn't sure if anyone had come up with something they've already played with and thought worked well. Thanks, Drasnighta. We actually have played Take the Station quite a bit. It's enjoyable, but week after week it's nice to play something different. And in fact, we used the template for that scenario to expand into other 1v1v1 scenarios. Basically, we try to draw a triangle on a 3X6 play area to create an equal distance for each player to start from and then we use various objective cards that can be easily adapted to remove advantage to any single player. And then we use rotating initiative just like in Take the Station.
  8. Hello all, I have question regarding Armada with an odd number of players. There are only three of us in the area that play Armada. We have been playing 1v1v1 game variants for a few weeks now, but its almost inevitable in each game that one person kind of gets ganged up on. We have even picked about nine objective cards that we felt could be easily modified for three people and use those to add some variation to the game. But ultimately, it's getting a bit stale. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to adopt Armada for a better 3-player experience? Thanks, Jason
  9. Hey all, I don't post too often, but I've learned a ton regarding rules from you guys and I really appreciate that. Regarding spending accuracy dice and re-rolling, the question came up: can I spend accuracy dice, re-roll my remaining dice and then spend any additional accuracy dice that come up? Or have I already passed my opportunity to spend accuracy dice at that point? Thanks, J
  10. Thanks, I have to credit Kuk111 and his ISD fiber optic mod that can be found here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/198637-isd-full-optics-mod/ He inspired me to go beyond just doing engine lights and adding fiber optics.
  11. Another option is this guy: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11259 I've used it in the belly of my ISD. It takes a single AAA battery. The nice thing is that it ups the voltage from 1.2v to 5v. 5v is more than enough to power your LED's and in fact you will want to solder in a resistor to step down the voltage to 3v or 4v depending on your LED. And of course, it's going to last a lot longer than a wafer type battery. I currently have 9 LED's powered off of one of these. I'm running 7 blue LED's for the ISD engines and then a white LED (connected to fiber) in the belly and another white LED (connected to fiber) in the top for the window lights. It greatly simplifies wiring. I would say the only down side is that the battery is only good for about 3 hours and then it visibly begins to fade. However, I am powering all LED's at there brightest and I will have to say the blue engine lights are 'eye-searingly' bright. Adding a high resistor to these LED's will bring down their power a bit...and I think (I could be wrong on this) might help conserve the power draw.
  12. If you are ever on the western side of the state, specifically in Dickinson, we play Armada every Monday night at Badlands Comics and Games. Right now, there are only two of us that play. We're running a demo on Saturday, February 6th to try and get some new blood.
  13. Cool Stuff Inc. sells a Mini American folio by Ultimate Guard that works great for storing upgrade cards. Highly recommended. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/222151 J
  14. Nice job! Love the effects with the fiber optics.
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