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  1. Why not just enable the exact first edition expansions you have? Is there something you're trying to get to happen?
  2. Furthermore, if they wanted to maintain the "peril", once a slot is loaded and restarted, they could make it so you couldn't reset and roll back in time. Just that the game tracks in multiple slots, rather than the single slot they have right now. You can't roll back the one save now, but it does save incrementally, as you play. Just instead of a single track, they could provide multiple tracks for this. No going back -- you either start a new game or resume an old one. So it's both trivially solvable and still maintains their goal. (And yes, I can think of additional ways to further metagame this, but I suspect they would already apply to the existing game. They should stop trying to solve problems that only exist in their heads.)
  3. Just wanted to note for those that didn't realize it (we didn't at first) -- the medium and large bases are monster specific. They have holes drilled in place for the specific monsters, so you need to make sure you have the right base for the right monster. (We also had figures from the first edition, unmounted, so that compounded the confusion.)
  4. Old question, but since it wasn't addressed: There does not appear to be an implementation for Windows Phone. Only Mac & PC via Steam, Android, and iOS.
  5. I love the idea and would love the option, but believe it should be an option only, so that players could choose to play how they prefer.
  6. What was confusing for us at first was starting in a tile and being able to reveal all the sight tokens right at the start. We thought "Why wouldn't you just display all the tiles?" Later on, we learned there are times you don't want to create new paths or reveal new things until you absolutely have to. It all depends on the scenario. So we learning not to overthink things and just go with the flow.
  7. I was thinking the same thing, although as an option sounds like the best solution.
  8. cyberthorn


    Agreed. Especially on a touch screen. We once brushed the wrong button so instead of a monster attack, it moved to a new monster....
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