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  1. Thanks for the replies! So essentially, when Swindled is played on the unit, it goes back to the LS player's hand since he is the owner. If LS had not played Swindled, when the unit is destroyed, it goes to the LS player's discard pile. Got it! dbmeboy - In regards to your statement about Trust Your Feelings, has that been discussed elsewhere? Can you attach a link for that if there has been an official decision on that from FFG? I am not understanding why the Jedi Lightsaber will work, but Trust Your Feelings will not. As for the tokens, they stay with the unit when it switches sides, correct? For instance, if there was one focus token and one damage token on the unit, the damage will come over and stay on the unit, and the unit will remain focused until the next DS refresh phase. Am I correct in this assumption? Thanks again. Pete
  2. I had a situation come up with Join Me in a game tonight that I am hoping to get a consensus opinion about how this card should work. Background: For reference, Join Me is an event card that states: "Play only during your deployment phase. Action: Take control of a target non-unique Character unit." LS player has a 2 cost Character unit in play. DS player plays Join Me and takes the unit over to his side of the board. I believe that it has already been established in other forum threads that the following things take place when the LS card moves over to the dark side: 1) The LS player removes any Force cards and enhancements attached to LS unit. Force card returns to LS player's pool of available Force cards. Enhancements return to LS player's discard pile. 2) Any damage or focus tokens currently on the unit move with the unit over to the DS. Am I correct in this assumption? I was unable to find the thread where I thought I had read this previously, and want to establish a baseline for this question. Situation: So, after Join Me is played, the DS player controls the unit, according to the text on the card. Now, the LS player plays Swindled. For reference, Swindled states: "Action: Return a target unit with printed cost 2 or lower to its owner's hand" Question 1: If the unit is Swindled, does it go to the DS player's hand (since DS "controls" the unit) or does it go back to the LS player's hand (since LS player was original "owner")? If the unit can be Swindled into DS player's hand, the DS player can only deploy that unit if he has a resource match. (Conditional to answer of Q1.) Question 2: When the LS unit that was the original target of Join Me is eventually destroyed, does the unit return to the LS player's discard pile since he was the original "owner", or the DS player's discard pile, since he "controls" the unit? Per page 23 of rules book: "When a unit is destroyed, it is placed faceup on top of its owner's discard pile." Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated! Pete
  3. Thanks for the answers everyone! I totally missed that it is a limited card...
  4. In the game I just played, I pulled two Sith Holcrons in my first hand. I played them both on the board to enhance my play area, but did not sacrifice them. In my second hand, I pulled Devastator and Palpatine. I then played Devastator for 6 resources, using up all available resources in play. Then I sacrificed both of the Sith Holocrons to reduce the cost of the next Stih card I played by 3, effectively reducing the cost of the Palpatine card that I played next from 6 to 0. Sith Holocron's Action text states: "Sacrifice this enhancement to reduce the cost of the next Sith card you play this phase by 3." So my question is, can the Sith Holocron effects stack? Was this a legal move on my part? Thanks! Peteyhack
  5. So does Leia get captured whe you play swindled? Or does she go to my hand?
  6. In perusing the boards I often see where people go to Nate French for official decisions for cards that might have ambiguous or disputable text. Is there a central place where all of these decisions are saved? I have yet to find it, but I could have sworn that I saw someone mention it at least once. If no such magical resource exists, maybe that is a good opportunity for cardgamedb.com to be that resource?!
  7. I will be at Dragon Con and will bring my decks as well. Maybe we can just organize a meetup? We can hold an impromptu tourney?
  8. You have inspired me to do some deck building tonight after listening to the show... Hoping to win the contest!
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