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  1. Agreed. I see the Z-6 Phase I Trooper is the same, so perhaps a later phase Clone version will have suppresive but for the extra points.
  2. The old article might help too. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/30/surgical-strike/
  3. Check this info, i'm sure it will help - https://imperialdiscipline.blog/
  4. Timinater

    Troop composition

    Agreed. Also you could read the preview articles that FFG put out about these units way back before they released them. Here is one; https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/30/surgical-strike/
  5. Got me!! Agreed, as well teamwork abilities. R2-D2 teamwork Luke, and C3-P0 teamwork either chewie or Leia
  6. My prediction (hope) for 2019 = RT and C3P0. I can't believe nobody else on this thread has pick these yet. They are the only 2 characters that span every Star Wars movie so far!
  7. Hi Nashjaee, the first bullet point under wounds states "Each miniature in a player’s army has a wound threshold presented on its unit card." So if as you state above that "units do suffer wounds", could you help me out and list the page in the rule reference that states that the unit is no longer considered wounded once the mini is removed? Also under the heading unit "A unit is a miniature or collection of minis that functions as a single fighting group." When a mini is removed from table due to a wound it doesn't indicate that it is removed from the unit (or have I missed this too). Again thinking about future abilities such as the ability to resurrect a mini into a unit ect.
  8. Hi Matroskin, Wounds on page 58 now states; "When a player’s unit suffers wounds, that player chooses a mini from that unit and assigns wound tokens to that mini until either all wounds are suffered or that mini is defeated. If there are unassigned wounds remaining after a mini is defeated, the player choses another mini from the same unit and repeats this process until either every mini in the unit is defeated or all wounds have been suffered. " "A unit with at least one wounded mini is considered wounded." I can see how this is taken from various perspectives, however the way I see it is; (a) At the start of a game a unit has a base number of wounds: for example naked troopers have 4 wounds. (b) That troopers unit is shot at and takes a wound. The unit has suffered a wound as per the rule above and assigns a wound token, and the mini is defeated, with mini being removed. (c) The mini was first wounded prior to being defeated, thus the unit is (or at that point in time) considered to be wounded. (d) The unit now has 3 wounds remaining, down from the 4. And the rules do not state that the unit is now "un-wounded"! As far as I can see and read in the rules the unit is wounded, and there is no specific wording that states that once the mini is removed the unit is now "un-wounded". My interpretation is that the unit is wounded and can only be "un-wounded" once it is returned to the original 4 wounds it started with. And perhaps the medic will help here, as well emergency stims does help as the unit is not wounded until the wounds are applied. Does this help sway your opinion on this card? MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU
  9. So remove the "event-exclusive" aspect of the idea. What do you think about new pilots ect as a way to improve the T-47?
  10. I've been thinking about how the T-47' could be improved and what do you all think of this as an option? - Event exclusive cards that have a Rouge Squadron pilot (or Gunners), such as Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Dak Ralter, or even a T-47 pilot version of Luke! - Hobbie could drop the arsenal 2 down to 1 and have cover 2 built in, and be negative points. - Dak maybe a gunner that can shot out both sides and rear for 0 points. - Luke? Maybe if he crashes replace him with the model version of Luke to then run about slicing **** up (flip the card and stats for this on the back) Just like ESB! This way there are no rules changes, or need to reprint the current T-47 with changed stats ect, and this rewards players that attend events with something that makes their T-47 better and adds prestige. And with the T-47 Luke you could potentially run all four heroes on the one team!!!
  11. This is well worth a watch, I enjoyed these guys chatting about Legion and thought i would share;
  12. If it just you and a buddy, just have fun. Build what ever list you like and play, get beat or win, does it matter? Fine tune things along the way, and you'll be good as gold!
  13. Try this out to get a hang of the type of units you like to play at 500pts, find a LFGS that is holding a 'take the hill' tournament for some extra fun. Troopers win games! https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1a/b2/1ab2ccdd-9837-4212-8a35-abcc822a877d/swl_take_the_hill_eo.pdf And at the 800pt game some of the objectives conditions require core units to score points. There are a few meta lists floating about the internet for example;
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