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  1. I'm getting back into Xwing after collecting to wave 7. I'm interested in Galactic Empire and Scum and Villainy I have the following 1st edition ships: Scum (17 ships): 1-Slave 1, 1-Houndstooth, 2-Ywings, 2-Starvipers, 4-Z95, 3-M3 Scyk, 1-Kihrax, 1-Punishing One, 2-IG-2000,1-Hawk290 Imperials (23 ships): 2-Lamda Shuttles, 1-T-49 Decimator, 3-Tie Advance, 1-Tie Defender, 4-Tie Interceptor, 1 Phantom, 7-Ties, 1-Tie Bomber, 3-Tie Punishers Now I've purchased a core set and the Galactic Empire conversion set, I'll pick up the S&V next month, and some of my group will help with ship tokens and dials for ships. Where do I go from here?
  2. GAR lacks units. Yes they're are more expensive, but as more units come out they'll shine and come into their own. The rebels and empire were the same boat, seesawing back and forth for the first 6 months until they got more units. Empire are brutes, Rebels need finesse when running them. Go for what you like! I personally play Empire and recently picked up CIS. I'll switch between factions each month.
  3. I use Strict orders with Krenic and his compel, and even Death Troopers with DT-F16 (adds compel) That allows me to remove 1 suppression token from a key unit I need to move, with them being suppressed but not panicked I move them and still get an action. I look for unit synergy such as with snowtroopers.
  4. Some tables I have made. City table Desert table
  5. As Ginjo said, find some players and play a few games. Try the different factions and see what you like to play. When you ready to jump on 2 core boxes (the same one) are the way to go. More bang for your buck. You'll get double commanders and 4 core troops (Need 3 at least for an army) and 2 support for the 2 factions. Double the tools, dice, and tokens. As for painting look on youtube for how to paint legion, your store may have someone running painting nights, or know painters
  6. The B1 droids are like the Z-6's, very swingy dice. It rolls bad or very good...
  7. Being that they're on Sprues now make sure to wash them in warm soapy water first to get the release agent off them.
  8. I can see luke jumping up into the tower and force pushing everyone off, lol Nice work!
  9. Nice looking. Maybe do some posters for the walls
  10. I'm doing the layout on paper, figure what I need, and then model it.
  11. Reserved for the base inside temple
  12. Nice, I'm definitely getting a tank!
  13. Las Vega Open is Feb 8, 64 players already filled. (Will be a blast!) Link: https://lasvegasopen.squarespace.com/home-1/
  14. If your plan on playing different factions, get another core and you take a faction, and you'll have the core (dice, tokens, rulers and such) As Vaysan said, then plug into the list generator, and see what you need. Also check out this discord server https://discord.gg/Y3tF5U The Legion discord server.
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