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  1. I can see luke jumping up into the tower and force pushing everyone off, lol Nice work!
  2. Nice looking. Maybe do some posters for the walls
  3. I'm doing the layout on paper, figure what I need, and then model it.
  4. Reserved for the base inside temple
  5. Nice, I'm definitely getting a tank!
  6. Las Vega Open is Feb 8, 64 players already filled. (Will be a blast!) Link: https://lasvegasopen.squarespace.com/home-1/
  7. If your plan on playing different factions, get another core and you take a faction, and you'll have the core (dice, tokens, rulers and such) As Vaysan said, then plug into the list generator, and see what you need. Also check out this discord server https://discord.gg/Y3tF5U The Legion discord server.
  8. I see all the commanders as tools, each one for a particular jobs. And with more units you have more options, more options means you need the various commanders to do specific tasks. So IMHO I see Han being useful far into the game life.
  9. Has this been asked to add the battle cards?
  10. Part 2, Compliments of the Notorious Scoundrels Podcast 1. Bloating – Taking an upgrade because you can, not because it would be cost effective. Example: Targeting scopes is 6 points is it worth 1 more die in a reroll, or should you drop them in your squads for another unit, or a heavy weapon. 2. Efficiency – Is it worth taking naked troopers? Are they doing the job? Example: Naked Stormtroopers, 4 white dice is a poor fire team, but dumping 1 naked team and taking DLT’s on 2 teams makes them more efficient. 3. Bloat activation – Are you just putting units on the board just for activation's? This goes with number 2, are they efficient and doing their job?
  11. Complements to the The Fifth Trooper Podcast for listing these. Question ever list should answer: 1. Have you a way to deal with Armor? 2, Can you hold/take on a force user? 3. Can you capture objectives? 4. Are you going to play casual or competitive 5. What scares you the most? Do you have an answer?
  12. I vote for Boba and 2 snowtroopers. Boba is good and can replace your ATST as a center piece, good offense, defense, and bounty for close games. 2 Snowtroopers for a total of 6 core and they are great to complement Vader, and the flamer is nasty.
  13. I see the 2 pip card to be used on an out of command, out of range unit to activate them. Flanker out on the far edge force them to attack or face 4 suppression and possible walk of the board. Fleet troopers spoil there position, either move into range to attack or shut them sown. And more...
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