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  1. On page 99, the entry for Improved Terrify might have a template issue. The color for the portion of the box that indicates it is a Force talent doesn't match the rest of the box.
  2. If 3D printing is a viable option for you, there's a free model available on Thingiverse.
  3. The only way to guarantee you're getting the latest printing, then, is to order directly from FFG. They'll always have the latest printing. If you order from Amazon or another online retailer, there's no way to know which printing they have unless you have someone at the company look for you. (I've done this once or twice with Miniature Market.) In case anyone is curious, the man who did the cover of the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook is named Darren Tan. Here's his DeviantArt page.
  4. There are currently three printings of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. The first printing has an insert and the second and third printings have the insert included in the book itself. If you want to make sure you've got the latest printing, (as of 29 July, 2015) make sure you get the one with the Disney logo on the back and the code "S14205" in the bottom right corner of the UPC area. Many errors and typos have been corrected, though not 100% of them.
  5. Spoke with someone at Miniature Market today. He told me that they're expecting to have it in stock tomorrow.
  6. My FLGS's distributor has listed Tuesdsay, the 28th as their release date. It could arrive at the FLGS as late as Thursday, depending on shipping schedules. I've not heard anything credible that would indicate that distributors are sitting on the book until after GenCon, especially given that The War Store is already listing Force and Destiny as "in stock." It sounds like nothing more than a silly rumor.
  7. I noticed that right away. I always assumed that he was wearing a different pair of pants that day. Luke earns the Corellian Blood Stripe Second Class for his exploits at the Battle of Yavin (check out the final scenes of A New Hope again) but he never wears them again for the rest of the Trilogy.
  8. If you think that Hutt's big, check out the one on page 44 of Lords of Nal Hutta. Oh wow... I never noticed that! Could be Boba Fett flying across the Sarlacc, just prior to the greatest upset in fandom history. From where I'm sitting, the art looks more like it's depicting the scene from The Mandalorian Armor where Fett escapes the Sarlacc. Note the pitting on his armor- one of the things the novel described was pitting and scarring on his armor plates due to the acidic digestive juices of the Sarlacc. The most significant art "gaffe" I've discovered is the use of the wrong Aurebesh characters in the Force Sensitive Exile talent tree on page 276. (It reads Force Shensitive Exile instead.) The core rulebook is in its third printing, and they still haven't fixed it.
  9. He's referring to this chart here: It's an artifact from the Edge of the Empire Beta, (page 176) and was removed prior to the publication of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. As early as that was in the development of the game (back when characters were limited to three specializations) it is probably safe to assume that it is no longer an accurate or useful means of measuring Force power within the game. While I won't speculate as to why the designers elected not to place the chart in the final product, I'm sure there was a reason it was removed.
  10. That's possible, yes, but that's going to take a lot more time than simply rolling the dice, adding a number, and handing out the appropriate card. It also means not shuffling the deck prior to receiving a critical injury, building a deck specifically for the critical injury, and then unshuffling afterwards. It also makes it impossible for two characters to receive the same critical injury. Obviously, if your group prefers that method, then go for it. I just wouldn't do it at my table.
  11. Right now I'm trying to figure out the best way to host the table, so people can just download it from my signature. If you need it sooner than that, just shoot me PM with your email address, and I'll send it right over.
  12. Owen and Beru Lars were a couple of dirt farmers in a back-sand stretch of Tatooine. Their property was littered with droids in various states of function, and their teenage nephew entertained himself by killing animals and racing souped up speeders. You don't get much more hillbilly than that.
  13. I used mine for the first time in a session I was GMing last night. They were useful, because I could read the critical injury from the chart on the back of the GM screen and simply hand the player a card with the details, rather than waiting for the player to write down the details of the critical injury on a character sheet. The art is entertaining. Are they necessary? No, but I've found them to be a convenience. As a side note, I wouldn't draw them randomly. Doing so would make it nearly impossible to combine multiple crits or ranks of Vicious and Lethal Blows.
  14. These questions came up in another topic, so I decided to fire off a question for rules clarification. The original questions are as follows: The response from Sam Stewart is as follows:
  15. I picked up a set of each of the Adversary Decks when they first came out. They've since seen use in every game I've GMed or played in. In addition to their obvious use as on-the-fly opponents, they're also helpful for comparison purposes when building your own NPC adversaries. I would highly recommend them.
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