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    Sacrilege83 got a reaction from Jenna in Music for Talisman   
    OST's (Soundtracks)
    Lord of The Rings
    Game of Thrones
    Hans Zimmer
    On Youtube playlists:
    Demon Stone (PS2 game)
    Guild Wars
    Elder Scrolls
    Right now I have the world cup showing in the background when we play.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to JediKnightAmoeba in Painting Option for miniatures   
    Hey everyone, I know a lot of people would love to have painted miniatures rather than the dull gray plastic figures.  But there are a lot of figures, most people do not have the time, a lot of people do not have the skill and some just do not care too much.
    I do have an option that can make them look better than they do. 
    First off a lot of the miniatures are warped; so boil some water and dunk each figure for a little bit of time and then dunk it in cold water to harden it back up.  Keep doing this and lightly adjust it until it is in its originally intended form. After you have done this you can glue a penny, nickel or whatever size washer or coin that fits to the bottom of the base to make it less top heavy, more balanced and a little heavier. The next step is to spray paint the mini with a boltgun metal primer.  I have the old GW stuff but that is out of production so you could use this. Make sure you spray it lightly and evenly and allow it to dry thoroughly.  I like to then give mine a second light coat to make sure it is coated well. I then take an black ink wash and water it down.  Take a large brush and generously coat the minis and allow it to dry for hours.  The object is to get the ink wash to sit in the recesses of the minis and dry which gives the appearance of tarnished pewter.  It actually looks really nice and they look like real game pieces.    
    This is something that does not require much skill and can be done in a very short period of time.  Enjoy.  
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Rigmaster in My painted minis   
    My friend is making some slow progress with the painting and now I've 5 finished miniatures and one more on the way. I'm not in any hurry though, I'm just happy he's doing it. Perhaps it's the free whiskey I'm offering him when he comes over...
    Sorry about the size of the images - I don't know how to make them smaller. If you want individual pictures I can add that later. Edit: hmm... they looked a lot bigger when writing the post...

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    Sacrilege83 reacted to scottindeed in My painted minis   
    I finally finished painting all the figures from the base set.  This was done on and off over a couple of years, as and when the mood took me.  Now on to the Reaper figures!

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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Joker2016 in Talisman - what the future holds.   
    I will be pissed if they don't at least make a deep realms type expansion bridging woodland and Highlands
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Joker2016 in Talisman - what the future holds.   
    Search for ancient Roman coins on eBay. I paid a buck a coin.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Bludgeon in Talisman - what the future holds.   
    I'm thinking about getting plastic crystals (like those in Caverna) to represent 3 or 5 gold. Sometimes players have 10 or even 20 coins and it makes a mess.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to talismanisland in Denizens of Cataclysm   
    How about the Chasm?
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Joker2016 in Denizens of Cataclysm   
    It deals with the monotony of space like the chapel, cemetery, village, etc. Memorization is pretty much out of the question, way too many cards, but a lot of them are merely the standard 1-2 bad, 3-4 nuetralish, 5-6 good formula.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Cruan in Denizens of Cataclysm   
    You sure you play it right? They are not discarded until visited, that means their matching or not matching trait comes into play only after they have been visited. That means you draw the first one that matches and you dont have to visit any more of the drawn denizens and keep visiting the first one and they keep piling on the space, whatever their trait is.
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    Sacrilege83 got a reaction from Dungeon Crawler Jack in Talisman - what the future holds.   
    I don't want any new corner maps for cataclysm.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Artaterxes in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    The bolded part doesn't exist in Talisman language. XD
    "Value" is strictly the number printed on your character card, as chemical22 explained. Your Strength and Craft cannot go below their values, e.g. if you lose Strength via the Random Spell.
    Basically Strength or Craft = value (number on card) + points (cones) + modifiers (cards).
    For Possessed, Strength = value (= life) + points (cones) + modifiers (cards).
    For example, the Warrior's Strength value is 4. If he has 5 red cones, his Strength is 9, but his Strength value is still 4. If he loses all his Strength, he loses all his red cones, but his Strength value untouched and is still 4 (+0 cones = 4 total Strength).
    If the Possessed's life is 4, his Strength value is 4. If he has 5 red cones, his Strength is 9, but his Strength value is still 4. If he loses a life, his Strength value will now be 3, and his Strength is 8. Then if he loses all his Strength, he loses all his red cones, but his Strength value is untouched and still equal to his life (3).
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Artaterxes in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    Yeah basically The Possessed's main ability is to heal life and also get rid of some faceup cards he doesn't like. Downside is he has to keep using those abilities to keep his life up or else his Strength value (but not total Strength) goes down.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to chemical22 in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    I have not played the expansion yet, but reading the card it says that his Strength Value is always equal to his life.  A value is what is printed on the card, not including cones and objects.   So he should not be stuck at maximum 5 Total Strength the whole game, as he should be able to gain cones just like any other character.  The only thing that would fluctuate is his base value which would be between 1-5.  Even then, if he Gains a life (eg: Pool of life), then his Strength value could exceed 5.
    Am I mistaken?
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Dungeon Crawler Jack in The Harbinger is coming - New expansion announced!   
    Finally got mine on the 4th, believe them bad reviews you hear about FRP.

    Still got a problem with the Possessed, on the face of it reasonably powerful, but the wording of his life gaining abilities is 'replenish' in both cases, his life value being 5 meaning he's stuck at a max strength value of 5 - Whole game. If games drag on, and we level up to OP stats, he's at a massive disadvantage. And he only starts at craft 2, so it'll take ages to level that up.

    To even make his abilities make sense I have to custom him to allow him to gain strength trophies as well and trade them in, then add his strength to his life value for his attack roll in battle. 
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to The_Warlock in Toad misses turns   
    There's no official rule about this. I mean, there's no rule that says whether a missed turn counts as a turn or not towards the global time flow of the game.
    I've always played that if you miss a turn as a Toad, it's still a turn. Under that condition, missing a turn as a Toad has always been a good thing in my games.
    You might say this is nonsense, but I'm pretty sure that you count missed turns when checking for a full round, e.g. to determine the duration of lasting effects (e.g. Prophecy, Hex). I've just applied the same logic to Toads, Slow Motions, Transformations and other effects that last many turns but affect only 1 character.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Hantheman in The Cataclysm new expansion is announced   
    Hmmmm interested in how this works with the 4 corner boards and other expansions. 
    Extremely interested in this as this finally replaces one of the most dated components - the main board. Hopefully this can speed up games so that it no longer takes half a day a game.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Mind Robber in The Cataclysm new expansion is announced   
    The art on the new board does look incredible though it isn't for me.  I haven't liked the new dark, dingy, gritty serious direction the last couple of expansions have taken the game and this looks like its carrying on down that route to attract a new generation into the game.  I was hoping for more expansions (even just card decks or characters = ninja/pirate?) in the vain of the earlier stuff and editions; something more colourful, fun (silly?), fantasy archetypes and everyday folk out on an adventure.  This new board might spell the end to 'old' talisman as would FFG likely support two different versions of the same game?
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to The_Warlock in War of Seasons   
    It would have helped if you had explained what part is unclear to you.
    War of Seasons
    In order to use this Alternative Ending, you you must be playing with the rest of the Woodland expansion.
    When the first character reaches the Crown of Command he places 1 dark fate or 1 light fate on this card and then each character loses all of his dark fate and all of his light fate, and puts it on this card. Each character is then moved to the Forest. Instead of encountering the Forest, you gain 1 fate and take another turn.
    If there is any fate on this card when a character reaches the Meeting with Destiny, then instead of resolving the Destiny effect on his Path, he must either attack Oberon in battle or Titania in psychic combat. If he is defeated, he loses all of his fate, moves to the Forest and ends his turn.
    Oberon has a Strength of 10 and adds 1 to his Strength for each dark fate on this card.
    Titania has a Craft of 10 and adds 1 to her Craft for each light fate on this card.
    The first character to defeat Oberon or Titania wins the game!
    If the highlighted part doesn't make any sense to you, just try to see the difference between "places 1 light fate or 1 dark fate" and "loses". The first fate which is "placed" is taken from the stockpile and placed either with the light or the dark side faceup. Then every character loses all of his fate and places it on the Ending card, maintaining the fate colour.
    Then the race for the last space of the Woodland begins, with two probably tough bosses awaiting at the end.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to The Hunter in Music for Talisman   
    I usually listen to tracks from Skyrim.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to adjogi in Music for Talisman   
    I will have to check out that Conan soundtrack - it sounds intriguing... 
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to DomaGB in Music for Talisman   
    A friend of mine wanted to do music, I find it distracting/irritating, but if low its ok. We played the Lord of the Rings soundtracks.
    If we are gonna listen to music for Talisman its gonna be fantasy based.
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Croonos in Music for Talisman   
    I thinh that music is an important part of every game. It makes Talisman world complete .
    Personally I prefer progersive rock band - Jethro Tull which plays lots of folk music. Whole discography (with "Aqualung" and "Thick as a Brick" on top) is perfect but to the game I can recomend such albums like: "Minstrel In The Galery", " Songs From The Wood" and "Broadsword And The Beast". Also "Tarkus" from Emerson, Lake and Palmer is climatic.
    What kind of music do you like to listen in the background?
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    Sacrilege83 reacted to Granville in How do you draw characters and have you put aside any overpowered ones?   
    Pretty much this. We always manage 6 players and we always draw three characters. We have all the expansion so this means the Alchemist has about a 1 in 4 chance of showing up at our game. None of us love him at this point but sometimes it's hard to say no to not using him, however you know you are signing up to be dogpiled when playing him. He's about the closest thing we have to a banned character right now, but we still throw him into the mix.
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    Sacrilege83 got a reaction from Granville in My Painted Talisman Miniatures   
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