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  1. I just enjoy painting the character models according to the colours presented on the character sheets.
  2. ^ Whaaaaat??? I should report your post for bs-ing. How cheap is cheap really? I mean to a rich man a $100 is peanuts. I find it hard to believe that ancient Roman coins cost about a buck.
  3. You are correct under The Harbinger rules: Cursed Keyword "Cursed Objects and Followers may be discarded, stolen, and sold as normal."
  4. @Lorinor 1) The game puts no cap as I know of on any of the spaces where you draw Denizen cards, that's why we capped it to 3 but still allowed to replace the oldest card with a newly drawn one. Denizens that have been visited only stay if their TRAIT description matches the space they're in, or if it states "any". So you can see these corner spaces, plus others, can build up Denizens rather quickly where a player will take a long time deciding who to visit out of several Denizens. 2) Yes cards were shuffled, even if they weren't it wouldn't matter since Denizen cards are drawn on random spaces visited. (i.e. the top five cards have City as the Trait but each time they were drawn it was on the Graveyard space, Village, Tavern, etc.) 3) The problem is reading multiple Denizen cards in a single turn trying to decide who to visit, therefore eating away playing time. And since we were playing a house rule where the Denizens fluctuate as the oldest card gets replaced by a newer one, the space then always becomes unfamiliar. Unlike the original board, as Joker has stated, memorization of a space becomes difficult when playing by the house rule I had. Original rules, all matching trait Denizens would stay + un-visited Denizens, so instead of reading 3 in my house rules you'll read cards that you're familiar with since the beginning of the game plus the ones stacking all the time later with no limit. 4) Denizens makes the spaces different every time you play with this expansion. The con is the unfamiliarity will eat away time, because we have a hard enough time as it is already to reach the Crown of Command with just 4 players on a 4 hour time limit. (We're adults, we work and/or have families/responsibilities) @Joker2016 Most of the cards are those roll a die as you've mentioned, but there are some that can really screw you over such as the Black Knight: "Pay one gold to take a life off of any player of your choosing." That's how I was killed. Swear, if you're rich and have a poltergeist, you are set.
  5. We were 6 players, so that is already tedious to begin with, all playing in the outer region for three hours those Denizen cards stack up quickly. My opinion this game is best with 4 players.
  6. Played one game so far with the new expansion. We find the new Denizens system to be a bit tedious. We already started off with a house rule that caps each space to have a max of 3 Denizens and drawing another Denizen replaces the older. So my friends aren't exactly impressed by Denizens because the reading and then deciding on which to visit slows the pace of the game down. Since we keep on drawing newer Denizens to replace the older ones, it's not like any of us can get use to the spaces knowing what to expect as if it were fixed, so we have to read and choose all over again. So I'm trying to come up with a new house rule. I'll still cap it at 3 Denizens per space but no more drawing new cards after that and no drawing to replace discarded Denizens unless for some reason a space becomes cleared of all its Denizens; then one card will be drawn and if it remains there it will be only 1 Denizen on that space for the rest of the game, not 3. What are your experiences with the Denizen system? Any recommended house rules?
  7. The only expansions I want to see now is just the addition of more characters plus more "bags of gold" adventure cards and plastic gold coin tokens.
  8. I don't want any new corner maps for cataclysm.
  9. Who ever reaches crown space first, if not then whomever holds a Talisman wins when time expires or whomever still has their starting character.
  10. Original ending: 9/10 (Crown of Command) Revealed ending: 0/10 (The ones marked with a Sun symbol in the top left corner) Standard endings: 1/10 (Played as revealed standard ending) Hidden ending: 0/10 (ie draw a random from standard+hidden endings)
  11. Will there be an actual difference in the spaces of the board or is this just a re-skin? If it's a re-skin I'm out. It looks already like the same setup based on the picture supplied; dice with death, the sentinel, your typical corner areas.
  12. Bump. Wish some Fantasy Flight big heads would read these forums. Battles of Westeros is long over due for an expansion now. Would like House Greyjoy or Tyrell. Would suck if I would have to custom make my own not to mention time consuming, They're still selling this board game, years since the last expansion, so why no new updates?
  13. Alternative ending, seems unclear in some of its explanation. Anybody has any thoughts on what was written?
  14. I thought she was a forest witch. And August 30th release? Why at the very end of summer vacation, why!? I was hoping mid-August the latest.
  15. OST's (Soundtracks) Lord of The Rings Game of Thrones Hans Zimmer On Youtube playlists: Demon Stone (PS2 game) Guild Wars Elder Scrolls Right now I have the world cup showing in the background when we play.
  16. My friend owned second edition and we always set aside the Prophetess and Wizard. Now I own fourth, I don't want to set aside any powerful character. It should be common sense that if a player draws a powerful character, then that character should be killed on sight. When selecting a character in my group, each player rolls a die and we randomly draw the amount of the highest die roll which is usually 6.
  17. I wouldn't be into the idea of having named characters introduced to the game. That would be just as bad as bringing in Timescape characters. Leave the named heroes for games like Descent. Talisman is all about archetypes.
  18. I picked up the core game, Dragons, Highland, Frostmarch, Reaper, and Sacred Pool for $40 CDN off of Kijiji a month ago. Then I immediately went out and bought City, Dungeon, Blood Mood, Nether, and Firelands at retail $140+. I try to play every Sunday with friends now.
  19. Talisman, quarter of the characters painted since end of May until now
  20. After 25 votes: Current Top 10: Halfling Dark Elf Barbarian Orc Shaman Pirate Centaur Scout Ninja Crusader Current Bottom 10: Chainsaw Warrior Space Marine Space Pirate Kabuki Astronaut Cyborg Scientist Rock Golem Astropath Yeti
  21. They don't need to wait for the next book. They can release a Wildlings vs Night's Watch now with a double sided winter board/Wall with Castle Black and gate tiles. Then give The Others as an expansion to it when "Winds of Winter" novel finally comes out. I wonder if this game is making any money for FFG, if not it's pretty understandable why they've halted support. And of course the game doesn't have the title "Game of Thrones" on it to appeal to the casual gamers/tv viewers. They really need to put on their boxes "Based on GRRM's series ASOIAF including 'A Game of Thrones'". That's what I would do if I'm marketing, using full titles not acronyms. How many casual fans from the novel and tv know that the continent/country is named Westeros?
  22. It would be great if they released a House Greyjoy that not only comes with their core army but as well with rules for a sea warfare game mechanic. So you would also have a double sided board, one side sea, the other a shore line. There would be tiles such as, islands, harbors, docks, fortress islands. And most importantly ship models for all four of the existing houses currently in play. Each house would get their own navy: War galleys, corsairs, transport ships, etc. Of course all of this is wishful thinking, hoping that the game is not abandoned of having future products.
  23. I'm surprised Golem receives no love. I liked the character they had in the videogame Dragon Age, thought it would be very different from having another typical human character. Down with Timescape! Not surprised that Yeti, Kabuki, Tengu are voted down. Those characters plus Rakshasa, Gorgon, Succubus, you have to do some research a bit on Google to find out what they are. I didn't know Medusa had her own species. I also think the Tiger version of Rakshasa could be D&D copyrighted or I could be wrong. Halfling (thank you Hobbit) & Barbarian currently share the lead. Most of the old Characters getting are backed right now except Skaven. I'm surprise people like the Scout, I hate his face, don't remember his game mechanic, to me he's just not unique enough, just another human.
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