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  1. I've run this on rookie T-65's and Y-wings with title. It is amazing.
  2. We are running a tournament tomorrow with the newest FAQ rules not in play. What is a list most destroyed by the new FAQ that I could run? So Biggs still works like normal, Jumps have two torps and a droid, Attani can be as many as I want, Miranda can still bomb off her slam. I want to get the most nerf in one list. What do I do?
  3. I liked this one a lot actually but I'm really liking pattern analyzer on Jess. More Action efficiency on the K-turn which is so crucial for this list.
  4. I've actually found the opposite to be the case. Generally the A-wing represents a floating 22 points I have been playing around with the list. Whether an attack shuttle, A-wing, rookie, B-wing, Z-95 or another Tie it is the first to go. No one wants to shoot Jess initially because of her heavy defense early with the swarm. No one wants to shoot the Ghost because you can't bring him down in 1 or 2 turns and Rex is usually in the back at range 3 or out of range from half the squad that they don't want to take pot shots at him. I generally run this ship aggressively out in front because either A.) it is the lowest target priority and I want people questioning whether or not they should shoot it, B.) it is a lot of times PS2 and needs to move first so having it in front just makes sense and C.) I don't want you dropping the other three first anyways.
  5. Lothal Rebel with FCS, Chopper, Hera Captain Rex Jess Pava with R2-D6, Trick Shot, Pattern Annalyzer, integrated Astro Green Squadron with Awing test pilot, a score to settle and either AT or Snap shot.
  6. I have one green squadron A-wing in a list. Is autothrusters or Snap shot the better choice?
  7. I would say the Golds with Ion honestly. I ran a Chewie with predator, and Luke and two TLT Y's and it worked great, went 6-0 the first day at worlds 2016. But it worked because the Y's circled the outside while Chewie was inside taking range 1 shots. This list needs dash doing the shooting from the outside. so, the Y wings need to be inside fighting up close. I would do two Golds with ion, title and R2 Astromechs. give them a little more maneuverability. The opponent will have to deal with Ywings which take forever to drop and with the ion, they won't be able to just ignore them. this means that Dash should be able to clean up whatever is left after the Y's fall.
  8. I've been experimenting with 4 ship rebel builds but building them with firepower in mind rather than mitigating damage taken. Lothal Rebel- FCS, Hera, Chopper Captain Rex Jess Pava- R2-D6, Integrated Astromech, and Trick shot Leaves me 22 points. I have been playing around with a Rookie X-wing and a 1 point integrated astromech, a naked B-wing, a Green Squadron A-wing of various builds and even Ahsoka. It's a lot of fun.
  9. I might have to try out this swarm leader combo. Looks pretty brutal.
  10. Someone at my local gaming store suggested Princess Leia because the whole list k turns at the same time. Help sink in that initial damage when all ships are still on the table.
  11. Best 52 points ever is Chewie with predator, Gunner and Captain Rex.
  12. I was thinking about snap shot or possibly a deadeye cruise missile on the A as well with guidance just to make that initial alpha from the whole list really hit hard.
  13. Missed the no AT. Gotcha.
  14. I think you mean trick shot rather than snap shot there for 20 points on the green. I had been considering the Attack shuttle just for the 3 dice. Even with so few points to play with this list has a lot of subtle variations to it. I keep going back and forth on a lot of them.
  15. I put it on the A wing to actually make them shoot the A-wing first. With this list, I generally want the A wing to get it's crack shot off and take the brunt of the firepower and die first. I want the other three ships to last as long as possible