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  1. Drop instinctive aim on Luke. He is PS 5 He will get a target lock on the target he needs to shoot at. Use his force points to modify attack dice. With instinctive aim, your average attack roll is 3 hits with a target lock and the force it is 4
  2. I like the ion gun to keep someone close so Blount can close.
  3. I personally think leia is too expensive and AP5 doesn't give much to this list because the low initiative doesn't help the torpedo get a target lock focus modifier. AP5's ability doesn't work well with Leia because she stops ships from getting the stress on the K turn which is what his ability is all about helping. I would add Juke to Sabine drop AP5 for 46 points of 3 attack die ship.
  4. I had a lot of fun flying the following 2 blue squadron X-wings with servos 1 grey with ion 1 grey with proton torps Sabine with trick shot in an attack shuttle. my loss coming against a Juke/Vader Whisper and Rexler. I'm still too bunched against a phantom and just need the practice. I apparently forgot all my old anti phantom tactics since its been years since I used them. I set up shots onto whisper and pushed damage through but was in my way too much and denied myself a lot of actions. Also losing two ships to a Rexler flipping up a direct hit really hurt. Against Rebel and Scum it just straight up murders what ever is in front of it but any 5 ship list has to drastically change its style of play when up against the high damage arc dodgers.
  5. I just don't trust a green to shoot at a high agility maneuverable ship with the crack shot to get it off and that's what you want to shoot at with it. I don't think the A-wings will pull their weight against a phantom or soontir.
  6. Another Idea in using 5 ships. I generally like to make every ship offensive in some manner but coordinate is really good on AP 5 AP-5 Grey with ion Grey with proton torp 2x Blue Squadron X 9 points. What do I spend it on? I've thought Leia? R4 on the torpedo Y and up it to a gold to help with getting a target lock, Proton Bomb on the ion Y? Any thoughts?
  7. True, but stacking multiple Z's without any way to massively increase their firepower in a blanket way just feels like a waste of points. 3 Z's won't pull their weight in a list. Most opponents will ignore them for the higher value targets in Wedge and Luke. A good 5 ship rebel list needs to have your opponent questioning which ship to shoot first. Each ship needs to have some kind of danger to it. If it only has a 2 die attack, it needs something else. That's why all my Y-wings have an ion turret for the 3rd attack die or a torpedo. Same with the A-wing. I won't run a naked A wing because it is not worth the points despite it being a great blocker. I need my opponent to feel like he needs to shoot it despite not wanting to. That's why a I1 A wing with a procket is great. You can't leave it out in front of you to fire that procket but you can't just let it get it off. X-wings are solid on their own without any need for upgrading. solid attack and maneuvering at a cost effective price. It's why I question the B-wing. The X-wing does everything I want the B-wing to do but cheaper.
  8. Not very positive. This is just my opinion and others may disagree, but the only reason to take the evade action is if you already have a focus. Since dual actions are incredibly tough to come by, the only ships that should be taking Juke are defenders and phantoms because they just inherently get the action. I see the combo you're trying to pull off, especially with the hot shot gunner but I have found with high agility maneuverable lists, you won't have all your ships pointing at the same target often and will only be getting about 2-3 shots on the same target. These guys just don't pump out the damage fast enough with a juke as the only offensive mod, that can be easily stripped by a higher PS ship shooting them first. I think 3 die attacks are the way to go.
  9. That was my initial list in this post and I still think incredibly strong. I feel like there is a lot out there with the type of agility that is going to just easily tank the shots from this list. Even with the out maneuver. Tie swarm gets away with it partly because they have the all purpose reroll with Howlrunner but even they struggle against 3 agility defensive ships. I just don't think you'll get much out of 3 bandits. 2 attack dice doesn't do much. I think you would get more out of 2 Blue squadrons.
  10. The lack of a 4 k and good linked actions makes me hesitant on a B wing. I think you would be better off with 4 x and a Y with a Dorsal turret. In terms of toughness, an X wing has the same toughness as a B wing. 6 hp with 2 agility should survive the same amount of hits as 8 hp with 1 agility.
  11. I like that second list a lot. Just a lot of firepower.
  12. I think you would be better suited with 4 scimitars and jonus all with rockets and the scimitars all with proton bombs. the saturation salvo since it requires two rerolls of my opponents dice seemed to help them more than hinder them. an extra rocket would be infinitely better than a saturation salvo.
  13. I agree that 4 Y wings with protons are a wrecking ball. There is some disadvantage with the list though. Two rounds of shots that won't be fully moded generally, and then a red action to reload one charge. Once double tapping ions are in to range one, they generally stay in at range 1. There is a lot more sustained focused big shots and because a target lock is not required, you can shoot attacks of opportunity rather than have your opponent with the lock boost and/or barrel roll out of the way. They are two very different types of lists. I prefer the double tap options because I think it is easier to cycle targets around between the ships without having to worry about getting a lock on the correct ship I need to shoot. There is advantage in your list because at range three, you should be wrecking faces with little return fire to worry about. Both are viable lists and I think it really comes down to play style and which you enjoy flying more. I played the A,YI,YP, X,X list from my first post and the proton torpedo Y wing put the kill shot into two ships to win me two games but everyone is so afraid of that ion shot, they are scared to spend tokens in defense of other attacks. Both ships sufficiently pull their weight but they just fly very differently. It's one of the reasons, they Y wing is my favorite ship to fly. It can be so easily tailored to what the list needs and two Y-wings can fly vastly different depending on loadout.
  14. At range two and three, your list throws 16 dice. At range 1, 12 dice my golds will throw 8 dice at range 3, 20 dice at range 2 and 28 dice at range 1. Granted a good portion of that is ion but ion control lists that can saturate a field with ion tokens have a great follow up and can keep it at range 1 to maximize the ion effects. Also does not require a target lock on my opponent which can be tough to get when their initiative is over 4 (in your Dutch list) in the first engagement.
  15. I loved running Y wings in 1.0 and been really impressed in 2.0. I tried your 43 point build and was really impressed. 1x A-wing with proton rocket 1x Y-wing with Ion turret 1x Y-wing with proton torpedo and R4 2x X-wings That Ywing rolls up in the second tier and can hit big while they deal with an a wing and ion turret up close. The green turn out of a K turn to keep threatening shots is so good.
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