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  1. thestggrwng

    How come no one runs this gunship?

    Changed to Wulfwarro
  2. Wulfwarro -Targeting computer, PTL, Kanan, Kyle Katarn Norra -alliance overhaul, Rage, Finn, FAA, and shield upgrade. AP-5 -Pulsed Ray shield, Inspiring Recruit, R2 astromech How come no one runs this Wulfwarro? He can take any manuever and get a target lock focus shot and has his reinforce. Every time I run him, he is great. I've posted this Norra AP-5 combo and no one seems to like it, but I enjoy flying it and honestly, not sure what to put with wulfwarro at 59 points. AP-5 grants a rage to Norra who takes a green manuever to lose the stress with the inspiring recruit and can boost or barrel roll into range to get a target lock for a 5 die fully modded attack shot. Now Wulfwarro can even help Norra or AP5 be tougher. But forgetting that combo, seriously this Wulfwarro seems great. What am I missing?
  3. No he still suffered from the whoops factor. The other problem was turrets were no everywhere. The first shot into him, he could make miss no matter what. It was that second shot where he could just blank out and die.
  4. Soontir Fel always suffered this problem, it was just less noticeable in wave 2 and 3. Even back in the day Fel wasn't winning much tournaments. He always suffered from a "whoops" factor. 5 games in a tournament and he can solo the list. and then one game range three behind a rock you just blank out your dice and die unceremoniously. The other problem with Soontir is that his damage output is pretty anemic. He has to save those tokens to live so he doesn't do much damage, he was just impossible to get fully modded shots on because he was so maneuverable. Now fully modded shots are easy, bombs at higher PS are out there with perfect knowledge of the board state. You take him to a tournament, you will win some games. Auzitucks won't be able to touch them and he can whittle damage through the back end when he is not being shot at. He can even be in lists to beat Nym Myranda or triple boats and Quickdraw. It is just going to be a very up hill battle because all of Soontir's strength has been negated. He is still highly maneuverable but you have to fly a perfect game. Not many can do that.
  5. Just played an expansion game as the empire. My friend and I had been discussing how we feel the game favors the rebellion. Well I made it a point to search and through use of capturing a leader and breaking his will in addition to scouting the tatooine area, dantooine area and endor area as early as possible, I revealed the rebel base turn 3. The piddly troops I sent died but now it couldn't move. Disadvantages we're that I never built a star destroyer despite the rebels getting all three mon cals on the board. Anyone else win with aggressive searches early game?
  6. thestggrwng

    Rebel Swarm V. 13.34410

    I had actually gone with ps 4. To make sure I got a return shot against ps 4 boats, but I don't really see them out there at that ps, so I am thinking of dropping it back to 3 because it does make her easier to move around the ghost.
  7. thestggrwng

    Rebel Swarm V. 13.34410

    I have to disagree whole heartedly with that. Just flew it against kylo aces and my opponent has to work so hard to avoid being shot that they are rarely taking shots and this list can k turn and cover so many arcs effectively that it is very difficult to not be shot at. A bomb launching Nym has to stand up to the front of this list to fire it and it melts under this firepower. It went up against Expertise Auzitucks and the stress droid shut off one expertise and it all went downhill for my opponent from there. Fenn does enough to shut off one ships alpha strike ability no matter what their PS is that alpha strikes can't one shot a ship. Even if they were to get them all off they wouldn't be able to drop the ghost in one shot. This has so many hitpoints that you can't out joust it.
  8. thestggrwng

    FennBug: The Biggs that Doesn't Need to be in Range 1.

    One I'm trying out now is R3A2 on Fenn with adaptability. That way, if you are an expertise ship, I should be able to stress you before you fire and if you are a target locked focus ship, I can stop you from spending your tokens. Makes him great against both kinds of action economy. Can't really do both unless my opponent shoots first and I'm double stressed but it is still a great tool to deal with any list.
  9. thestggrwng

    Rebel Swarm V. 13.34410

    Ghost is so much better than Lowhrick in this list. Ghost is more maneuverable with higher firepower and generally I am throwing target lock focus 4 die shots from the initial engagement. Lowhrick works in a swarm list that is trying to spread damage around. This list is all about offensive firepower. two big guns and two little guns that screw with your shots that shoot first. I rarely keep tokens for defense and put everything into offense. Works great.
  10. thestggrwng

    Rebel Swarm V. 13.34410

    Rebel swarm V. 13.34410 Lothal Rebel -FCS, Hera, and Chopper Jess Pava -EPT Droid, Adaptability, Integrated Astro Captain Rex Fenn Rau -R3-A2, Adaptability 100 points Latest version. I was running Fenn with no droid and pattern analyzer on Jess and it was great. Tried Ezra with stress bot instead of Fenn and it was great against expertise ships but Dengar was a pain with expertise because of the higher PS. Now Fenn can stress any expertise ship before it fires and it can shut off all dice modification for any token stacked harpoon missile or alpha strike ship. Basically allows Fenn to pick and choose the best way to hinder your attack no matter what you are running. Adaptability is key on Jess to get her to PS 4 so that she can get at least 1 return shot on a missile or cannon Rho boat alpha strike
  11. thestggrwng

    My new favorite Norra

    Norra -Flight Assist -Rage -Finn AP-5 -inspiring Recruit -R2 Astromech -Pulsed Ray Shield Poe (PS 9) -Title -VI -R2D2 -advanced optics -AT 98 points So AP coordinates a rage onto Norra, who then takes a green maneuver and removes both stress with the inspiring recruit. At which point she boosts or barrel rolls to get in range of a shot and takes a target lock. You should now be throwing a fully modified 5 die attack out the front every shot. The flight assist drastically helps her get shots on higher PS who might just be out of range or helps in ships that are just out of arc because Norra was forced to take a green. It is one of the reasons I am considering dropping pulse ray just to have a 4 point bid to make sure I can catch onto Dash with at least 2 shots. Not only that but this Poe is a beast who has perfect knowledge of the board to know when to boost or target lock. This list is a lot of fun. Your opponent has to go after Norra first because you can't leave her to do her thing all game and that leaves Poe to the late game where he is untouchable.
  12. thestggrwng

    Are Rebels better?

    We seem to have rebels winning the most. mainly because the imperial player can't get ground troops to the rebel base fast enough. Gives the Rebels a big advantage.
  13. thestggrwng

    Rebel Expansion Deck vs. Core Deck

    I loved behind enemy lines because it is so much better than hidden fleet. I also liked safe haven a lot. helped me pump out a fleet quick to take out the Deathstar. But I found the hit and run cards to be rather worthless because I had to roll dice and hope for damage to take out troops. Doing a mission that doesn't kill any imps was worthless. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
  14. thestggrwng

    Flight Assist Astros. Xwing Saviours?

    I've run this on rookie T-65's and Y-wings with title. It is amazing.
  15. thestggrwng

    Last tournament pre Nerf ideas

    We are running a tournament tomorrow with the newest FAQ rules not in play. What is a list most destroyed by the new FAQ that I could run? So Biggs still works like normal, Jumps have two torps and a droid, Attani can be as many as I want, Miranda can still bomb off her slam. I want to get the most nerf in one list. What do I do?