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  1. The design of those ships are ok to me nowadays, but back then, when I first saw them in the movie, I immediately thought someone over-spammed the "add more polygons to curve" button of the 3d modeling software used to design these (I don't recall what this is called in 3D parlance)
  2. Module 8.7.1 is out now (just follow the alt download in the popup as vassal loads) The seeds for tier 1 and 2 are out already for season 8, other seeds following soon https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yDeV9na4Q6n5hhgjUTOcOW3CtD2TuaWGos181jHNjV8/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Sorry about this guys, but a bug was found when you activate the ship mouse GUI near the bottom of the map. Get 8.7.1 (hotfix) now, here are the details: https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/x-wing-vassal-module-8-7-1-hotfix-bottom-edge-bug-in-mouse-interface/
  4. EDIT - BREAKING NEWS Sorry about this guys, but a bug was found when you activate the ship mouse GUI near the bottom of the map. Get 8.7.1 (hotfix) now, here are the details: https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/x-wing-vassal-module-8-7-1-hotfix-bottom-edge-bug-in-mouse-interface/ --------------- Full details here: https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2019/07/12/x-wing-vassal-module-8-7-0-mouse-ship-interface-revamp-full-wave-4-mechanics-echo-decloak/ The mouse interface with 103 buttons (as opposed to the old one with 15) is now upon us.
  5. Also, all y'all must wait for the next module release 8.7.0 VERY SOON NOW
  6. The lists aren't seeded yet. @Antigrapist is on it. There are many cases to cover (returning players, qualifying players, downgrading players, vacant spots, late joiners, etc.) The season will be pushed a few days to accomodate for delays.
  7. The dates were tweaked slightly. Heads up on the official signing in ending in 2 days! Don't miss out on season 8; Signups Close: July 9th Season Starts: July 11th Late Signups End: July 18th Interdivisional and kicking of inactive players: Aug 5th Scheduled Season End: Sept 9nd
  8. As AlexW pointed out, vassal x-wing server itself is often enough. People with a blue '!' (exclamation mark) besides their names are looking for a game. You can set one on yourself as well. You can also try to leverage the slack server itsel in channel #random.
  9. We've breached 100 players. Signups close after July 9th. See who signed so far: https://listfortress.com/league_signups
  10. Another detail, the start of the season will probably coincide with the official release of wave 4, allowing the official squad builder to be usable and giving us the rest of the card arts
  11. One new detail: games will be limited to 15 rounds instead of 19. This will be revisited again in the future if it's too much/not enough
  12. -= X-WING VASSAL LEAGUE =- -= SEASON 8 SIGNUPS ARE OPEN =- https://listfortress.com/league FORMAT You’ll play 8 games of second edition x-wing in the extended format. Inactive players will be dropped from the league. You must play at least two games in the first four weeks. DATES Signups Open: June 24th Signups Close: July 6th Season Starts: July 8th Late Signups End: July 15th Interdivisional and kicking of inactive players: Aug 5th Scheduled Season End: Sept 2nd REWARDS The real rewards are the friends you make along the way. We’re also planning on shipping prizes to the division champions from this season and last season. HOW DO YOU SIGN UP? Sign into List Fortress with your vassal league slack account.On the league home page, there will be a link to the sign up form right above the news Fill it out with your time zone and resired start timePress submit and get to theory crafting new squads with the upcoming points update.
  13. That's incorrect. The transport is the one that can reverse. The pod can't. That's what I've been using in my dialgen website: https://xwvassal.info/dialgen/dialgen and Sirjorj confirms this with his data: http://xhud.sirjorj.com/xwing.cgi/dialcomp and xwing-data2 has it pegged as such as well: https://github.com/guidokessels/xwing-data2/blob/master/data/pilots/resistance/resistance-transport.json (the maneuver codes are explained in the first link's bottom of the page) ...unless we're all wrong. But I did spent a good chunk of time watching and rewatching the wave 4 stream from FFG. edit - this post is a friendly reminder that you can keep these links bookmarked so you can double check stuff in the future!
  14. Thank you for respecting the xws spec! https://github.com/elistevens/xws-spec
  15. Full details here: New v8.6.0 X-Wing Module for Vassal. Bunch of new mouse interface for tallon roll, buzz swarm droid and probe droid + bug fixes https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2019/05/12/x-wing-vassal-module-8-6-0-mouse-driven-tallon-rolls-probe-droid-buzz-swarm/ 3 short demo videos contained in the above links to ENTICE YOU TO READ
  16. remotes are horrid. Both of them, for separate reasons. Here's what I forced myself to do for the upcoming version of vassal. Thankfully, they don't seem to be much present in tier-S lists, or even tier-A lists so people haven't banged on my door to make me release this ASAP. Probe relocation: Buzz Swarm: Definitely impossible to manage under a keyboard shortcut paradigm - it absolutely needs a mouse to make it quick and pleasant. Edit - more reasons, as if it wasn't enough: -You have to think how to trigger overlap events as they are launched/dropped. They don't act the same way -You have to think about a ship's final location or movement template as it overlaps after a movement -You have to think about its range to an exploding bomb because it was ruled they can be damaged/destroyed from it -You have to think about preventing, or at least offering a visual cue that some relocation positions are illegal FINAL VERDICT: very disheartening to work on as you know from the start it won't get much play time.
  17. Bump for the evening crew. I think I'm about done with buzz swarm attachment too! Just a few tweaks...
  18. Mu0n729

    Happy Friday

    What day is that panel going to be? Next Friday?
  19. It's the last iteration of a list building blitz for which I took about 30 minutes the night before, my first dabbling in wave 3 list building. I started off with triple discord missiles, thinking I really want them to see play and learn experience on how to deal with them, but then the energy shells spoke to me more while I wanted to improve the efficiency of the list, so I just arrived at this compromise. Just having one drone with the missile can still create uneasy choices and I love the fact that it's launched and away even if your opponent decides to obliterate that ship.
  20. If that's all I forgot then I'm pretty happy with myself. We were both pretty tired at that point. 6 games in a row just doesn't happen ever (once every 2 years) in our local tournaments - it's usually 4 swiss rounds and then we go home. I forgot my vultures had barrel roll in my round 1 game too. These were my first 6 separatist games ever, having finished my unboxing late the day before. I hadn't tried them on vassal either (I don't get to play that much lately).
  21. Details here: https://xwvassal.wordpress.com/2019/04/01/x-wing-vassal-module-8-5-4-4-bug-fixes-autorange-from-stuff/
  22. Featuring yours truly. I ran a Separatist list with 5 vulture-droids (3 with shells, 1 with buzz swarm and 1 empty) with a quasi-minimalist Maul with Grievous and Hate. My matchups leading to this game were: R1: Resistance 2 T-70 with 2 RZ-2 R2: Double Firespray list with Emon and Boba R3: 3 VetGunner Y-Wings with Ion, U-Wing with Leia R4: 5 Y-Wings with VetGunner and Ion (one w/o Vetgun) Top 4: Drea + 3 Lok Revenants with VetGunner and the final game had me facing an all-around solid Rebel list with Wedge, Thane, Braylen and a Leia Partisan U-Wing
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