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  1. They could make the ARC 170's. I know they are old but the Z-95's were made before the ARC 170's!
  2. Just wondering if anyone has read or heard of when or what Wave 3 will include and how long? Always on the look out for more things to collect lol. Looking forward to playing some tournaments soon.
  3. Try this random Squadron generator page. Just click on what you own and the point total you want and if you want regular set up, ship heavy, or upgrade (card) heavy, then click on genrate and it will give you a rebel and empire list. http://fabpsb.free.fr/#etiquette
  4. Here is a 100 point set up with 2 firesprays and a couple of other ships. 100/100 • Krassis Trelix - Firespray-31 (36) • Obsidian Squadron Pilot - TIE Fighter (13) • Kath Scarlet - Firespray-31 (38) - Determination (1) • Academy Pilot - TIE Fighter (12)
  5. Horseshoe068

    Wave Three?

    I went online and looked at other ships of the line for star wars and seen a few I would like to see. As far as ships that could be played for either side there is a couple of Bounty Hunter ships out there in the size range of the Slave 1 which was 21.5 metres. IG 2000 - IG88's ship 20 metres Hounds Tooth - Bossk's ship around 20 metres Mist Hunter - Zuckuss's ship 21 metres Some other large ships could be: Ravens Clan - 26 metres , 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot Ebon Hawk - 24 metres, 1 pilot, 2 co-pilots, 2 gunners G-Wing Shuttle- 17.2 metres YT-1760 Frieghter - 20 metres Some smaller ships could be: E-Wing - 11.2 metres, 1 pilot, 1 R7 Droid K-Wing - 16 metres, 1 pilot, 1 gunner M12-L Fighter - 16 metres, 1 pilot, 1 Astromech Tie Phantom - Crew of 2 14.3 metres Tie Aggressor - 7.8 metres, 1 pilot, 1 gunner Tie Hunter - 6.6 metres, armament 2 laser cannons, 2 ion cannons, 2 warhead launchers
  6. I was wondering what ships others would like to see come out. I would like to see the B-wing as well as The Hounds Tooth and maybe Jedi Star Fighter.
  7. Was having a conversation with my local hobby shop owner today and we were kicking around some ideas for future x-wing expansions. We thought if they released any new ships or re-releaseing the ones already out there, to include only the generic pilots and co-pilots with the ship then seperately start putting out Pilot Expansion Card packs that include two Unique Pilots or a Pilot and Co-pilot for specific Ships and some upgrade cards. Then when you buy say an X-wing or Tie Fighter you can expand your fleet without having a bunch of the same unique pilots. Ships like the Firespray or YT1300 could come with a generic Bounty Hunter or Smuggler. Just a idea of a couple of gamers was wondering what other players thought about it and hoping the makers of the game might read about it.
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