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  1. I've got a quick question that, to be honest, seems self explanatory. I wanted to just double check to be sure. In the Niman Disciple tree, the Force Assault allows the character to make a Force Move power action as a maneuver. I assume this is contingent on actually having the Force Move power available for the character, ie having already spent experience into purchasing it, not a freebie use of the basic form of the power or something similar to that.
  2. Hello all, If a multiple Force Powers have triggers that come up at the same time, can both powers be used? I have a character with both Foresee and Warde's Foresight, and both have a "When rolling for initiative roll a X power check." Does this mean when I roll for initiative I can roll both powers and use their respective combat effects, or should I just choose one to use depending on situation. I'm also assuming in this case Initiative is not a skill check, cause then there is the potential for my character to use Ebb/Flow as well.
  3. Quick question that came up in my last game while playing Sefina. It says she cannot mulligan, but what happens when she draws a weakness in her opening hand? I thought the discarding weakness and redrawing was different from the standard mulligan so that was how I played, but I just wanted some clarification.
  4. As soon as it drops, I'm thinking about proxying whatever new cards are revealed on the latest spoilers
  5. I have a quick question about the interaction between these two characters. When you trigger Mirri's ability it says "Instead of normal claim effects, kill (chosen) character." Would killing this character count as claim, thus triggering Rakharo's ability? I'm just hung up on the wording of "claim effects." For example on an Intrigue Challenge is the discarding of a card the "claim" or the "claim effect." as a side note on Claim 2 plots i assume since you only choose one character you can only kill the one instead of selecting 2.
  6. They will include a map but a good chunk of it in the middle will probably be missing
  7. Boba Fettuccine is quite delicious. It is one of the common recipes I go to in my Star Wars Cookbook
  8. Not much of a big deal, but in our game, since Discipline is used as a form of meditation, force checks, and resisting the force. When constructing lightsabers, we can use it in addition to the mechanics or lore check.
  9. Hello, I am playing a Consular healer and I havae invested quite a bit of EXP in the talents. there is one in particular that I wanted to get clarification on. I forget the name exactly but it says when Healing you can use destiny to heal additional wounds based on Xenology. Does this apply only to Medicine checks or since it just states "When healing" that it could apply to Force HEal or stim packs?
  10. There is a decent amount of stuff from rebels. As you said the VCX is statted out as well as artwork of Kanan. There is a new book called Nexus of Power that is shipping. It is a sourcebook for areas strong in the force. Lothal is one of the planets detailed in the book.
  11. Something with Garven and Dutch because their abilities synergized for action economy. I forget what filled out the rest of that list since it has been almost 3 1/2 years
  12. In my group of 4, me and one other started as paragons instead of extra credits/exp. we've been careful about conflict, but one of our party members is a Sentinel Shadow who goes around without the party's knowledge and steals stuff, so her morality has stayed around 50. Me and the other paragon generally have gone up, but I have dropped a little as the consular Healer with the love/jealousy motivation because I don't hesitate to use dark side points to activate heal if the party needs it.
  13. Don't forget the new force Power. Definitely seems useful.
  14. So now we have new ships for the game that are official "new" canon. Would that mean that since you can have Baron Fel shoot down Poe(for example), that by extension all other pilots and ships in the game are new canon as well?
  15. The ship my crew flew was called "The Vexing Proposition"
  16. First of all, Thanks for all the responses. My GM and I went over the responses, and he decided to make me roll against 3 purple based on the rarity 7. After that extra successes he allowed me to convert into HP attachments that I wanted to signify my character creating it to my personal specifications.
  17. I was just wondering, if a player wants to build a custom weapon (ie bowcaster) How would you guys go about doing it? Obviously some sort of mechanics check, cost for parts, and down time. But what would you set the difficulty at? what would you do with Advantage, threat, Triumph, or extra successes?
  18. This probably won't be popular, and I would need to playtest this idea a bit. Super Dash Escort with Cracken with wingman and a Rookie You get a lot of action economy, Cracken can attack and give the rookie a second action for a TL/focus combo. Dash can already do 2 actions but essentially gets a third when cracken clears his stress. If you want, Dash could even take all four of his actions in one turn. Clearing the stress in combat also frees up your movement dial keeping you from choosing between losing actions or flying predictably.
  19. At our store championship yesterday, the guy who came in second was flying the world's champion fat Han list.
  20. I don't live in gboro any more, but I have some friends up there just starting to learn how to play. I will try to get him on the forum. Man I wish I could get up to Greensboro more often than I do.
  21. Lando is a cheat, in all the times i have used him I rolled his action about 10-11 times and out of those 20-22 dice, i only got 1 evade and 1 focus
  22. Hi all, I have a friend who is just getting started in this game. Unfortunately we live too far away from each other to play regularly, but I told him I would check the forums to see if there were any groups that regularly play in his area. He lives in Greensboro/High Point, NC. I know there is a big group in Asheville, but I am unaware of any elsewhere in NC. Thanks for your time.
  23. Would you be making these characters solely on Creation experience, or would they be allowed Knight level or some such.
  24. I was playing a friend to help him prep for an escalation tournament. at the 60 point level he had chewie/3po/predator and a bandit. I decided to run Kenkirk Mara Jade Ysanne Rebel captive Predator Hull Upgrade for a total of 60 points. The match was very close and I just barely lost, however I did forget a crucial activation of Mara Jade that probably would have easily tipped the battle in my favor, but such is life.
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