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  1. There are websites that are free to use and convert a JPG to PDF or vice versa with a simple upload. BTW, I realize I am late to the party, but NYTWYNG, you are CHAMPION!!!
  2. Hey Alex, I have the full art bleed force chokes, I might be willing to part with. Do you have pictures of the Greyjoy crystal and stone house cards and the leather box? Please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  3. ST1200, when you move back to miami, come check out Sunshine Adventure Gaming on Bird Road. We do league night on Thursdays and have a solid group as that other guy said.
  4. This site isn't the best place for SWLCG info, oddly enough.
  5. PBrennan said: I understand why it could be interpreted that way in the English language. But in this LCG template, as explained to me by the FFG guys (and for this specific card), this is the way to interpret it (and that in this LCG template, there's no wiggle room). Oh it makes sense that it would work that way, because that's much more balanced. I do believe most people are playing it as a once per turn cap regardless of how many Hoth objectives the LS player has out. I was just pointing out that the wording is a little more vague than it appears at first glance.
  6. PBrennan said: It would have said "each friendly Hoth objective" if that was the intent. In this template, "a" doesn't mean "each". I think we're all on the same page though. It's not as unambigous as you make it out to be. In the English language, "a" is an indefinte article. If they wanted "a" to mean that "the first, and only the first, friendly Hoth objective" attacked triggers the ability, which seems to be what you're suggesting, then they should have used the definite article "the" to describe the objective. Likewise, they should have used the adjective "first" to signify which objective it refers to, similar to how I phrase it above. But they don't do that do they? The limiting adjective "first" is only designating which character gets destroyed, not on which objective the ability triggers. And that is the problem with the current wording. The fact that they use a definite article and adjective to describe which unit is destroyed (notice how they used the definite article "the" and the adjective "first" to signify which character is destroyed: "the first enemy unit"), implies that by design, they purposely did not want to specify and also did not limit which objective triggers the ability, other than it having to be a Hoth objective. The way it is written, "a" signifies any Hoth objective. So as Dbmeboy cleverly points out, If Vader attacks your "Echo Base Defense" objective and is the first character attacking that particular Hoth objective this turn, Vader get destroyed. I think we can all agree on that. But, if later in the turn, Emperor Palpatine then attacks your "Hoth Operations" objective, and is the first enemy character attacking that friendly Hoth Objective, why wouldn't he be destroyed too? He meets all the conditions of the enhancement as written. He's the first enemy unit attacking a particular friendly Hoth objective on that turn. I agree with you that had they used the phrase "each friendly Hoth objective" it would be clear and unambigous too. But they didn't specify one way or the other, and that is the problem that is creating confusion for some.
  7. I don't like any card that can hose a deck's potentially only power character like that. What would the rest of the pod look like?
  8. You're not gonna attract many players with that offensive username Ric…
  9. If you're in the South Florida area, please come on down. We're trying to get a local meta going.
  10. Some updates here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=255&efcid=4&efidt=795773. Looks like we're getting Slave one and Dengar.
  11. Out of curiosity, how much do these playmats and tokens generally sell for?
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