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  1. I assume it was influence by basic description, using the control upgrade. We have had contact with another force user over the last few games. Usually we're going someplace due to another job and we get a sub mission, retrieve a crystal or some other artifact that is in the area. The meeting with the hut I mentioned ended with the other player getting a tracking collar embedded in his neck that can be used to blow his head off should he not do what the hut wants or fails badly again. He's not too happy about that one either. When your talking about roughly 10000 helpless people I think a roll should have been appropriate, introducing a new npc or not. Blowing up a Empire listening post with a few people inside is one thing, mass extermination is another. At least if I had failed the roll it wouldn't have felt like I'd been used for whatever he has planned later, assuming anything at all considering where we dropped her with basically no way off planet.
  2. Due to recent events in our current game I am thinking of changing characters. We were doing a job for a hut due to another players obligation and found out that there was a thousand year old ship buried in the water under the ice. This ship still had a working reactor powering a large number of cryogenic chambers in it's hold. One of them had been activated by the miners who found it initially, but hadn't fully cycled do to a malfunction. The person inside was a force user who was awake enough to use her abilities to help us get her out. While the slicer was working on that chamber I was trying to power down the reactor to a level that would stop the release sequence for several thousand other chambers, but keep them active for later release. Picture the TIE fighter bay only cryogenic chambers. She used her influence to 'help' me but instead I ended up shutting it down completely. It was basically a situation of her controlling the group to get only her out. Not having read the rules for force users I asked about what I had to roll to realize what was going on since, while a bit of a scum bag in certain respects, mass murder isn't his thing. Of course since this was somehow part of his story I didn't get the discipline roll to resist, effectively railroading me and the one who's job it was in the process. Neither of us was exactly thrilled with the outcome, especially when we got back to the hut a month late due to the side trip and not completing the job. I can't find in the book if I would remember exactly what happened or not. Given the severity of being out of character I would like to use it as the reason to retire the character, he'd be going off to hunt her down for doing that to him. Of course if he doesn't remember anything about what exactly happened I'm kind of stuck. I GM and play depending on the game. While I have had to railroad a party before it was more used to get them back on track with the story than to mess with them. This feels like the later, which I don't find fun at all. In this case my problem comes with the over extension of a force power that she could apparently maintain for two weeks on several people when it should only last a matter of minutes. If it's for story reasons it'd be fine, but this didn't feel like a story reason. We have no force users in the group because he wanted to run a less force centered game, which was fine, so no one is really familiar with the force rules.
  3. Thanks, I thought that might be the case. The pdfs have actually been up for a while. I'd hoped that the anouncement meant they had been updated. Since they are putting a few of their older games back on the site hopefully we'll see something other than just novels come out of it.
  4. I was wondering if the errata has been put into the pdfs. I have the original books but some of the changes were large enough that the pdfs would be very helpful. Is the Book of Aspects going to be released as a pdf? I don't know how much of it was done when the game was originally discontinued but I found a couple sites with a ISBN and page count listed.
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