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  1. He still was a producer however. Sure but the OP was complaining about the direction. Which again was not JJ. And the worst Star Trek movie is Star Trek the motion picture. Aw I love The Motion Picture! I think the worst is either Generations, or Nemesis. I really dislike all of The Next Generation films actually.
  2. While it isn't my favorite design, your question was best looking model and I have to give it to the Falcon. It's been in the game for so long and I never use it, so it's easy to forget. But it is an extremely well done model. I think the new model is even better.
  3. I honestly think Disney has much less interest and input in this game than people think. LFL on the other hand probably has a larger pull in regards to what FFG can and do release. But even then, I'm not sure they were ever telling them they can't release legends ships.
  4. 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Force Awakens 5. Revenge of the Sith 6. Rogue One 7. Phantom Menace 8. Attack of the Clones
  5. I think one can assume that FFG simply did not have all the information. They've gone to great lengths to make ships as accurate as possible to their canonical representations. LFL probably didn't communicate everything. I'm pretty sure that these mistakes can, and will, be fixed in an aces style expansion.
  6. Oh goodness. That looks incredible. The child in me who would sit in front of the TV surrounded by Star Wars toys while watching the original trilogy on VHS over and over is freaking out.
  7. I would rather have read a PGS comment where he says all of that, then this pointless post...
  8. One hundred percent this ^^^^ I absolutely do not want to see how Han won the Falcon from Lando. I don't want to see the past relationship between Han and Jabba. I don't want to see any of it. All of those things are more intriguing if we don't see it happens on screen. Han Solo is already perfect to me. Besides his role in RotJ, his place in Star Wars is wonderful and complete. An origin story will add nothing to the character so I just don't see the point. Oh wait... I do see the point. The point is $$$$$$$$. Could it still be a good movie? Yes. But it will most likely dilute the character for me. And I really am bummed that that's probably what will happen.
  9. As much as I feel the prequels were plagued with terrible writing, poor direction, over reliance on CGI, lack of compelling character development etc. I really don't want them to be remade. I'd rather they stay in the past and be left alone. The Clone Wars TV show did enough with the prequel material to make them almost acceptable for me in the context of the original trilogy. Let's leave it at that. I don't want any Star Wars movie to be remade, not even the bad ones. I think that's a slippery slope.
  10. I've never even heard of a single EU ship that is in this game before it showed up in a wave, or someone mentioned it on this forum. I HAVE seen the Quadjumper in a Star Wars movie though. Which makes it, to me, a more legitimate choice than most Scum ships they could have chosen from. I understand people's concerns, but FFG isn't wrong in their decision to include these ships. They just have different priorities than you do. That's all. I for one, am excited for these new options. The Quadjumper possibly having a reverse maneuver, and some interesting abilities makes it for an exciting addition for me! The shuttle looks glorious and, with a whopping 4 attack primary weapon, is sure to make an impact.
  11. Stoked about the shuttle. Meh on the Quad. Confused on the TIE Fighter..... Like.... VERY confused....
  12. Since Wave 3 I've pretty much strictly stuck to Imperials. When wave 7 released, I started branching out. Even took a Scum list to a SC this year. I think mostly because the last few waves Imperials have just been getting, for lack of a better term, "more of the same." K-wing, Ghost, Hounds Tooth, Jumpmaster, and even the Mist Hunter offer significantly different ways to squad build within their factions. Punisher, Adv. Prototype and FO Figther are pretty similar to what the Empire already has. Not that those are bad ships, I've greatly enjoyed them each in their own way. But for me, the other factions have received more interesting additions recently.
  13. I'd like to brag on my wife as well. She came with me to a store championship and watched me play 5 rounds of X-wing. From noon to 8 PM. I didn't even ask her, she just wanted to come and support me. She doesn't even really like playing the game herself but she's very supportive in my hobby. Because of the business of life, I hardly get to play. So when I asked her if I could buy wave 8, she responded with "Well you already have so many ships that you barely get to play with. If we get you wave 8 promise you'll try to make a point to play with people at LEAST twice a month." I'd do anything for this woman.
  14. This whole thread left me feeling icky. I feel bad for the guy. I mean, what if he WASN'T cheating? This whole thing must be humiliating for him, and if he's innocent then I'm sure he feels even worse. No one here knows one hundred percent, without a doubt, if he cheated or not. I don't think it's fair to treat someone with such indignation and anger when we really don't know for sure. It LOOKS like he's fiddling. But he may not be. So why crucify the guy? I I feel it may be best to simply let FFG handle it. We know their stance on cheating. And if they find him to be cheating, he will suffer the consequences. Any further rage and mudslinging is damaging not to just the player in question, but the community as a whole.
  15. I don't have a lot of X-wing "bling". And whenever I set up across from another player who has all the cool templates and tokens and alt. cards, I get excited thinking I'll be playing someone who's pretty familiar with the game. I also get jealous....
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