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  1. Not my opponent, but a related story that I think many of you would enjoy. At a Store Championship a while back (first one that gave away the initiative coins instead of the medals) here in Southern Ontario. The two individuals in this story are friends that go way back. Lets call them J and E for the sake of the narrative. J and E were scheduled to carpool to the store championship that morning, and E is fairly indecisive when it comes to his list building. So morning-of he requests to borrow a few cards/ships from J. A normal occurrence, but this was moments before J was heading out the door to go pick E up. Whatever, J went back inside to grab whatever card/ship it was. J gets in his car, E texts "oh and <another component to borrow>". J gets back out of his car to go get it. Again, gets back in his car turns on the ignition; "Oh, sorry, and <yet another>" "Are you kidding me?!" goes in and gets it. While walking back into his house, J gets another text "When are you getting here?" J's already off to a flying start this morning so he proceeds to rant about how he WOULD have already been there. I don't know much of the details of the drive up but considering this pair bicker like a married couple on a good day, I'm sure the argument was amazing. Anyway; Tournament time. These two were doing mediocre and they were slated to face each other for the last round. Near the end of the game, J had a Ghost with 1 hull remaining, an Attack shuttle with 1-2 hull remaining, both with TLTs and E had a Y-wing with a TLT and not much hull, and I forget what the other ship was. But the other ship forgot that it had an upgrade that would've provided it an additional attack that turn. I think it was turret, but I can't remember exactly what it was. That same turn it died to the Ghost. A turn later the Ywing found itself in range 3 of both TLTs and got wrecked. At that point, they both remembered that the other ship had forgotten its attack. E, trying to press his luck after getting aggitated at his poor dice rolls, asked to go back and redo it since that would make a difference. J says "Hell no this is a tournament!" The two do their usual banter, and J goes to shake E's hand. E says "I'm not shaking your hand" and walked away. Most people at this particular tournament are all usual faces, so we all knew they shenanigans they get up to. We go gather around the desk where the TO was explaining how he was handing out the loot. Now, this particular TO also plays and is a really good player. So *normally* there's enough of those initiative coins for the top 3 or 4 players and one for the TO. In this case, the TO was also in the number 1 spot with his A-wing Crack swarm (Southern Ontario players know this guy ). Given the extra coin he decides to give the remaining coin to someone nominated as "most sportsman like" player. I was aware of the shenanigans that had unfolded, and being the **** disturber that I am, I said "I nominate E!" No one else spoke up. TO goes "Alright. E!" From the back of the room, with an emotion that can only be described as the bastard child of frustration and disbelief, J goes "WHAT?!"
  2. Consider my previous post both invalid and recanted. More squints it is!
  3. TIE Interceptors... ... What? I already have 8, why would I want to buy more?
  4. I'm so so sorry... It had to be done... JOHN CENA - The Time is Now (You Can't See Me) Your time is up, my time is now You can't see me, my time is now It's the Phantoms, boy I'm flyin' now You can't see me, my time is now! In case you forgot or 'Fel' off I'm still hot - knock your shields off My focus stack fat plus I can't turn the stealth off The Phantoms, doin' big bid'ness, I live this It's automatic I win this - oh you hear that Corran, you finished An Echo, and I stay behind you fightin' Plus I'm stormin' on you chumps like I'm Colzet and Tetran Ain't no way you dodgin' me kid, I'm jukin' than loopin' Plus I keep it T-lock, like I'm flyin with Jendon I got Whisper n' Fel, competition, I got the whole list wishin' they could fly in our mission but they gone missin' No skill 8? Kid, your boy no ace I got my 4-straight, I rush your face like a big-base! In any meta I'm always better, your ship's so not you'll never catch me in the next man's fighter If they hate, let 'em hate, I drop ya whole squad Lay yo' ass down, this win ain't a mod'! Your time is up, my time is now You can't see me, my time is now It's the Phantoms, boy I'm flyin' now You can't see me, my time is now!
  5. I've been looking to do my Interceptors and Defenders in the FO scheme... More I see of the repaints the more I want to do it! (but I'm afraid I'll ruin such nice minis )
  6. if you're ultra bad with luck then a Shield/Hull might be the way to go. Call me superstitious, but whenever I have a stealth device, I'll get hit the first time I'm shot at... if it's range three through a rock, I'm guaranteed to die.
  7. Given the idea behind the Aggressor, I'm thinking a TIE/D Automated Starfighter would be an interesting addition! The dial, pilot skill, upgrades, etc., all do a good job demonstrating that the ship is droid controlled... so what if we had the Drone TIE? Here's what I'm thinking: 4 different non-unique pilots. All Pilot skill 4. Similar to an Aggressor in that it has a lot of green, but with options along the lines of most TIEs 2 Attack 3 Agility 3 Hull 0 Shield upgrade bar: none Title: Drone Swarm Matrix - When attacking, if the defender is within Range 1 of at least one other friendly ship with this title, this ship gains 1 attack die. The idea being that it's another powerful arc dodger, but instead of being piloted by Aces with superior pilot skill, they rely on their built in abilities to get the drop on their targets. With the title, they'd also be very strong as a swarmlet all focusing on a single target at a time. The 4 pilot abilities would be similar to some generic EPTs. Drone pilot - Elusive => "After executing a barrel roll or boost, you may perform a free boost or barrel roll and receive a stress token" (similar to PtL) Drone pilot - Hunter => "When attacking, you may reroll 1 attack die" (similar to Predator) Drone pilot - Marksman => "When attacking, if the defender is at range 2-3 and this ship is outside of the defender's firing arc, the defender rolls one less defence die" (similar to Outmanoeuvre) Drone pilot - Guardian => "When a friendly ship at Range 1 receives a stress token, this ship receives a free Focus token" (just made this one up on the spot). These sound like TIE Interceptors crossed with TIE fighters, and really that's the point. The Imperial playstyle (originally, anyway) was all about speed and manoeuvrability, while being numerous and daunting. Those two ships embody that playstyle, and I think the Drone TIE would fit in that spot nicely while still being fairly unique. What do you guys think?
  8. I've often thought about a variant of Xwing where you'd have 2 cards per ship: The Ship The Pilot Basically the Ship card would assign what dial, model, available upgrades, etc., and the pilot would bring the Pilot Skill, whether or not they have an EPT, and the ability. There'd be a lot less diversity in pilot abilities since every ability would have to be considered for every ship, not to mention it would have an idiotic number of combinations as far as list building goes. Though it would still be a fun concept, nonetheless!
  9. Can you explain this part? What's the action sequence here? In action phase you can choose TL. Focus or Boost, then PtL, finally you could use Isard but since you have Stress from PtL... What am I missing? In your action phase you pick 1 action. PtL isn't limited to the action phase so in the Combat phase when Isard gives you the evade, you Push the Limit for a second action (boost)
  10. The build I use for Chirpy makes him an arc dodger: http://xwing-builder.co.uk/view/227928/the-baron-and-the-rear-admiral (Sometimes I sub out Dauntless/Merc with Gunner) Triggering PtL on the Evade from Isard for a boost *guarantees* that you're getting that boost action last regardless of Pilot Skill (since it's in the Combat Phase). This gives you the king of arc dodgers paired with a big base that's taking points from the same page. The pair of them focus on any Turrets first and past that they both become stupidly hard to pin down.
  11. Redline + FCS + Clusters + Extra Munitions should be pretty hilarious
  12. I don't get the hate on the K-wing and it not looking "star warsy enough" It's a rebel ship that from a certain angle looks like a letter of the alphabet. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?!
  13. "How does that justify him being PS9" same reason Delta pilots are PS1.
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