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  1. I found it. It's one of the Chaotic Energies. So much reading comprehension. Still think it should have been mentioned in the setup though. Thanks!
  2. I'm running the Overlord for my family and Encounter 1 says you select 1 Open Group and that it isn't placed at the beginning of the game. It doesn't say when you place it and it isn't listed under reinforcements. Am I missing something? Not sure when you get the Open Group or even if I should have one. Thoughts?
  3. I'd like to see an updated damage deck as well. Just a couple things that come to mind: • A crit that removes a modification or support system. • A crit that makes a player reposition his struck ship by using the 1 bank on the opposite side from where the attack originated. • A crit that damages a ship and makes it suffer locked velocity by only choosing maneuvers of speed 1 to 2 or speed 3 to 4. It would have been cool if they included an additional card damage card or two in each expansion and required players to add X amount of additional cards to their damage deck. That would have caused issues if people didn't buy all of the minis, but it would have been a cool way to keep crits relevant with the rest of the meta.
  4. Who needs the images? Just write the squad up in simple text with no rules and your fine. For example: Dagger Squadron Pilot — B-Wing 24 Advanced Sensors 3 Blue Squadron Pilot — B-Wing 22 Fire-Control System 2 Rookie Pilot — X-Wing 21 R2 Astromech 1 Garven Dreis — X-Wing 26 R2 Astromech 1 Total 100
  5. Not sure if anyone saw this. Here's the announcement: Dungeons & Dragons Attack Wing will ship in "late Autumn," according to Ziran, and like the company’s Star Trek Attack Wing, will feature the FlightPath engine developed by Fantasy Flight Games for its Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game (see "'Star Trek Attack Wing'"). 

UPDATE -WizKids has posted solicitation information for the Attack Wing: Dungeons & Dragons Starter Sets, which lists October 1 as the release date. The starters will contain three pre-pained plastic dragons with base and pegs, three maneuver dials, cards and tokens, with a tentative MSRP of $39.99. Wave One Expansion Packs, eight in all, will also be available, sold individually for $14.99. Wave Two Expansion Packs, three in all, will tentatively be available December 3, also with MSRP of $14.99.

" It will follow the formats that we’ve defined with Star Trek Attack Wing, except this will be dogfighting dragons," Ziran said. "And the new twist on this is ok, you have dogfighting dragons, but what about ground troops? And so now you’re going to have giants, and ballistas, and magic users fighting the dragons up above and the dragons raining fire down on the guys on the ground. It’s a very interesting take." 

The product configuration will be the same template and SKU configuration as Star Trek Attack Wing, which is a box set with visible contents, and visible boosters. Original article here. Kinda weird if you ask me, but interesting that they are mixing ground and air combat so I thought I'd share.
  6. Hmm. This looks familiar… Anyone else see the WizKids Announcement? Looks cool. Although if the stats are the same the Falcon would destory the Enterprise D!
  7. I placed my order for 3 Interceptors, 2 A-Wings, 1 Firespray, and 1 Falcon on 1/23 and I got nothing…
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