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  1. Effenhoog

    Whats the best Scum list you have faced recently?

    Boba Fett + your choice of two y-wings or scurrgs with ion gunner and r4 astromech You can fully kit out Fett with the y-wings or keep him lean and upgrade one or both to scurrgs for extended Fenn with two bounty hunters is pretty solid as well
  2. Effenhoog

    Galactic Empire Ship Rankings

    Rexler Brath- 8 Countess Ryad- 7.5 Colonel Vessery- 3 needs better enablers, he was great in the 1.0 Vader/Vessery/Omega Leader combo but now there isn't much that can really help him in that respect. maybe Sai/Redline/Vessery but it's a real squeeze at those points. vessery might need to drop down a bit to acknowledge that even though his ability is the "strongest" mathematically you have to pay points and make sacrifices in the rest of the list to make it functional. Onyx Squadron Pilot- 5 the cost to upgrade to onyx + a good enough EPT to make it worthwhile (outmaneuver, juke) is just too high at the already massive Defender price point. Not sure anything can really be done about it without further expansion (configurations for defenders, probably) Delta Squadron Pilot- 7.5 I've always liked the basic delta, white 4K challenges even high PS aces to keep up. Still, held back a bit by high cost and lack of configurations or other upgrades to really extract maximum value for the cost. 2x deltas + Sai is pretty fun and now has some more room for customization Duchess- 8 I love this ship, easily my favorite filler ship for the Empire at that price bracket. Can't be built around as a centerpiece but easy to fill in when you don't know what else to take Pure Sabaac- ? Countdown-? Black Squadron Scout- ? Planetary Sentinel- 6 I don't play strikers other than Duchess very often, as I prefer interceptors, but they can do the job. Probably a little underpowered in the same way as interceptors, not sure what to do about it other than dropping price but they are already pretty cheap.
  3. Effenhoog

    Over / Under

    I have a friend with red/green colorblindness that I had to frequently help with reading his dials in 1.0, but the 2.0 changes solved all his issues. There are multiple kinds of colorblindness and I'm certainly not an expert in the field, but it was definitely useful in this case.
  4. Effenhoog

    Feelings about the new Wave

    I've been on the "mostly just wait for sales before buying new stuff" team for a while, even before 2.0 came out. I'll grab anything that really interests me, but most of my recent collection has been from huge black friday deals (Heroes of the Resistance is somehow a lot more palatable at $7, who'd have guessed). No offense to the product, it's just hard to keep up with it all. The only actual new 2.0 expansion I have is Lando's Falcon from the last black friday sale, and I'm still missing maybe 5 or 6 1.0 expansions plus the c-roc. I got mostly caught up with resistance/FO at that time as well and just last week grabbed their conversion kits, just need an RZ-2 and maybe a resistance bomber if I find a decent price. basically, it's okay not to have to buy everything all the time :^)
  5. Effenhoog

    House Rule - Alternating Movement

    I frequently play casual games with alternating initiative each turn. We don't find it cumbersome to do and it feels like it ought to just be the official rule. Solves most of the initiative problems without really creating new ones.
  6. Effenhoog

    Article: Never Get Diced Again!

    I kind of find myself blaming the dice more often for wins than losses. When I get bad dice in a negative way it just makes me think of what I could have done to get better shots and take less overall, but when I take a bad shot and it lands it makes it harder for me to tell how much of my success is due to my own play, and I start asking myself questions like "how would things have gone if I didn't get that lucky kill that turned the game in my favor?"
  7. Effenhoog

    Hooray. Upsilons on sale at Amazon for 12 bucks.

    I can't even fit the one I have in my storage container properly
  8. Effenhoog

    What Does 2.0 Offer to the Casual Player?

    I play almost entirely casual games, mostly with people who don't own any X-wing material at all. I had to convert 2x rebel 2x Imperial and 1x scum (plus eventually 1x each resistance and FO) to convert my collection and there are still a few stragglers left unconverted. I have still found it to be mostly worth it as the fundamental issues with first edition could still be felt even in casual games (anyone who tried to play something like TIE Interceptors vs the Falcon on wave 2 launch could probably tell something was off). Casual games in 2.0 have felt much better and it's a lot easier to just put some stuff on the board that you like without running into an unintentional obnoxiously 1-sided game. That is simply my own experience though, if your casual crew is fine with the First Edition game as it is they will probably not get a huge boost out of making the switch to 2.0
  9. Effenhoog

    "Talent"-less Force Users?

    Technically Corran Horn already pioneered this category, though he is still a Legends timeline character.
  10. Effenhoog


    I heard there was a need for erasure
  11. Effenhoog

    So where are B-wings configurations at?

    Fair, but if anything is in need of a unique trick to really find its niche it's the 2.0 B-wing
  12. Effenhoog

    What have you bought to convert 1.0 to 2.0?

    2x rebel kit 2x imperial kit 1x scum kit 2.0 core I have a few ships that aren't covered but I'll probably just let them go, mostly extra A-wings (I have like nine of them somehow), a kihraxz or two, and a starviper. I'm mostly caught up on resistance and first order ships thanks to black friday sales but haven't invested in their kits yet. The price increase for expansions will probably mean I wait for sales for most new content now
  13. I would settle for just letting talents be equipped in the force slot for all pilots, I'm not really a fan of most of the force abilities or the way that they compete with the pilot's ability for the same resources while a "normal" pilot can equip a talent that independently synergizes with their ability or otherwise enhances the ship's capabilities
  14. Effenhoog

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    My Cavern Angels X-wing also suffered from the usual gunked s-foils, and a laser cannon distinctively pointing downward at a near 45 degree angle. Fortunately I was able to fix both issues with just a hobby knife and superglue despite having zero experience disassembling and repairing miniatures. The only other 2nd edition minis I have are the core set and there's something about the wash on the new ships that feels a bit off if I look at them really closely. I can't even say that they look "bad" exactly, but they don't quite match the look of the 1st edition ships, even the Gozanti TIEs that have the exact same paint scheme as the new ones.
  15. Effenhoog

    Alternating Initiative - A Different Take

    I play almost all my casual games with alternating initiative. Specifically, it switches every turn, there is no option to hold onto it. The player with the lowest squad points (biggest bid) gets to choose who gets initiative first, so there is still some strategic value in it (planning which turn you expect will be the first combat turn and trying to engage on that turn, or trying to guess what your opponent might do to try and hasten/delay that turn). Most bids are just a point or two, mostly when there is literally nothing left you can or would want to spend them on for any reason. We don't find it particularly complicated or confusing and it makes squad building much more relaxed since you don't feel compelled to try and guess how many points you have to waste trying for a bid. if I wanted to experiment to increase the value of the bid again I might change it so you roll for initiative every turn, but the player who won the bid gets some statistical advantage. Example: roll 3 dice, most eyeballs wins. Bid winner gets a free reroll of one die or rolls two dice and his third die is an automatic focus result or something, depending on how significant you want it to be. My personal stance though is that I hate the current bidding system and I am happy to just alternate and be done with it.