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  1. It definitely stands out to me in a game where you can now drop an I3 Kimogila on the board for just 41 points. Pretty soon the I3 First Order Provocateur will hit the game at 45 points, with a single overpriced hull upgrade it could clock in at just a single point more than the I1 Silencer. Even without it a 3 Silencer + 1 TIE/Ba or 2 Silencer + 2 /Ba setup seems to be pretty comparable to what 4x Silencers would be. Probably not a big deal overall but I was definitely surprised to see the I1 Silencers stay at 51
  2. Most of these are just "the opponent made mistakes and I made less mistakes so I won" which is basically the ideal in any competitive game. Trying to get people DQed over trivial nonsense is lame, but you do need some kind of general rules so this is probably an eternal gray area that you can improve bit by bit but never really get it perfect. Personally I don't really care all that much about how specifically a game is won or lost and I don't really like to attach too much of an emotional response to the outcome of any game. I definitely feel a bit bad when someone takes a small risk that is generally the "correct" play and then the dice completely fail them, but everyone knows that it can happen at any time.
  3. the best I ever came up with was Jendon, Vessery, and Redline but it just doesn't feel that solid. Might as well just get Rexler with some combination of lambda/Sai/ST321 to coordinate him and then fill it out with something more balanced.
  4. I have a binder for all my upgrade cards, and I keep them in two-sided card pages, separated by category and in alphabetical order. It's a little bit annoying when I get new cards since I have to move everything over in that particular category to accommodate the new alphabetical location but it's really not that time consuming since it's limited by category and when it would "spill over" into another category I just insert a new page in between. If I really wanted to be lazy I could just keep spillover pages between arbitrary alphabetical break points and just let the cards naturally fill in with minimal adjustments to add new ones. I keep my pilot cards, ship tokens, and dials in individual binders as well by faction, with the ship tokens for small and medium bases kept with their cards, which are then organized more by which generic pilot is on the back of which unique pilot rather than a more traditional Initiative ordering. I also keep a few relevant upgrade cards, mostly configurations and titles, in with their relevant pilot cards. sometimes I wonder about just switching to long card boxes at least for the upgrades but it hasn't happened yet
  5. I grabbed 3, for a total of 4 in my collection. I don't really see myself using them much normally but they could make a good cargo transport stand-in for scenarios
  6. I always find concerns about 6 Interceptors weird, since you can just do 5 plus Wampa already
  7. I'm not sure if gunnerless TIE/SF swarms are still putting in work like people thought they would, but if their price is raised I hope they cut the SF gunner's cost down by the same amount to compensate. If generic interceptors don't get something this time, I might cry
  8. I play mostly at home with friends who either don't own the game or have very small collections of their own. There is a pretty large and active local community at stores around the city but I just haven't really felt at home in the tabletop community when I've ventured out to them.
  9. I played a scum list recently just intending to get some stuff on the board that I rarely/never used before. Ketsu w/ shadowcaster Talonbane Zuckuss Jakku gunrunner It was way more effective than I expected. Talonbane and Zuckuss are annoying if ignored but Ketsu and the gunrunner are dangerous in their own right with so many potential tractor effects. I had an especially good time setting up traps to tractor ships into Talonbane's range 1 shots, and even when Zuckuss had trouble lining up shots he made some clutch jam actions. It might not be what OP is looking for but anyone looking for something different should give it a try
  10. Rexler Brath with juke and 3x Scimitars with barrage rockets is my current preferred Rexler and Friends setup. No tricks, bombs, or gimmicks but it's a solid hammer and anvil setup
  11. Effenhoog

    Overlooked ships

    I think passive sensors may have truly revitalized the gunboat from the awkward position it started from in 2nd edition. I'm looking forward to running them in the future praise be
  12. starfield and death star II I mostly only use the starfield other than the rare occasions where I'm playing epic or armada, in which case they work really well together
  13. I definitely have an issue with the way force upgrades compete with the pilot's ability for resources. It's one thing to have the option between pilot ability and the natural force effect, but when you are spending points just to add further versatility at existing resource cost AND taking the opportunity cost of an EPT slot that doesn't compete for force charges it seems a bit off. It doesn't help that most force powers are pretty situationally useful, most of the time I find myself wishing I could just take predator/outmaneuver/juke instead. Supernatural reflexes is the exception but it should probably not have been made for the sake of the game's health, so keeping it more or less priced out of its most optimal uses is probably for the best.
  14. Mostly the main 3, with a decent First Order collection and a smallish Resistance roster. I'm not totally caught up on 1.0 ships and Lando's falcon is the only "new" 2.0 ship I own. I'm not against getting clone wars stuff eventually but I'll happily take the opportunity to let them build up on the backlog and try to catch up on the OT/sequel factions instead.
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