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  1. I played a scum list recently just intending to get some stuff on the board that I rarely/never used before. Ketsu w/ shadowcaster Talonbane Zuckuss Jakku gunrunner It was way more effective than I expected. Talonbane and Zuckuss are annoying if ignored but Ketsu and the gunrunner are dangerous in their own right with so many potential tractor effects. I had an especially good time setting up traps to tractor ships into Talonbane's range 1 shots, and even when Zuckuss had trouble lining up shots he made some clutch jam actions. It might not be what OP is looking for but anyone looking for something different should give it a try
  2. Rexler Brath with juke and 3x Scimitars with barrage rockets is my current preferred Rexler and Friends setup. No tricks, bombs, or gimmicks but it's a solid hammer and anvil setup
  3. Effenhoog

    Overlooked ships

    I think passive sensors may have truly revitalized the gunboat from the awkward position it started from in 2nd edition. I'm looking forward to running them in the future praise be
  4. starfield and death star II I mostly only use the starfield other than the rare occasions where I'm playing epic or armada, in which case they work really well together
  5. I definitely have an issue with the way force upgrades compete with the pilot's ability for resources. It's one thing to have the option between pilot ability and the natural force effect, but when you are spending points just to add further versatility at existing resource cost AND taking the opportunity cost of an EPT slot that doesn't compete for force charges it seems a bit off. It doesn't help that most force powers are pretty situationally useful, most of the time I find myself wishing I could just take predator/outmaneuver/juke instead. Supernatural reflexes is the exception but it should probably not have been made for the sake of the game's health, so keeping it more or less priced out of its most optimal uses is probably for the best.
  6. Mostly the main 3, with a decent First Order collection and a smallish Resistance roster. I'm not totally caught up on 1.0 ships and Lando's falcon is the only "new" 2.0 ship I own. I'm not against getting clone wars stuff eventually but I'll happily take the opportunity to let them build up on the backlog and try to catch up on the OT/sequel factions instead.
  7. You can "fix" loose pegs by putting a tiny dot of clay tack in the hole before inserting the peg. Works best on the ship pegs themselves, especially lage and medium bases that are often unstable like the decimator. I use a light gray tack so that its not so obviously visible in the clear pegs. Its kind of a permanent thing though as it would be quite difficult to scrape it out.
  8. The real relevance of focus is not the action/token itself, but rather the added penalty when you don't have it due to stress, blocking, asteroids, choosing to coordinate, and so on. There are ships that are situationally sad if they can't boost/roll, lock, etc but everyone at least really wants to focus if they can. It might be nice if some other actions were more versatile, but focus itself just fundamentally makes the game work just by existing. Evade is the only action that is more or less out-competed by focus as a single independent action, as all the others have their individual uses without needing to stack with focus.
  9. I've mostly been collecting all 3 of the main factions and just recently got mostly caught up with the new trilogy factions. I wasn't really planning on getting prequel stuff but it looks a lot better and more interesting than I expected, so that could change. Still, I might rather just try to catch up with armada instead, though I'm sort of waiting/hoping for a 2.0 in that game as well.
  10. I got in a bit before wave 2 dropped. I remember using micro machine interceptors and A-wings with printed cards and handmade dials to proxy wave 2 stuff for a while
  11. I feel like the gunner's cost is probably fine as it is right now. Y-wings can go up a little bit just so you can't fit 4 with ion and a 5th with the turret, but it seems fine on everything else. The only other one I'd even look into is the Scurrg but at 53 points minimum I'm really not seeing an issue with it currently.
  12. Boba Fett + your choice of two y-wings or scurrgs with ion gunner and r4 astromech You can fully kit out Fett with the y-wings or keep him lean and upgrade one or both to scurrgs for extended Fenn with two bounty hunters is pretty solid as well
  13. Rexler Brath- 8 Countess Ryad- 7.5 Colonel Vessery- 3 needs better enablers, he was great in the 1.0 Vader/Vessery/Omega Leader combo but now there isn't much that can really help him in that respect. maybe Sai/Redline/Vessery but it's a real squeeze at those points. vessery might need to drop down a bit to acknowledge that even though his ability is the "strongest" mathematically you have to pay points and make sacrifices in the rest of the list to make it functional. Onyx Squadron Pilot- 5 the cost to upgrade to onyx + a good enough EPT to make it worthwhile (outmaneuver, juke) is just too high at the already massive Defender price point. Not sure anything can really be done about it without further expansion (configurations for defenders, probably) Delta Squadron Pilot- 7.5 I've always liked the basic delta, white 4K challenges even high PS aces to keep up. Still, held back a bit by high cost and lack of configurations or other upgrades to really extract maximum value for the cost. 2x deltas + Sai is pretty fun and now has some more room for customization Duchess- 8 I love this ship, easily my favorite filler ship for the Empire at that price bracket. Can't be built around as a centerpiece but easy to fill in when you don't know what else to take Pure Sabaac- ? Countdown-? Black Squadron Scout- ? Planetary Sentinel- 6 I don't play strikers other than Duchess very often, as I prefer interceptors, but they can do the job. Probably a little underpowered in the same way as interceptors, not sure what to do about it other than dropping price but they are already pretty cheap.
  14. Effenhoog

    Over / Under

    I have a friend with red/green colorblindness that I had to frequently help with reading his dials in 1.0, but the 2.0 changes solved all his issues. There are multiple kinds of colorblindness and I'm certainly not an expert in the field, but it was definitely useful in this case.
  15. I've been on the "mostly just wait for sales before buying new stuff" team for a while, even before 2.0 came out. I'll grab anything that really interests me, but most of my recent collection has been from huge black friday deals (Heroes of the Resistance is somehow a lot more palatable at $7, who'd have guessed). No offense to the product, it's just hard to keep up with it all. The only actual new 2.0 expansion I have is Lando's Falcon from the last black friday sale, and I'm still missing maybe 5 or 6 1.0 expansions plus the c-roc. I got mostly caught up with resistance/FO at that time as well and just last week grabbed their conversion kits, just need an RZ-2 and maybe a resistance bomber if I find a decent price. basically, it's okay not to have to buy everything all the time :^)
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