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  1. If you don't want to build decks, Netrunner is probably not the best game for you and your friends. I would highly recommend Sentinels of the Multiverse (SotM). SotM is cooperative not competive, and it is set in a comic book hero universe not a distopian future. Otherwise, the game sounds like it would fit your group much better. SotM is fun, easy to learn, and comes with many different prebuilt, heavily themed decks.The theme for each deck is AWESOME! Each player plays as a different comic book hero against a villian deck. Every deck comes prebuilt. Each expansion adds more prebuilt decks, both hero and villian. It can be played two player but goes up to a maximum of five. The difficultly scales roughly with the number of players. If you are having trouble in a two player game though, I suggest each person play two heroes. If you are set on Netrunner, you will have to do some editing for each deck to include the expansions. You could probably does this and keep the decks somewhat balanced. I recommend you check out SotM for a much easier solution.
  2. I play Netrunner and live in Columbus. I usually look for people at CABS.
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