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  1. I love this idea. Limiting the number of copies seems like a great way to balance the game. I really hope this one gets some consideration.
  2. So I have bits and pieces of ANR, Warhammer, AGoT (1.0 & now 2.0), Star Wars, LotR, and Conquest (Cthulu is the only one that I never got into, and that has to do with me not knowing much about Lovecraft then not liking the game, from the few rounds of it that I played, it's pretty good). I (my wallet) have made the decision to consolidate down to "just" AGoT 2.0, Star Wars, Conquest, and LotR. Does anyone know of a good way to sell a bunch of LCGs (And for that matter, does anyone reading this want to buy a bunch of my LCGs)?
  3. I have: three core sets each deluxe expansion and all of the chapter packs Unfortunately, I was never able to find anyone where I live to play with, so these cards have just been collecting dust. With the announcement of the second edition, it just doesn't make sense for me to try sticking with the first edition. If you're interested, send me a message, and we can see if we can work something out.
  4. Looking for people to play with in Denver. I play all of the LCGs except Cthulu (though I'm not opposed to it, I just don't own it). DCG (Denver Central Games, formerly Troll Country) has expressed an interest in starting an LCG day on Sundays. There's two board game groups that meet up here every Monday and Thursday, and although the focus is on board games we tend to be open to playing good games, so if there starts to be a side event for LCGs at these weekly gatherings I certainly wouldn't complain (though it is worth mentioning I haven't been to the Thursday group so I won't speak on their behalf, just wanted to give a shout out). Wizard's Chest has some events, but the turn out has been scarce. These are the places I'm currently attending, so if anyone wants to add to the list please feel free to post. Also the board game group has a facebook page called, wait for it, Denver Board Gamers. The guy that created it has a good point, even if you aren't attending any of the current groups, it still would be helpful to all gamers in Denver to start having a centralized way of communicating when/where events are taking place. So I encourage you as well as posting here, join the group and start letting us know that there are people out there looking for games (LCGs are more than welcome of course).
  5. I'm trying to figure out if a unit will receive the damage before it gets the opportunity to fully resolve it's strike if it has Dark Memories attached to it? From the core rule book (pg. 20): resolving a strike To resolve a strike, a player follows these steps in order. 1. He chooses one of his participating ready units. 2. He focuses the unit to strike (i.e. places a focus token on the card). 3. He resolves the striking unit’s combat icons by type. I see that has whoever's turn it is to resolve a strike first chooses a unit, he focuses that unit (which in my particular scenario means both Dark Memories and Across the Jundland Wastes now trigger: receiving one damage for the focus from striking and another focus from jundland thus resulting in another damage) which if my kindergarten math isn't too rusty means we have 2 focus tokens on the unit, 2 damage, and now a strike to resolve presuming the unit is still alive. Thoughts, questions, concerns, mindless rambling?
  6. I think Mara herself is good in any format. Unit, Blast, and Tactic with targeted strike, three force points and three damage capacity for four is pretty sweet. Plus despite half of her reaction being useless in one v one (the part about giving her to another friendly player [i foresee a number of comments about the skankiness of Mara as she gets passed between the dark side players]) the first half of the reaction is another quasi elite a la Luke only hers is at the end of your turn instead of start of opponents turn. And she's the most gorgeous red-head in a galaxy far far away so that's always a plus All that being said, it looks like she belongs to an underwhelming objective for one v one (unless the common reserve clause is somehow still effective, though I doubt that's going to be the case). So unless the rest of the pod is amazing, this one is going to be a hard include in a head to head deck as essentially a five damage capacity, one resource, and no ability objective. Especially since it's a limit one, even if you are including it only for the cards, it doesn't really give you a fair shot at them. On a slightly related note, thank you ffg for making this one a box I only need to buy one of. It kills me that if I buy the LotR core a second time half of the cards are kindling because they're the bad guy cards that I don't need multiple sets of. If your asking me to buy multiple boxes, please make sure I have a reason to buy all of the cards again. So to sum up: red good, blank bad, and don't waste cardboard.
  7. That's the sort of thing I was thinking it meant, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't something specific that I missed. Thanks for the quick reply
  8. So it removes a setback per rank on all knowledge checks, and it also reduces the time to research by 50%. Is there a specific rules entry about researching? Is it just a open for interpretation bonus to this talent that allows the players to research or are there specific things that we can research? Appreciate thoughts and opinions. Also do we have sub forums for stuff like this yet or is it all still just under eote for now?
  9. Thanks for the clarification
  10. I've looked through the rules and the faq again to see if I could find something I may have missed, but I still haven't had luck with this particular problem. So I'm going to try to refine my question a little bit. Let's start with the location in question, The Wall. If it is winter, your baratheon characters gain the night's watch trait and do not kneel to defend. I think the simple version of what I'm asking is: where are baratheon characters considered to gain the night's watch trait. My gut says only if they're in play, but does that gained trait extend to out of play areas (deck, dead/discard piles, and hand)?
  11. All in all it was just another Baratheon in the wall… So I am wondering would the Baratheon version of the wall make baratheon characters trigger castle black when I play them from my hand. I was wanting to make a Baratheon Night's Watch deck centered around the north agenda's, but I'm running into too many problems. So now I'm thinking of switching over to HoD, but I need to figure out if the Wall only make's baratheon characters in play have the night's watch trait or is it at all times (The specific question is: would a baratheon character trigger castle black and then make the next night's watch character, which would potentially be another baratheon character cost one less?). Hey Craster, Leave them kids alone…
  12. Obviously this is a different game, but with agot ffg is re-releasing the first lcg era chapter cycle. In this cycle among a number of themes explored there we're also bannerman. The next new cycle will be re-exploring elements from this cycle as well as others. So what I am trying to illustrate is that ffg has shown, as most companies do with any game that is expandable, that they are willing to return to old ideas, sometimes straight up expanding it and at other times revisiting but with a twist. I think that, as others have said, although you can presumably create an all hoth deck eventually, it is very likely that it will be much more of a sub-theme for most decks, rather than a primary theme.
  13. Jedi_Knight said: the icetrompers are really nice paired with force choke, for one I really like the potential of icetromper: I win the edge battle strike with the tromper killing something with one health left and then take another enemy out before he can strike. It could mean the difference between staying alive another turn or seeing your final objective go up in flames. A card that really has potential.
  14. I have to say I really like this pack. The jedi pod seems to be getting a little bit of hate, but I really like it. Within my group the biggest complaint has been the vulnerabilty of most of the characters and this pack solves that problem with x2 old ben's spirit and the ability to recur it via the objective itself. And weapon master with yoda and shi cho should be great. I think that this pack shows great promise.
  15. Brownmantle said: Well, as it is alove again, I would like to poll those who know, as it were. Is Star Wars more fun than Net Runner. I bought Star Wars just as it came off the boat but havn't played it yet. I was IN LOVE with the CCG and really felt the thematic juice as a well as the collecting bug with the Decipher game. But which one are you actually playing?! I am playing X-Wing more than the Card game, and I think alot of that has to do with the fact that there is not a division of Space and Land conflict in the Card game. But I digress, is Netrunner better? I'm playing them both and I think they are both really good. I've always been a big fan of card games, and you always have to take it with a little bit of a grain of salt as far as "realism" is concerned. I enjoy the system for both games which is quite different as is the deck building which I also enjoy in both. To be fair though, I have become a bit of a ffg lcg fanatic so I might be a little bit biased. However, I do really enjoy star wars, netrunner, agot, and the very little bit of cthulhu that I've played. So in my opinion if you have the time, money, and interest to play any number of these games (or any games for that matter) variety is the spice of life I enjoy most.