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  1. And sometime in 2018 or 2019 they'll offer the acrylic bleed tokens as a rare exclusive prize just to say, "You want this, don't you?". Well played FFG.
  2. Yeah, confused why the model and now both card arts are so different. Not digging the clear focus tokens, was hoping to complete with bleed, but maybe this helps out newer players.
  3. Hi, you've got nested interrupts happening here, all happening during the initial regular attack. I'm thinking the probe will die just because another round of attack steps will go through against it. The probe droid initially stays alive because the initial attack is interrupted before figures are defeated where the probe droid triggers to declare an attack. This however triggers the Rebel to again interrupt the process and declare their own attack. Following the steps here, the probe droid should be defeated before completing this attack and going back to the probe droid's interrupt(which will fizzle out). a)Yes, damage would be placed on it, then excess damage removed. b)The check for defeating a figure is one of the last steps in an attack. It would die even if the attack misses. c)No, nothing says to keep the droid alive, just to declare an attack, opening up a series of steps that must be resolved, before becoming defeated. Such a card would have to stop the droid's attack to get back to the original attack's steps. Or open up a brand new attack in this case. Hope this makes sense.
  4. That's a great idea, I'll try that. My first figures also have no eyes, not a big deal. I was just brave enough to try eyes recently, I was really impressed at what I did, although one of the pupils could've been a bit more centered. Make sure you're ready and steady, your own eyes focused and relaxed. Paint can't be watered down much here. Have an absorbent paper towel ready for redos, and let each eye stage dry.
  5. Right, got confirmation from Todd at Worlds that spending surges are optional. However, natural icons like Bossk's defensive block are mandatory.
  6. I don't know what you mean by "you can now buy your way in..." The world tournaments have always been a pay to play type of thing. All of the tournaments are. The participation rate would be much lower if they only allowed you to enter if you placed in a regional. People have schedules and conflicts all the time. Opening it to all doesn't make this exclusive, sure, but just about makes it the biggest tournament every year. To make it to the top 32 or 16 however, you have to do pretty well in the swiss rounds if you want to think of that as winning lower tournaments. My guess if that FFG is trying to include people who weren't able to buy their ticket the exact minute it went online. I don't like it since I always make sure to be available then, but this is fair to all. Now if what you're saying is that participating, placing, or winning a store championship or regional should grant you extra points in this random drawing, I totally agree. Somebody actively playing in lower tournaments should have priority over some scrub taking up a precious seat.
  7. Are you saying Imperial Assault's skirmish mode is NOT a strategy game? Whenever I've played it competitively, it's usually turned into a game of "whoever makes the first mistake loses". Like all good strategy games.
  8. I know they were selling the droid wave in the FFG Center last Worlds.
  9. I say you react with 'Adept' before Negation is played. So yes, you can do that. Adept says when you play the card, not when it is resolved.
  10. I agree with A1bert. The special situation here is that On The Lam is most effective out of activation, not during your own activation. So Parting Blow here has a chance to finish resolving it's interrupt. Then the activation resumes where it left off.
  11. Yes and yes. Player with initiative resolves all end of round events that they want, followed by the opponent. As you said, they aren't played in the same instance. One resolves after another. The case where this isn't allowed is where the effects would stack like in the accuracy example.
  12. I don't find anything really broken here. Others have griped about the Rebel care package, there is also discussion about Take Initiative's large swing. IA's errata's have been very minimal. Most changes were basically clarifications to rewrite as intended. The mess is in the LCG where cards get nerfed, rulings reversed, terminology gets confusing...
  13. As for strategy on doors, it depends on your list. If you open your side first, the opponent should be on guard since opening their side usually takes an entire activation and gives you first shot. For overall strategy as a newbie, remember better safe than sorry. Don't stick your neck out too far. Try to anticipate what the hostiles can do. Good luck and have fun.
  14. I've never played with it yet, but have thought about it for initiative more than position. I think I'd rather use Salacious Crumb instead. I'm a go with the flow kind of guy so I'll play with what I'm dealt. Besides, Take Initiative is always there to mess with initiative anyway.
  15. Yeah, I'm going to need my favorite droid. Only ones I'm available for is too close to our first child's due date... At least it's participation so maybe it won't be that expensive?