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  1. Couldn't this have been announced way back when they rotated the maps?
  2. I've looked into AirBnb and such rental places, for those of you who've done it and fly in, do you also rent a car? The ones I've seen are quite a ways away from FFG.
  3. Even the dead LCG gets more announcements than Imperial Assault...
  4. I'm not expert, but I don't think it works that way. I thought each requested game ticket was a basic lottery. There are no points or other criteria they would look from the way I understand it. Although I wish they would.
  5. When you get yourself into a mess, it can be another mess just to untangle it. As others said, it is the responsibility of BOTH players to catch these mandatory effects. Try to keep a clean and orderly table. This is why I try to consistently put ALL condition tokens on the board, an easy reference for both players. I saw Todd make a decision on something similar, but I can't remember if he ruled for a redo/rerolls or not.
  6. I share all the same sentiments, except that I liked being in the Raddison. I was comfy, it was roomy, somewhat private, water and bathrooms were plentiful... looked like a hassle to FFG staff though.
  7. I'm grateful for getting such details before spring at least. With my favorite game SWLCG on the way out. Looks like IA unfortunately may be FFG's newest red headed step child? But a game must be pigeon holed into Wednesday, hopefully they rotate year to year. And from what I've casually noticed before, side events are usually held during that game's cut. But yeah, this schedule isn't optimal for me either. Looks like Destiny is taking over and Legion hasn't even debuted yet.
  8. Regionals Report 1/27/2018 Gautier, MS

    Just the mere threat can be just as powerful and effective. Because of Positioning Advantage lately, I've prematurely used On The Lam in a game.
  9. Regionals Report 1/27/2018 Gautier, MS

    Some guy conceded our 4th round game to me as well. I asked another player what the reasoning behind that could've been and he also said maybe to keep the cards secret. Being involved with FFG's card games, I saw once that in the cut you can look at an opponent's list now. Anyone know for sure?
  10. Ditto. We all have that little conflict, should we go through the hassle of going to a tournament or not. NEVER once have I gone and thought, that was a waste, I shouldn't have gone. Went to worlds for the first time expecting to run into highly competitive, serious like players. You know who I mean, Mr. Suitcase. But everyone was so chill, and I played some tough guys and did surprisingly well. Whatever list you have or come up with, just practice it and you'll do fine.
  11. Start of the next round???

    As soon as it has been passed, so immediately after, at least that's how Todd handled it. In your extreme but possible example, that should be up to a TO who should have been there to make the best decision.
  12. Greedo Attacks Solo Rogue Smuggler

    Yes. In this case Han would attack before AND after Greedo shoots, making all necessary assumptions of course.
  13. Start of the next round???

    New round officially starts when the initiative token is passed. From this point in timed skirmish, you finish this new round. I should point out here that stalling to avoid the next round is illegal. I've been burned by somebody stalling before. Todd was standing over us in worlds during a close game and when the initiative token was passed he says, new round, finish your round and walked away, calling time about 30 seconds later.
  14. Correct. You can only interact with a door using the 2 spaces directly in front. Being 'next' to the door, diagonally wouldn't work either.
  15. Stripping paint from IA figure

    There's a couple of threads buried here somewhere, but I've done this before, successfully. I bought a big tin of Denatured Alcohol, soaked the mini in there for minutes up to an hour and the paint slides off. I used a toothbrush to get the rest off. Plastic looks detailed and fine. I think you want to avoid Acetone here but I'm not expert. I'm wondering what you mean that your figure became pitted? Clumped up rough bits only after priming? Try cleaning the spray tip, hold the can upside down and spray until clear. Try again.