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  1. Trust no one under 8,000 feet, right?
  2. It's like they've got a gag order against themselves. Worlds 2019, then this. Any hope that somebody will be surprised to discover new IA plastic in a FLGS anytime soon? This new silent marketing strategy is bonkers.
  3. +1 for FFGOP is a joke of a mess and people need to be fired for letting this punchline go on this long. Article was just released about the changes made to worlds. They knew about this and ran with the changes months ago, keeping it a state secret for some reason. And where is this waitlist? It's not in the new article, can't find much in the OP section. Or do I have to go through Adepticon channels?
  4. Well Marksman is weird since it is played before you intend to do something, which is why I asked FFG. I was about to return with a follow up, but as you said, it would be difficult to even set this scenario up on purpose. I just treated as another case of old cards causing irregularities.
  5. From the other games I've seen, they'll keep it small, which is good. It'll probably be for things that haven't yet made it to the FAQ, and are bound to come up in games. Fitz had a nice official, unofficial one, but got kind of long. Not sure if it's still in use.
  6. In general, “Return Fire” is considered used if the attack resolves, which means the attack must officially begin. We consider this to have happened when a legal target is declared. Cards like Marksman are strange, and must happen before a target is declared. So in your scenario: Han plays Marksman before trying to declare a target. Marksman is Negated. Han can choose not to declare any target for the attack, so “Return Fire” has not been used. In the end, Han has not used Return Fire and is free to use it later in the round. Thanks for the question! Todd MichlitschGame DeveloperFantasy Flight Games
  7. Ah, that guy...? Although in fairness I did think of a situation but it brings up another question. Is declaring Return Fire limit once per round, even if it gets aborted via Negation in this case? Or canceled by Jamming signal (sp)?
  8. Must be 2 since it's an out of activation attack. Declaring Return Fire allows you to declare an attack, but the next thing you have to do is declare an attack per Return Fire. Is there a situation where this timing matters that much?
  9. Probably an oversight on semantics. If 'Negotiate' is the issue, it's pretty simple. Hondo has a natural +2 dmg. Unless the defender hands over 2 points, totally optional so their clarification on 'pay' shouldn't apply.
  10. Don't want to get too far off topic, but I don't see Much to Learn restricted like that. What am I not seeing?
  11. It's just for attacks. Their other abilities don't even count as attacks, the defender doesn't get to apply +1 block, right?
  12. Does the 'instead' signify that Ezra's powerful ability needs to happen at the reroll step?
  13. Try out Tyrants of Lothal content in a store championship in NW Phoenix! With a US Release date announced of 8/23, there might be new content released in time for AZ's last store championship. Short drive from Vegas, travelers from California don't have to go through Phoenix as it's on the West side. Straight down the I-17 for most everyone else, looking at you SLC.
  14. Congrats, how many showed up? Was there no Cad/Snoke?
  15. For sure. Whichever corner of PHX you may be in usually has some kind of event every week. Even Prescott has 2 thriving game stores. Lookup Phoenix Destiny Force on Facebook.
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