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  1. theChony

    Thoughts on Winners/Losers with Uscru?

    Artoo is never a loser with Hera by its side.
  2. Another reason or coincidental plus side to have certain characters in separate blister packs are for those who don't play Imperial Assault, or don't want to buy every single thing. There is a reason why Boba Fett sells out quickly.
  3. theChony

    It happened, we got an expansion

    This is great and all, really, a box AND packs announced? But aren't we due for an FAQ and map change yet? Are we expected to play Jabba's Palace again?? I can't remember how previous world maps went.
  4. Can't believe this. Even the dead LCG has gotten 2 announcements this year over ours. Maybe IA is just in a coma?
  5. It looks like that's what they're trying to do now. Just piss us all off in hopes that we'll play with the other latest plastic army men. Looking on the bright side if any, FFG as a company looks like it's getting it's act together. Product is flowing through the pipeline, and as shown with L5R LCG, they are doing larger explosive launches as it should've been with all games. I hope they'll improve on their OP side soon.
  6. theChony

    What determines the order of display...

    Don't mean to be a doomsdayer, just presenting the facts: As an LCGer, I always remembered scrolling to the very bottom as well...
  7. theChony

    Bases on the miniatures

    It's all up to you. All figures will go anywhere, even the ATST is possible. Personally I'd like to try clear bases.
  8. Yeah you better not be talking about our Han that way. Ours is iconic, and full of action, and that's without paint!
  9. Don't mean to spread doom and gloom, just stating facts, but FFG told us LCG folks that last year as well... It doesn't confirm or rule out anything.
  10. theChony

    Pace of Play...

    Right on, let's start off with the Golden Rule, be excellent to each other. You basically cannot identify true stalling. One has no way to see what the other is thinking/going through. The best we can do is call over a judge as politely and calmly as possible to explain your side. We need to remember in some cases there are new players, they have to start somewhere like we all did. I love the idea of chess clocks, but it makes playing a game a bit more cumbersome. Unfortunately for now, this is just up to the TO, I think there should be a rule that games should be at the very least 3 rounds. I can't imagine many 2 round games though, can't say I've seen it personally.
  11. theChony


    This right here. Like you said it's conditioning, getting into the habit, not remembering. Practice so much that when you play with an Imperial list you'll unconsciously try to use Hera's Call the Shot.
  12. theChony

    Should the clock be hidden ?

    As @ThatJakeGuy said, hiding the clock would be impossible unless they gave us a random amount of time for the game, which is actually kind of intriguing, but would only matter in a few cases. For now, as soon as I hear that we can begin, I set my watch. I once remember activating Leia for nothing just to get to the next round. Hate if you want, but these tournaments have a specific format and unfortunately it's just part of the game. We've all been saved and burned by the time limit, it just happens. As for stalling or slow playing(legal stalling), a TO told me to call them over and they'd watch the game closely.
  13. theChony

    World Championship Tickets

    I didn't even think about this, but I'm sure many others are also in the same catch 22, what a mess. FFG needs to get these tickets in players' hands at least 3 months before the event so we can make the travel arrangements. If FFG is going to do this stupid lottery system, they should at least make it a point based system so somebody who has attended events, even local ones before, has a higher chance to attend the World Tournament as opposed to somebody who hasn't attended anything at all.
  14. Couldn't this have been announced way back when they rotated the maps?
  15. I've looked into AirBnb and such rental places, for those of you who've done it and fly in, do you also rent a car? The ones I've seen are quite a ways away from FFG.