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  1. If by 'killing off' you mean beefing up IA by injecting steroid-like tons of awesome units, digital content, and tokens for both campaign AND skirmish? Then yes. As another said, this is widely available and restocked everywhere, even FFG's physical store at HQ.
  2. I don't recall anybody using unofficial printed maps at worlds, I don't think there would be a problem if a few did, but who knows if judges would say something. If more and more players use unofficial maps, FFG may have a problem with that. But I hope FFG realizes that this is still a inconvenience to players and potential players. I'm with DTDanix on puzzle crafting. The hardest time I had putting a map together is the first time, it gets much easier. I also bag every map separately, arrange the large pieces where they go, the smaller ones basically fill themselves in. There is some tile map overlap as I only buy one set, but it's not that hard to figure out. If you practice good mise en place for tournament play you'll be ready before your opponent figures out their set up. I've heard of travelers, especially international, annoyed at the lack of maps even at the FFG Center, Jabba's was all sold out quickly. If anybody really can't get a hold of official maps for worlds in May, send me a message, I can offer to get together beforehand and I can purchase some for you elsewhere and bring them to you at the FFG Center.
  3. Based on previous rotations, and FFG's preference for sales over a diverse skirmish meta, I think the new map will include Coruscant tiles. Would love to see a map that favors melee units.
  4. Yeah, I think you're right that a consumable shouldn't imply a single use, but should mean finite uses, usually one in my opinion, but we're not really discussing the definition here. I was just trying to point out as someone who also sees rules and cards in other languages, translations are very rarely 'wrong', but depending on the reader/region the translations could be 'not preferred' instead, for lack of a better term. Translations usually involve lots of back and forth to fully understand what is being interpreted, so the translator should have a good amount of inside information if it's done right. That's why I've sometimes found little rule clarifications in some official foreign docs for boardgames. I'm not saying this trait is a rule, but I would guess is a hint at what the developer's intended and missed as A1bert already said. By the way, your English is spot on, and thanks for sharing that bit of information about the card.
  5. Translation seems right to me, a translation along the lines of 'edible' would seem wrong. Translators usually collaborate plenty with designers to make sure they aren't misinterpreting source content.
  6. Use Artoo to 'Scomp Link' one from a terminal, and/or Jabba's action as well. I've been messing with a list to deplete an opponent's deck and hand, but haven't been able to play with that jank yet.
  7. Thanks for the writeups. How does 'Disorient' give you information of a player's hand? And someone please smack me over the head. Why isn't it obvious to me that going last R1 is so crucial? Does initiative matter in that case?
  8. Imagine playing Take Initiative after that swing. That's how World Wars get started.
  9. Thanks for the article, I love seeing the thought process of other players. But has anybody ever moved a figure 10 spaces to contest an opponent's terminal? I'm intrigued now.
  10. That's what I'm trying to clarify. If the attack rerolls any number of dice, attacker reroll opportunities are done and over with, right? So the attacker now can't play this card. The way I understand the steps of an attack, you can't see the results of a reroll and then decide to play Officer Training for the card draw.
  11. While there is a thread up about this, I also want to start a kit at a store. Any tips on how to best approach a store that probably doesn't know about FFG OP? Is there anything I can read up on to run this?
  12. Just to clarify hypotheticals to better understand the finer rules... As the attacker, you would first declare all your reroll abilities, then do them. Then the opportunity for rerolls as the attacker has come and gone. So I'm thinking it wouldn't be possible to play this card without an attack reroll happening. Is that right?
  13. Wow, didn't know painted minis could've been a factor, but then again, I like abstract games. At least I'm making more of an effort to paint the army I'll use for regionals this time.
  14. I've never had a problem crafting the map, if you have all the necessary tiles at hand you can almost build it without a reference if you've played enough. But yeah, starting out, it's much more attractive to roll out a mat and then start setting up map components. Our group does a lot of printed maps, I think it does help keep players from getting frustrated at setup.
  15. Local friend had a great idea. I've got to share what FFG should've done, taking matters into his own hands: Power tokens