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  1. Except they weren’t wrong. It is just a very matchup dependent and dice dependent list. Sun Fac is still a NPE in the right matchups. Amazing that the Star Viper player managed to make it to top 4 while only playing one game in 13 rounds.
  2. While more prize support would be awesome, it was worth it just to be paired against 2 friends the first 2 rounds. Wait, I meant the opposite. It was horrible because I like at least playing against people I haven’t played before.
  3. What did you end up ruling? I would say it doesn’t work because it contradicts the 0-3 restriction on the title.
  4. Anyone who tries to game the match with fast play, misreporting the scores, and general gamesmanship is a schmuck. I have let my opponents take back moves that were clearly unintentional (like a hard turn off the board).
  5. The judge ignored the established rules? Doesn't seem right.
  6. What happened in the Tavson match that caused you to call a judge?
  7. I am not even sure how Cova is ruled with something like R4. The dial shows a red, but R4 reduces it... I am just not smart enough for this stuff.
  8. Fully expect people to bring that to GenCon and feel salty about it.
  9. Liberty Squad also makes the best alt-arts IMO. The IG series was perfect.
  10. Hammer the over. But not by much. Going with 42/14/66
  11. But if the case cost goes down, that could also lower the over cost of a Jedi w/7B.
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