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  1. The judge ignored the established rules? Doesn't seem right.
  2. What happened in the Tavson match that caused you to call a judge?
  3. I am not even sure how Cova is ruled with something like R4. The dial shows a red, but R4 reduces it... I am just not smart enough for this stuff.
  4. Fully expect people to bring that to GenCon and feel salty about it.
  5. Liberty Squad also makes the best alt-arts IMO. The IG series was perfect.
  6. Hammer the over. But not by much. Going with 42/14/66
  7. But if the case cost goes down, that could also lower the over cost of a Jedi w/7B.
  8. If those get cheaper, do Jedi get cheaper? The generic one is 39 and there aren't too many huge differences between the chassis.
  9. Depending on the cost, I *may* consider it. That way with a coordinate bot you can focus/reinforce every turn and still have an open dial.
  10. I'm finding out that the Resistance has ships that aren't RZ2s.
  11. So going by this - double Jedi seems at least swiss competitive in Extended.
  12. It happens man - good job getting those droid charge tokens!
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