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  1. None offence taken. I don't even pretend to by familiar with any historical period enough to enter discussions about it. In fact I always hesitate before making analogies between 40k and real life history (specially more modern history), but in this case it was just to apparant to me. BTT: after some rethinking - maybe making a hidden base inside Ork base? Orks do use slaves and probly aren't to strict in controling them. You can have dramatic scenes aka moral decissions and humoristic ones in interacting with Orks.
  2. If we're into historical references go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Uprising#Soviet_stance and change all Red Army to Imperial Army, Soviet to Imperial, Germans to Orks and Poles to you PC - story told.
  3. I once gave my players impression that mazes are the only perceptable by human (including navigators) peak of an iceberg that Egarian Dominion really is ( - not was). Never got chance (or even intend of) getting deeper into this idea.
  4. Wow. Really? That is a profoundly... weird... statement, because there are tons of parts all over the system where it breaks, and saying it is unbreakable after patching it with houserules is, uh, evidence that it is breakable without houserules? Being sarcastic.
  5. I'm not sure if you miss some rules, as I haven't memorized the handbook but here's my two cents: 1. & 2. You haven't broke the system. RT system is unbreakable. I cap all bonuses at +60, so in your example target value for PC roll will be 60 (strengh) + 60 (bonus) + 10 (ordinary test) = 130; giving statistically: 8 DoS + 2 Dos from Unn Strengh = 10 DoS Opossing commander will statistically get 3 DoS. 10 DoS - 3 DoS = 7 DoS : statistical combat outcome. If my math is correct the only way for your PC to lose in this combat is a natural roll of 100. But you have to consider that it is a match between experienced PC leading sort-of specialized troops (also Ork's rules are considered broken by some members of this boards) and a RT newbe (50 command for RT - really?), so it's result is quite obvious. 3. IMO: yes, as hit and run actions are in the enemies turn. 4. IMO: yes, as you pointed out it's quite logical. 5. I skip the initiative question as I'm not good at this sh*t and usually just hand wave it. I house ruled it to give bonus to ship with higher crew population, because giving bonus to a Orion with crew value 100 boarding a Universe with crew value 99 is ridicule.
  6. Using propaganda and lies and half truths in an universe so full of it that WE, players, can't agree on tidbits of fluff because we only gets said half truths, stories and legends, where the Imperium use the good old 1984 mottos, is not 40kish, really ? Believe me, I'm not against brokenspoonsmen. After all, one of the nemesis I've thrown toward my players dynasty was one, in power armor, power lance, power sword, on an imperial moto-jet. And step 2 on a Halo Device. The point is to manage to get everyone involved. And it's easy because Rogue Trader is about such large ventures that to succeed , your players have to juggle between different problems at the same time. An example, if you wish, that can also be appropriate for "you know you're playing RT when...". In my campaign, my players are trying to stop a rival dynasty which has gone to far away, being the backer of the Amaranthine Syndicate, allied with Slaughts and the Rak Gols, their warrant holder becoming a Yu'vath thanks to his Halo Device. Who also has recovered something that allows him to clone crews and starships whole. And there is also the slight problem of the return of a time-travelling, ubiquitous with beign spotted both in his frigate OR cruiser SPEAR OF DESTINY, Tyrant-Star unleashing, making the denizens of the warp lee in terror at his coming, Erasmus Haarlock. Cue to the last major fight : my players ragtag fleet with their allies - Charlabelle, Blitz, Amerlan & Sun Lee- trying to flee Quppa Psi XII before Haarlock arrival, and intercepted by the rival dynasty fleet of 300 something vessels to crush them once and for all. Longue range specialist characters ? many ships to destroy, aeronautica fights, boarding parties ! Close combat ones ? boarding parties as well, including two duels, one between a player Assassin and an ennemy counterpart in the Melodium, and the player RT against her rival... On the hull of her ship. the augmenticist , flaming power sword and thunder hammer wielding RT and her cherubs on one side, who come her to dislodge three ennemies boarding torpedoes, and the rival, stade 2 on his Halo Device, in power armor, with power cutlass, power lance, on a moto-jet, and his lackeys. How does it ended ? when the arch-militant comes to man one of the ship turret to push out the rival into the plasma exhaust of the ship as her RT was overwhelmed. TL;DR version: troubles to mix your players way of fighting ? Throw more ennemies, seperate them, so they have to face challenges that are appropriate to their style of fighting. Style, not difficulty, mind you. To become the biggest fish in the Expanse is a way full of predators bigger and scarier than you... IMO using propagnda for creating an image of melee-hero = not 40kish as almost every 40k hero is more or less melee oriented (OR this's what imperial propaganda wants us to believe in ). And I'm not against gun fights: in my group there's 1 melee specialist, 2 shooty guys and 1 kind of shooty navigator. Brokenspoonsmen are just my reply to the OP question. It can be easly rephrased into: IMHO most PC want to make melee characters because of fluff, crunch being irrelevant. edit. You definitely know when you're plaing RT
  7. Mordechai Von Razgriz: I'll stay in the camp of brokenspoonsman on bikes (in spaaace). Indeed you can do this propaganda thing, but that story will be a bit unwarhammer40kish to me - and also you won't see the bugger's body, so it's like 100% he/she/it'll come back later. Don't get me wrong: I'm as far from teaching anyone how to play RT as it's possible, but to me 40k was always about unpractical displays of violence and making sure that Avatars of Khain are dead-dead when you killed them (even if you have to strangle them with your bare hands ). Also, just as Venkelos pointed: all 40k heroes seems to prefer melee. In fact almost every action (and fantasy and horror) movie hero use melee weapons or switch to it to fight the big baddies and I guess that's now engraved in some people minds (including mine) that you need to chop the evil boss because bullets just don't do the job. There was once a good discussion about this whole topic on Warseer, involving ritual combat and how all the melee-oriented xenos, Chaos and all this "look into the eyes of enemies of Emperor" stance affected combat doctrine. I'd throw a link to it - if I manage to find it.
  8. Melee is better because charging Avatar of Khain with broken spoon grants you better story to tell than using orbital bombardment to do the job.
  9. RPGs are in a way meant to be as close to real life as a game can be. Semi-forcing VM to sometimes be something other than fighter pilot isn't something bad - thats life.
  10. I'd go with the using/burning fate points approach, but with more powerful impact than i.e. Missionary powers in RT, because Ecclasiarchy is based upon Catholic Church and if we look at its saints the scheme in good number of cases is: do some miraculous deeds and reach martyrdom. No need for psykers powers, taping into gestalt faithpower of humankind and all of this - just your unspecified*: faith or luck or protection from above commonly known as fate (points). *ok, fate points are specified to be gained from the Emperor, but I treat it as imperial propaganda
  11. I think OP meant planet based manufactorium and not a ship component*. The quickest way of getting something is usually to steal - or conquer - this. So, known manufactorums in Expanse are on: 1. Damaris 2. Zayth 3. Iniquity 4. Svard 5. probly Footfall 6. probly Breaking Yards 7. probly Explorator/Disciples of Thule Fleets *In my games I house ruled that planet based manufactorums are called magnafactorums as it prevents confusion and IMO fits the setting.
  12. Being a noble in Imperium is like 99% build on PRIDE, so nothing wrong here . I don't think that minor noble family has enough reasources to keep track of its psyker-scions, deciding where they would be send being even few leagues farer. Essential thing is this turmoil you've mentioned. AFAIK there's only one =I=nstitution* that can point a psyker and say: that one is/will be/had been a noble. Fits with Witness of the Dusk stuff. Maybe take diffrent direction on this. Imperium is quite huge, so maybe there's some astropath-reliant, distant planet where population as a whole treats astropaths like nobles? *(yet, to my taste, there's enough of this Institution already, so maybe somebody can came up with an idea involving giant robo-dinosaurs)
  13. Unless I'm missing something it's a grey area with no direct answer. Lets speculate: being a noble is usually based upon your family and heritage, so IF PC's family is still in direct contact with PC and IF they have ok feelings towards psykers (Witness of the Dusk you say...) THAN PC may even not be a noble per imperial law but PCs family influence is such that everybody treat him like he was. Really it's your and your players call.
  14. Precisely. In the past I have noticed Lexicanum to outright claim things that the alleged source did not say (example: the SoB codex supposedly mentioning Miriael Sabathiel), whilst other articles are quite simply a mishmash of different, non-synchronised sources where one or more editors simply cherrypicked aspects of each book in an attempt to somehow craft a uniform description (example: see the Deathwatch article, which manages to conflict with both GW codex as well as FFG material, simply because it tries to incorporate elements from both sources, which simply happen to be inherently incompatible on some subjects). Most of it is caused by the chief editors of Lexicanum still clinging to the idea that there is a uniform canon - an idea that got rejected by the very people creating the stuff they add to their wiki. The very notion of a wiki dedicated to storing detailed descriptions for a setting whose details are not intended to be compatible to one another is ... tricky. Editors are bound to apply their own subjective preferences for one source over another when they try to write articles on a subject, and this is where things get problematic, because preferences will differ between one person to the next, and in 40k, "nobody is wrong". What Lexicanum is awesome for is as a sort of index, though, because you can read up on stuff and then look up the original source. Something I would always recommend due to the aforementioned methods and examples .. though the necessity of doing so depends on how much you're interested in verifying the original writing or just accepting the semi-unified interpretation as presented by Lexicanum's editors. tl;dr: just be aware of the risk for conflicts between Lexicanum articles and the source material Had an interesting talk with one of the senior admins of the German Lexicanum on the Eternal Crusade forums. Apparently the editors decide on a "case by case" basis, sometimes relying on age of source, other times the origin (GW > BL), yet other times on which author has written it, and most often a combination of these factors. As you can see, there's a lot of room for interpretation, and interpretation breeds disagreement. Abnett's ideas of the Adeptus Mechanicus in particular can be somewhat unconventional at times .. stuff like sentient servitors who apparently have spare time when not "on the program" and stuff like that. At least that that fits to his concept of servitor-navigators, I guess. Bottom line: Pick what you like. At least in GW's material this is more a program of eugenics rather than actual genetic modification - that being said, perhaps this might be an idea for OP to explore as well? Nazi Germany might offer some inspiration here, in particular projects like the Lebensborn. Funny thing, after posting my reply to Fgdsfg's question I thought "that's how one summons Lynata to the discussion" Back to the OT: correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't dubbling into pure human form forbidden mostly by the laws/dogma of Ecclesiarchy? If so, than we've got quite interesting situation: does RT outside of Imperium boarders have, recognized by Ecclesiarchy, right to overwrite such religious dogma just as he/she got right to trade with xenotech while it's prohibited by Inqusition and AdMech inside Imperium boarders? IMO: no, but just as Lynata said: Pick what you like.
  15. As a huge fan of Lexicanum, I must ask what? Lexicanum is a wiki (without question a good one; I consider myself its fan also) and as such is IMHO always a little bit doubtful as a source. I agree that I should write: Knowing liability of every wiki.
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