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  1. If this is not sarcasm, I'm glad to read one non-pesimistic or non-ranting post, hehehehe
  2. It's a self-contained boardgame, not a LCG (the only ones that need more than one core box...). So yes, you will only need one game box
  3. Thera are 30 basic skill cards... but also 30 hero skill cards (6 per hero) and 72 role skill cards (12 per role). I guess you build your skill deck with basic, hero and role skill cards.
  4. Here, in the product page of Spanish version of FFG: http://www.fantasyflightgames.es/juegos/articulo/el_senor_de_los_anillos_viajes_por_la_tierra_media/viajes_por_la_tierra_media Content in Spanish: My best effort on translating it....
  5. In Spain, the average delay time in boardgames is about 2-4 months... sometimes even a year!! But this delay is also seen in announcements, and for this game, it is already announced in Spanish (http://www.fantasyflightgames.es/noticias/articulo/el_senor_de_los_anillos_viajes_por_la_tierra_media). The article says nothing about availability, but the "In development" page says it will be released on Q1... well, obviously it will be delayed a bit, but I think that this game will have a simultaneous release, at least in USA and EU.
  6. I only see "(..)llos reclamados", what I guess it's "anillos reclamados" only (claimed rings). "Ellos reclamado" has no sense...
  7. The act doesn't advance. It's and objective when Silas is defeatead and go directly to R1 without advancing the act.
  8. Hi, dudes... I've just finished Blood in the Altar with a friend, he with Zoey and I with Rex... With Rex, it was easy to have only 1 clue on Hidden Chamber, and Zoey with Lightning Gun and 2 upgraded Vicious Blow, easily kills Silas in two rounds... After defeating him, he has an "Evidence!" in hand and wanted to play it. So now Silas was defeated and there is no clues on Hidden Chamber... is this possible? Can he use Evidence after defeating Silas or the act advanced immediately? And if it is possible, what resolution we should follow?? By the moment, we considered that Evidence could be played, and, as defeating Silas happened before, we followed R1... What do you think about this?
  9. I think I will need your help to gather all info about unit cards, upgrades found in the expansions, etc. And maybe good scans... or a good resource to get them. I'm spaniard and I'll buy the Spanish version, so...
  10. Yes! Indeed, it will be built with an RestFUL Api, with Oauth, and a web using Angular. So, if any mobile developer want to use the api, the data will be shared among applications Or if I learn to do it on my own later. Also, it will be I18Ned, at first in English and Spanish
  11. Well, I'm planning to the an RuneWars amry builder right now. I hope I can show you something within 2 weeks.
  12. Maybe is a delay in then French production... Although the Spanish distributor is the same (EDGE), the Spanish version is dated 24th March (and expansions in Q2). I think the official distributor page is more reliable... at least for Spain.
  13. Anyone willing to translate the site into english or spanish? I've tried reading in original version, but my French is very bad... and Google Translator is very bad, too... A good translation into English or Spanish would be very appreciated Is there any blog about RW that has this article translated?
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