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  1. I completely understand, I just notice you added the feature that allowed for more the 100 point game and that got me wondering if you had plans to add it in the future. Have a great weekend.
  2. Curious if your long term plan include adding epic ships.
  3. Where: Game Matrix When 7pm- 12pm ish 11/2 2.0 xwing, armada 11/9 2.0 xwing 11/16 2.0 xwing 11/23 2.0 xwing 11/30 epic.
  4. Going to start looking for game after 9pm pst each night
  5. Got a core and a imperial conversion whos readt for a beat down
  6. Where game matrix tacoma/lakewood washington When 7pm till you leave(midnight ish) 9/7 xwing 1.0, armada, netrunner 9/14 ×wing 1.0, xwing 2.0? 9/21 xwing 1.0 xwing 2.0? 9/27 xwing 1.0, xwing 2.0, epic 1.0, epic 2.0
  7. Whats is the bbest time to find games on the west coast. Pst
  8. Ni-oh on ps4 if tv is available or war band bushido on my phone if tv not available possibly digital xwing on my phone if I can find an opponent for a first or second edition game.
  9. Oh and if our think about I but only feel you really have to you might want to congratulate the rebel scrum who may or may no have defeated the glorious, honorable, virtuous, empire with a list that some how found a way to use 5 xwings and not b cheating.
  10. Before you guys burn all your 1st edition xwing stuff. I appear to have lost my wedge pulot and base so if anybody has a spare or is getting rid of there's let me know.
  11. What's the mood for 1st edition and 2nd edition. Planning on posting that both will be played at the store, or do you guys plan on never playing 1st edition again?
  12. Dont worry I am sure they will release an a-wing that can kamikaze to destroy your super isd
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