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  1. I am a relatively new player to LotR LCG and I have been trying to find some of the first and second cycle APs. It seems that they are now out of print and and are exorbitantly expensive on the secondary market. I have seen them going for between $40-80 per AP, if i can find them at all. How does a new player like me (with only the Core Set) enjoy and advance my decks without the benefit of the heroes from the earliest APs?? I know that FF has released Nightmare version of the early decks, but my understanding is that those are for people with well-built decks and heroes from throughout the AP history. To Fantasy Flight: Is there any thought to moving the original APs to the Print on Demand section so that you do not have to do long print runs and keep inventory available for retailers? From what I understand, the PoD is for customers like me, who want to pay to have a deck printed out and sent when I order it, not coming out of any inventory. Am I wrong about this?? Thanks, and looking forward to advancing in LotR since it is by far my favorite fantasy world. Michael
  2. That is awesome work, but one thing worries me. Some of the images that you are using are from Bioware's game (obviously, Star Wars: The Old Republic), and they might have some problems with you using their images, especially for another gaming company. As The Old Republic is my favorite era as well, SWTOR is one of my favorite MMOs, set of novels, comics and other stories, i can surely appreciate your work...and it is AWESOME. But I feel that Bioware might not be so accommodating.
  3. My main question is: Do you have to run two instances of it to play two-handed (either on the same computer or on two different computers)? Michael
  4. Luminous Quasar said: As a new person here .. I don't have a full understanding of this new game strategy. Sorry if it sounded like a dumb question and perhaps me being a new player who is still blind and confused therefore asking a lot of "dumb" questions from the experts here .. I am in the same boat. I have played 2 full games with my son and have many questions as well. I played MtG for a long time, but that was a long time ago too. I really like the game and the cards, but I think that once Edge of Darkness gets out with the last two affiliations, we will begin to see a lot more deck variations and a lot more decks to play with and against. Thanks to all the experts with putting up with us new folks. I really appreciate it! Michael
  5. We are playing with the damage counters (it has 5 on it now) then when it hits 10 damage, I will win. thanks for the clarification.
  6. How can the DS ever win then? If I use Trench Run and get the Death Star dial to 10, then lose the Balance of the Force, on the DS next Balance phase, he will advance it to 11, and by the card ("If the dial has 10 or more damage, the light side wins the game.") I win the game. That doesn't seem to fair!!
  7. Where in Birmingham are you at? My 10YO and I are in Tuscalooa and looking for others to play with. We just got the game last week and played this weekend, so we are brand new to SW LCG, but looking forward to playing more and learning. Michael
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