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  1. WHats your overall impression of the expansion ?


    It's very very good. A ton of awesome content, and in a way, it also serves as the supplement for Radicals.


    The new Crusader role is awesome and really filled a hole that was needed. The new talents are great. The new psychic disciplines are great. The Astropath elite advance is super awesome.


    This book is just DENSE with content. Well worth the price of admission.



    Edit: I will also say that this book also makes Enemies Within better. They really feel like two companion books. Used together, you could run endless Malleus campaigns. Even just the wargear between the two work really well together.

  2. Now, Port Aquila is a modified Ramilies-Class Star Fort and as such it retains an extensive military presence and weaponry. As for its society and culture, that is told in detail in Enemy Within and I won't bore you with repeating it here. Hopefully this helps you get a firmer picture of how stations appear in 40k.


    Not true. It's a collection of different facilities, stations, and asteroids - not a singular location.

    There is, however, a Ramilles fort outside of Port Aquila with a small Imperial presence, but most of the "military" power in the area is the Trade Combine's.


    Overall, a really neat location - one of my favourite parts of Enemies Within.

  3. Let me go thru the process because it confused me before.  I then had a bunch of people explain the full process.


    1.  There is a dodge.  This is the same for any template/spray weapon.  You have to have the Agility bonus to get out of the area though.  

    2.  There is the agility test to see if you are hit.

    3.  There is the agility test to see if you are on fire.  


    'Leaping Dodge' from Enemies Without just lets you use your Dodge Stat in place of your Agility.  It would help a high level dodge built character.

    1. Flamer fires.

    2. Target rolls on base Agility to move out of the way (as per 'Spray' weapon trait). They need their AgB to also exceed the area affected. If they have the 'Leaping Dodge' talent, they may use their Dodge Skill (including any modifiers) for this instead.

    3. If the target is hit, roll and apply damage.

    4. Character rolls an Agility test to see if they remain on fire (as per 'Flame' weapon trait).

    5. If they are still on fire, at the end of the round, they take 1d10 (E) damage (ignoring Armour) and 1 Fatigue.

  4. This isn't a matter of context.  It is a glaring error, the only one I've found with an otherwise enjoyable book.  


    I don't think you can say that it's a "glaring error", when the bottom of page 71 makes the author's intentions pretty clear:


    "Note that these rules differ somewhat from the Exorcised background (see page 32), representing that here the character's primary background was not determined from his earlier, life-changing, daemonic encounter."


    So although I agree with InquisitorAlexel, Mkall, and the authors, I'm not going to get up in arms about it.

    GM it how you see fit - they are supplementary rules, after all.


    Easy fix? Just make the "Excorsized" background a "Daemonic Witness" background. Done.

  5. The answer is: really easy. Some more than others. Like Fog said, use the 2nd Ed rulebook for NPC guidance. They're the only real changes you have to make.

    I would HIGHLY suggest running Illumination from the DH1 book! I ran it for my players - many whom were first time roleplayers and a few who were new to 40k as a whole. Needless to say, they loved it - it kicked off a year-long Dark Pursuits/Forgotten Gods campaign. It was really easy to convert over.


    Edge of Darkness is also a really really good starting point. I would say that either of those two are a much better place for your players to begin. Furthremore, Rejoice for Thou Are True from Purge the Unclean is follow up to Illumination.

  6. Slightly off topic, but I've only just started GMing Dark Heresy and I've been pleasantly surprised to find that the Dark Pursuits intro adventure (after I had fleshed out a bit), is good for about 18-20 hours of game time. We've done 15 hours so far and the final session will be at the end of the month.


    You should really consider picking up Forgotten Gods. That book is jammed full of content. My group plays almost weekly and it took us almost 6 months to get through it. It's great value and a really fun story.

  7. Back on topic...

    Sorry if this was mentioned, but I didn't see it as I made my way through the thread, but are their homeworld options given for any Askellion Specific worlds given in the book?

    Are there any new Elite Advances?


    No new Elite Advances, and yes to new homeworld options.


    Vouxis Prime (Hive), Gregorn (Feral), Foraliss (Garden), Yanth (Death?), and I think a few others. I don't have my book on me right now though, sorry!

  8. Would it be possible to combine the Genestealers with the cult rules from Enemies Within? This would give you the option to tackle them as either a member of the Ordo Hereticus or the Ordo Xenos depending on your focus? There's certainly enough fluff out there to be able to fill in the gaps from anything that might be missing.


    Then again I haven't laid my eyes on Enemies Without yet so feel free to say if that's a really stupid idea with how the creatures are set out in the book.


    I don't see why not. There's also a really great fan-made supplement regarding genestealer cults: http://www.darkreign.org/system/tdf/Genestealer_Cults.pdf?file=1&type=node&id=165


    It's based on 1st Ed., so there's a bit of converting to do. For the most part, you can get away with just using the Enemies Without stat-line for the purestrains and you're good to go!


  9. The Explication rules are great and there's definitely lots of super cool stuff to play with. This book is jammed full of stuff. There's allusions to nids all over the place (swords made from scything talons, Vouxian Stalkers/Shades, etc.)


    As mentioned earlier, not a whole lot in the way of new aircraft despite introducing an aircraft-focused role.


    Keep in mind that the Ace is not purely aircraft-focused. It's a piloting/driving/riding focus. They also happen to make some pretty cool tech gun fighters when combined with the right homeworlds. Disappointing that there's no gun-cutters (ala Eisenhorn) or Valkyries though, for sure.


    Probably because those are able to operate outside the hive's mind synaptic web and there is no Tyranid fleet in the Askellon Sector (yet).



    And I'm totally ok with this. The two profiles are really deadly, scary creatures perfect of Dark Heresy. If you get to the point of massed planetary invasions with gaunts, carnifexes, etc. it's time for Deathwatch anyways.


    All in all, a really great book.

  10. That's the Diablo-clone I was referring to.




    I don't see much of an RPG there, yet, especially as apparently you have zero character customisation. :/


    It also doesn't even seem very Inquisition-y. No investigation, no subtlety, etc. It's pretty much just "GENERIC DUDE IN POWER ARMOUR KILLS MASSES OF GENERIC BAD GUYS". What a waste.


    With their tech, it would have been so simple to throw together some sort of Neverwinter Nights-esque Inquisition game.

  11. To add insult to injury, the quick announcement of Enemies Beyond makes me believe they are trying to tie up the Dark Heresy 2.0 line and move on to another, probably more profitable venture. 


    Or they get the line to a point where they've now satiated most expectations and can release whatever cool stuff they want.


    New campaign book? Sure. Extended bestiary? Why not? Ascension 2.0/Elite Advance handbook? Yes please.

  12. I've wondered for a while why FFG hasn't done any kind of Dark Heresy organized play. It seems to be one of the more popular RPGs out there - behind stuff like D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars, obviously - but still, you'd think that they would want to invest in cultivating a player base.


    I've had a ton of ideas kicking around, and I'm really hoping FFG kicks something off eventually.


    Bi-weekly/monthly one-shots would be cool, as would an overarching story that slowly gets released piece by piece. Organized play is definitely a great way to slowly inject content into the game, make gradual tweaks, test out new ideas, etc.


    Sems like a solid way to build and maintain a revenue stream. From a project management standpoint, it really wouldn't even be that crazy to organize and run.

  13. I can't believe I never even noticed that was absent... Was it in the first edition?

    It seems like a cool idea, but I can't really see how it could be made different from standard Void-Born.

    Voidborn is a homeworld option, Imperial Navy would be a backgrond career like Adeptus Administratum, Mechanicus, Imperial Guard, etc.


    So you could get cool combinations like:

    Voidborn + Imperial Navy + Desperado = Crew member living deep inside a battleship

    Highborn + Imperial Navy + Hierophant  = Ship officer or naval liaison

    Frontier World + Imperial Navy + Ace = Fighter pilot on the edge of Imperial space

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