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  1. It's very very good. A ton of awesome content, and in a way, it also serves as the supplement for Radicals. The new Crusader role is awesome and really filled a hole that was needed. The new talents are great. The new psychic disciplines are great. The Astropath elite advance is super awesome. This book is just DENSE with content. Well worth the price of admission. Edit: I will also say that this book also makes Enemies Within better. They really feel like two companion books. Used together, you could run endless Malleus campaigns. Even just the wargear between the two work really well together.
  2. On the d100 roll: Daemon World: Sum of ones digit and tens digit is eight. Penal Colony: Sum of ones digit and tens digit is thirteen. Quarantine World: Ones digit is zero.
  3. Not true. It's a collection of different facilities, stations, and asteroids - not a singular location. There is, however, a Ramilles fort outside of Port Aquila with a small Imperial presence, but most of the "military" power in the area is the Trade Combine's. Overall, a really neat location - one of my favourite parts of Enemies Within.
  4. 1. Flamer fires. 2. Target rolls on base Agility to move out of the way (as per 'Spray' weapon trait). They need their AgB to also exceed the area affected. If they have the 'Leaping Dodge' talent, they may use their Dodge Skill (including any modifiers) for this instead. 3. If the target is hit, roll and apply damage. 4. Character rolls an Agility test to see if they remain on fire (as per 'Flame' weapon trait). 5. If they are still on fire, at the end of the round, they take 1d10 (E) damage (ignoring Armour) and 1 Fatigue.
  5. I don't think you can say that it's a "glaring error", when the bottom of page 71 makes the author's intentions pretty clear: So although I agree with InquisitorAlexel, Mkall, and the authors, I'm not going to get up in arms about it. GM it how you see fit - they are supplementary rules, after all. Easy fix? Just make the "Excorsized" background a "Daemonic Witness" background. Done.
  6. Updated version! New art! New link!: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qleuj85810elce9/Creating%20A%20Mission%20Hub.pdf?dl=0
  7. Link for the lazy: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/168180/Dark-Heresy-Second-Edition-Enemies-Without
  8. There are more than a few things that "ignore" the Attack Action limitation - like Devastating Assault or Counter Attack. These xenos "talents" don't really seem like anything different, and I think the intention of how to use them is pretty clear
  9. The answer is: really easy. Some more than others. Like Fog said, use the 2nd Ed rulebook for NPC guidance. They're the only real changes you have to make. I would HIGHLY suggest running Illumination from the DH1 book! I ran it for my players - many whom were first time roleplayers and a few who were new to 40k as a whole. Needless to say, they loved it - it kicked off a year-long Dark Pursuits/Forgotten Gods campaign. It was really easy to convert over. Edge of Darkness is also a really really good starting point. I would say that either of those two are a much better place for your players to begin. Furthremore, Rejoice for Thou Are True from Purge the Unclean is follow up to Illumination.
  10. You should really consider picking up Forgotten Gods. That book is jammed full of content. My group plays almost weekly and it took us almost 6 months to get through it. It's great value and a really fun story.
  11. Part bestiary, part plot hooks, part planet gazeteers. Would be great. Would also love to see an expanded armoury book.
  12. I definitely concur with the others. A great book and solid addition to the line. Can't wait for Enemies Beyond!
  13. No new Elite Advances, and yes to new homeworld options. Vouxis Prime (Hive), Gregorn (Feral), Foraliss (Garden), Yanth (Death?), and I think a few others. I don't have my book on me right now though, sorry!
  14. I don't see why not. There's also a really great fan-made supplement regarding genestealer cults: http://www.darkreign.org/system/tdf/Genestealer_Cults.pdf?file=1&type=node&id=165 It's based on 1st Ed., so there's a bit of converting to do. For the most part, you can get away with just using the Enemies Without stat-line for the purestrains and you're good to go!
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