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  1. mazz0

    Are the Four Horsemen Competitive?

    So think of the linked piece as the first post in the thread. I don't see anything wrong with that, and it's not clickbait if it's actually there to start a discussion.
  2. mazz0

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    I don't think that's what he said. He said having the mindset that you automatically need every expansion is mentally unhealthy. That's not the same as making a rational judgment that each expansion is worth the money.
  3. mazz0

    $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?

    I think you actually made it a bit unnecessarily personal there.
  4. mazz0

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    My experience with Soontir 2.0 is that getting people in your bullseye arc is actually not that easy, and if it means using all your actions to reposition then it's rarely worth it. Couple that with the fact it's only useful on the highest initiative and I think bullseye only abilities are right to be priced cheaply.
  5. mazz0

    FFG back to their old money-grabbing tricks

    That's my prediction
  6. mazz0

    Clone War Scum

    I dunno about depth, but it was very enjoyable a lot of the time. It just had one particularly awful name, even by Star Wars standards. I mean they didn't even try and make it sound a bit latiny, or use a sinister word starting with "in" with the "in" removed! Hey, I just noticed: "sinister" with the "in" removed is "sister", and the Nightsisters were darkside too - coincidence?!
  7. mazz0

    Clone War Scum

    Neither do I, in fact I hope he does, it's just that I'll be doing this any time someone says his name. I suppose you could have some random Night Sister (and Mother Talzin) as crew from the time they went off with Ventress to assassinate Dooku, but I don't see how they'd fit in as pilots - we never saw them with their own ships did we?
  8. mazz0

    Clone War Scum

    There's nowt wrong with the name Jar Jar! Are you sure he wasn't a separatist though? Look at his voting record!
  9. mazz0

    Clone War Scum

    If you don't know don't ask. You're better off in ignorance.
  10. mazz0

    Got my Empire conversion kit, missing sever pilots!

    There's at least one unique I'm missing the card for. I forget the name, it was one of the TIE Advanced pilots.
  11. mazz0

    Got my Empire conversion kit, missing sever pilots!

    That reminds me - there actually are missing cards in my conversion kit (there's the base token but no card), I should get on to FFG about that.
  12. mazz0

    Clone War Scum

    I think they'll certainly be Scum only, just like the bounty hunters who worked with the Empire. The exceptions of course being people who were official separatists like Assaj, Maul (with no Darth) and HeWhoMustNotBeNamedBecauseHeHasTheWorstNameInAllOfStarWars.
  13. mazz0

    ARC 170

    The purpose of the Rebel ARC was to get the single most beutiful model into a game that didn't have a Republic faction. Now, the purpose of the Rebel ARC is to give you an extra model to use in the Republic faction when it arrives.
  14. mazz0

    Actis Speculation Thread

  15. mazz0

    Actis Speculation Thread

    We're just talking about defensive bonus I think.