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  1. Well, that might be your theme, but it doesn't have to be the theme for the whole game. I agree that, on the whole, waging war against the Empire or Alliance wouldn't make sense for most criminal organisations, but that's not to say a) it never happened, and b) they never waged war amongst themselves. There could easily be whole systems or clusters of systems on the edges of or beyond official Impirial control with fleets of a few destroyers which they might use against rivals trying to take over the system, or as a show of force to maintain their image and stop people resisting their influence even without fighting, or even as a (no doubt futile) defence should the Empire decide to re/claim control of the system. Armada battles are only a few ships anyway, so they wouldn't have to have Empire or even Alliance sized navies.
  2. It's about big space battles, everything else is changeable. Heck, we have rebel vs rebel and imp vs imp battles, so I'm not sure what's going on!
  3. "Character"?! Until the cartoon he had no character at all! Literally, at all. Well alright, that's not fair. He was a man who wanted revenge for something.
  4. How big would the Resurgent be? 33cm - did I do that right?
  5. But they're not just tokens or playing pieces though - they're Star Wars toys, that's why a lot of people play the game (which is, I suspect, why they made the game). You don't have to take it seriously to be irked by them being totally wrong. I'm not saying one way or the other whether I think they should avoid making the SSD to avoid annoying people, I sympathise with both sides of the argument. Heh, they could have a special rule for tournaments: if your list contains an SSD you have to bring another list that doesn't, which your opponent can require you to use (obviously in casual games you can agree it amongst yourselves).
  6. I know it's normally not nice to say "I don't want this in the game because I don't like it", but in this case it think it might actually be reasonable. For how many people would it genuinely spoil the game if your opponent fields an SSD that bares no relation in size and power to what it should?
  7. I'm not too bothered about Clone Wars stuff in Armada. I'd love to see more in X-Wing cos I love some of the fighter and shuttle sized ship design, but not really any of the capital ships. And come on guys, get real. The Executor would be not just too big but way too powerful for Armada. Even drastically scaled down it would be worth 10 ISDs.
  8. I would buy that
  9. Resurgent Class is pretty big.
  10. So, do you guys read that as you have to declare you want to spend it when an attack or action is declared, as opposed to after rolling?
  11. Cos I'd have to paint your babies! That said, it is something I'm considering. Do you do the KOTOR design but in Rebels size?
  12. Don't be silly. You need to glue it to somebody else's ISD!
  13. It was FFG who chose to use the word "inspired" though, to be fair. It was clearly inspired by KotOR.
  14. I'm thinking of trying to mod one to look like the original design from KotOR, and maybe one to look like the one in Rogue One. Anyone else fancy an Endar Spire?
  15. That reminds me of the talk about ARC 170s in X-Wing.