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  1. Midiclorian X - You are not subjected to the effect of X or of any rule triggered by X. It still happened, but the effect doesn’t apply to you. I would argue Moved Through is a rule, not an effect. I would also suggest that in the absence of a rules definition of Ingore we shouldn’t make up our own but should use it as we do the vast majority of words that constitute the rules, and use its standard English meaning.
  2. Doesn’t it depend whether the “check to see if you’re overlapping, if you are the barrel roll has failed” step is part of “moving” or not? If it is then you can do it as you’re still ignoring the obstacle. If it’s not, then you are no longer ignoring the obstacle, so the barrel roll fails.
  3. I think it occurs, you just ignore it. If I'm walking past you and I ignore you I might bump in to you. I can continue to ignore you, but it still happened.
  4. I actually agree regarding the rules (seems to me one part happens during movement, the other happens after, so they don’t conflict - effectively Dash goes “Oh wow, I moved through a rock! Lucky I was ignoring it at the time or I’d have suffered some damage. Now, what effects are triggered *after* moving through a rock...”). I just don’t agree that you can infer from any disagreement that people are just nitpicking or looking for things to complain about. I think they genuinely see different interpretations, and it makes sense to talk about them so that people might change their minds and so that FFG knows it’s ambiguous (or rather, a decent number of people think it’s ambiguous) and needs FAQing.
  5. I think you’re being needlessly confrontational and offensive. If you think someone’s wrong just argue the point, there’s no need to cast aspersions on their motivation or insult their intelligence.
  6. Yeah, I prefer something more colourful. Eep, looking at that stuff it would be easy to spend quite a lot on acrylics...
  7. Hmm, tempting. Design’s a bit dull for my liking though...
  8. mazz0

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    What about Daredevil? Adds significantly to their unpredictability, and if you’re using it after closing to attack range then you already have your target lock (and possibly couldn’t take another anyway) so the red doesn’t matter too much.
  9. mazz0

    Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?

    I... don’t know what this means. That’s a good statline, it just need to be appropriately costed.
  10. They don’t fit over the double arc tokens! It’s the worst thing about 2.0! 😭
  11. mazz0

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    I like the new X-Wings. You can always stick a dab of glue on there to fix them in place if you want, while there’s no easy way to turn a fixed one into a moving one.
  12. I’m not a big fan of the bullseye EPTs on him, seems like putting all your eggs in one basket, and getting your target in the bullseye may be easy in isolation but doing it without landing yourself in your enemies crosshairs is another matter. I am a fan of outmanoeuvre. Perhaps I’m a wuss? I very much fancy giving Daredevil a try too. As others have said, a single reposition with his own ability providing the focus is often enough, so taking the stress to turn instead of bank on your boost could be worth it.
  13. That’ll make it all the more special when you see it next to Jedi Starfighters and Shuttles.
  14. It’s still there, but we should all pretend it isn’t, fly Y-Wings for Rebels and save the ARC for the Republic, where it belongs.
  15. mazz0

    Very bad on iPad

    The website has weird issues with different frames scrolling at different rates on iPad, and the native app is only laid out for iPhone.