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  1. Yeah, I really like the sound of exploring and customising your civ.
  2. What do we think it will be? Something inspired by the computer game expansions? Something about changing the terrain could be cool (flooding etc). I hope they don’t bring in something utterly awful like the era system though!
  3. What use case do you have in mind for that though? Here’s my thinking: It’s a shuttle - is it designed for carrying cargo to and from the main ship, or is it designed for blasting its way through blockades to take things from armed opponents? Being good at one makes you worse at the other, and a compromise is going to be bad at both. Let’s make a real life analogy: you take a Ford Transit and put a turret on the roof. You’ve lost a huge chunk of cargo space under the turret, there’s now some cargo that simply won’t fit inside, and do you have a fighting vehicle which is going to stand against a tank or even a properly armed military light utility vehicle? I think the answer is no - you’ve got a crap van and a crap fighting vehicle. I‘m sure there are some niche applications where a bad cargo transport with minor offensive capability is useful. Stealing from very poorly armed civilians perhaps? Other than that I can’t think of a viable application. It’s not going to fight its way past an imperial blockade or past the defences of the Hutts or Golden Dawn, so what am I sacrificing cargo capacity for? Who is CEC marketing this thing at? I’m aware by the way how silly this discussion is. It’s Star Wars! Sensible ships design would be extremely incongruous here! 😛
  4. I think those foot prints were stretched by tectonic activity. Yup.
  5. Cos... my character looks like a Jedi?
  6. Canadians are from Canadia! Scandivarians eat Scandinavians!
  7. I mean, it's probably similar in width, so it's gonna have quiiiite the footprint...
  8. https://www.starwars.com/databank/republic-attack-gunship It's just under 18m long. That's doable!
  9. Or sell it with some sort of string and pulley system.... <imagines>
  10. I think Epic vehicles for Legion are very likely, in the long term. Heck, if I was collecting Empire I'd totes pay a few hundred quid for an AT-AT. How big would a LAAT be at Legion scale?
  11. Ah yeah, that rings a bell. Because it's owned by the Hutts. Well, that's plausible I suppose, if the TF was present almost everywhere so they had no choice but to go the opposite direction.
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