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  1. Not sure where to look for a ruling on this. What are people playing?
  2. Well yeah, it would add weight, but is that necessarily a bad thing? I like weighty models. Provided the pegs will support it anyway, that might be a concern I suppose. Not sure what you mean "nope". Clearly a bar is less bendy the thicker it is. You can test this with your hands.
  3. You don't really need a third party or anything - just exchange lists at the same time: "Is your list ready?" "Yes, is yours?" "Yes, here" "Here's mine"
  4. Doesn't that depend how thick it is? 3mm or thicker is surely pretty rigid?
  5. Yeah, mine's pretty bent. Still awesome though!
  6. That was my reading of it too, for a moment, then another part of the article made me think otherwise. I reckon it's another instance of poorly written article. I don't think it can be an automatic "you suffer whatever I suffered", that would be too powerful.
  7. That's pretty tempting, thanks for doing the legwork!
  8. You wouldn’t really expect the US to need to keep its opponents equipment I suppose - it’s in a league of its own militarily, it doesn’t need the equipment of smaller, poorer nations it invades. I’m surprised about Iraq though. Are you saying after the invasion the new Iraqi regime scrapped all of the old regimes equipment?
  9. Tell me more about how this works in human history (I don't know much about it). I would assume that following rebellions and revolutions that the victors do indeed use the seized equipment of the former oppressors. Does that not happen? What about in France after the revolution, America after independence, more recently Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunisia, etc? Did the winners not use seized equipment? Not a rhetorical question, I genuinely don't know. I always though using seized ships was standard practice though (it certainly is in computer games).
  10. Man, that would be amazing on an MC30! I think a lot of people would be quite peeved if this pack has such very useful upgrades in it and there's no cheaper way of getting them though! Speaking of things I want to put on MCxx ships - is there any way of getting Fleet Commands on an MC80? It feels so wrong that they're coming from a little Pelta and not Home One.
  11. So have I, and I don't think it actually is. The SSD is several times bigger but only twice the price. As others have said an important thing when deciding whether to buy it is the value you get from it, and I don't think I see this model adding value proportionate to its cost. I wonder if we'll see card packs as with X-Wing, so there's no pressure to buy it for upgrades.
  12. In that case I hope they *don't* sell! I'll be wanting quite a few CW ships, so it would be quite bad for me if it's £75 for a Venator!
  13. That's true. And to be fair there are lots of rather questionable decisions made in Star Wars.
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