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  1. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    What exactly is your point? That a lack of women present who are “bothered” invalidates the opinion of people who think more women in the game would be nice? Don’t you see how that’s flawed logic?
  2. Not much activity???

    Join us in the sexism thread, that's where it's at! I think there's probably more community action around the games with big competitive scenes and lots of expansions, like the Star Wars games. I kinda like that it's easy to keep up with the discussions here!
  3. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    player2017979, and presumably myself, are trolling because people you know disagree with us? That's not what trolling means.
  4. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    I agree, the thread title and to a lesser extent the first post were a little over the top (and the threat title would seem to suggest the original poster does actually know the lore reasonably well), but the conversation has moved on since then. It's not the original poster being told to stop whining, he hasn't been involved since the first post; it's other people making a perfectly measured point about how addressing the OPs concerns, however minor you may think they are, would be a) nice and b) harmless, who are somehow being accused of whining, soapboxing, trying to change the lore, hypocrisy because they're not complaining about other games, and other such nonsense that makes so little sense it's not worth individually responding to. On a side note - I only just realised the like button could be clicked directly rather than waiting for the pop-up menu and then selecting something from it! I'd been doing trophies until now as I didn't realise there was a simple like option - doh!
  5. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    Where to start... Where was player2017979 whining? Or is having any sort of critical opinion whining now? Why suggest playing with other pieces or suggest there was anything wrong with buying it? Nobody's arguing that "OMG this game is terrible, it shouldn't exist, nobody should buy it, FFG are evil", though everyone on the "we don't want women" side seems to react as though we are. All we're saying is some more women in the game would be nice. That's it. Nothing about changing the lore, nothing about any other games, no whining, just one simple opinion about this game. What's wrong with that?
  6. Full cooperative version

    What do you do to rush agenda cards? Lots of encounters and non-mainline quests?
  7. Correct procedure for gaining a Level?

    Oh I see - you mean you're further along the track than you would be the other way. Gotcha. I just see it as a nice little bonus to gaining large amounts of XP in one go
  8. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    Whataboutism - Wikipedia
  9. First solo play through-questions

    Bottle, yeah. Definitely not a sex toy.
  10. Correct procedure for gaining a Level?

    You mean this bit? That just puts his XP marker back to L (L -> Far Left Hole -> S -> L), only one level gained.
  11. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    I wish I could believe it was trolling...
  12. Expansions?

    Ah, gotcha. That would be solved by just choosing x number of the cards you own to be in the deck at the start of the game. Or I suppose you can say cards don’t go to the bottom, but x number of cards down, but that would be fussier.
  13. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    Where did you hear that? Got a link? I did some Googling but the results were all just people talking about the bit in the game where it’s revealed she’s female.
  14. Sexism.....Sexism never changes...... 

    Jesus H. ****, I cant believe these people who are arguing against the very simple concept that more women (who were sensible, sensibly dressed characters, not eye candy) in games would be a good thing. But then I’m just some libtard SJW snowflake...
  15. Yeah, I was more just wondering, out of curiosity.