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  1. So, do you guys read that as you have to declare you want to spend it when an attack or action is declared, as opposed to after rolling?
  2. Cos I'd have to paint your babies! That said, it is something I'm considering. Do you do the KOTOR design but in Rebels size?
  3. Don't be silly. You need to glue it to somebody else's ISD!
  4. It was FFG who chose to use the word "inspired" though, to be fair. It was clearly inspired by KotOR.
  5. I'm thinking of trying to mod one to look like the original design from KotOR, and maybe one to look like the one in Rogue One. Anyone else fancy an Endar Spire?
  6. That reminds me of the talk about ARC 170s in X-Wing.
  7. The Graveyard says you can't do it if you're the Warlord, but what about in 2 player games? Seems silly that you can't use it with your other character.
  8. It's pronounced Wobbler Mangrove.
  9. What are O and IX? Up until those it looks like a list of the best Final Fantasies. Sorry I should have specified. O is Rogue One. IX hasn't come out yet, but makes sense that it would be last. I call this the Jenny order. Ah, OK Good, cos an order for Final Fantasy's it's rubbish. The correct order is [7, 8, 9 - joint first], 6, 12, 10, Everything Else.
  10. Perhaps barrel roll for larger ships should have worked like this: I should have removed the stats for that, or at least set them. Looks very amateur as it is...
  11. I think it should be something that affects all large ships and not only the ones with turret What if it also stopped you firing missiles or torpedos, or moving your mobile arc? That doesn't leave much.
  12. How about if you're tractor beamed you can't shoot outside your arc (cos the tractor beams locks your turrets)?
  13. The "Rock-Paper-Scissors" effect is nothing new in X-wing, in fact it goes back to the days of Tie Phantoms vs Fat Han. There are more viable lists in the meta now which dilutes the effect somewhat, or at least gives us the variety of "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock". That effect is, I think, far greater in the competitive scene though, especially with netlisting. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with playing that way, I just don't like it myself.
  14. You forgot about number a very important factor # 3 Zuckass!!!It's not just dengar action and second atta k that's deadly, it's the ability to make a person reroll his green dice. This is huge. I think people are underestimating dengeraoo by simply saying stress and go after manaroo. A player who is skilled with dengeraoo is not going to make that easy. While you chase manaroo, dengar is free to roam. If you finally do catch her dengar still has glitterstim to help a round with no action. Asajj will likely melt pretty fast from dengar imo. She can't go fast enough to keep up with ptl manaroo, and don't forget her ability, along with tactician requires to be in at least range 2 so again that's no easy task. Asajj has no boost or barrel roll capabilities, and if you out engine upgrade on her she's getting quite expensive. Even if you do manage to finally get to shoot at manaroo, you have to get her in your mobile arc, and range 2. Plus don't forget dengar is there "melt?" if dengar's dice are absolutely perfect, it'll still take 3 rounds. It's a single 3-dice PWT, not the hammer of thor himself not even counting the fact that asajj can evade also, "not fast enough to catch manaroo"? they have the same maneuverability (caster can 3-turn) AND boost, except asajj is ps 6 asajj is always going to be expensive, but you're running EU on her. It's just too conducive to her long term survivability and utility to pass up the shadowcaster (re: lancer pursuit class) should be one of the ships having the absolute least issue catching manaroo Don't take things so literally. Dengar will hurt assaj.Your forgetting that when dengar fires off his missle, he has a good chance of doing 4 dmg, then another 3 if he gets to do a follow up shot, not counting any crits that may get through. Asajj only has 2 green dice, so from the start dengar is probably going to take all her shields. Even if she manages to block 2, it's enough to take off her shields Next attack it's going to her hull. There is a very good chance with Zuckass, lone wolf and his focus of Getting a lot of dmg in one round. Next round she could be dead. A range 1 shot from dengar is not going to tickle, and come on, if your gunning for manaroo, you don't think a skilled dengar player won't see that? OK how about she doesn't attack. Great dengar is still feeling fine. Asajj took some hIts and dengar is still doing ok. If the dengeraoo player knows what he's doing its going to be at least another turn before asajj catches manaroo. Even if she catches manaroo the next round she still has to get into range 1-2. She still has dengar shooting at her, and even if she did stress manaroo, dengar isn't going to feel the effects of that until the next round, and by then asajj is probably dead. Manaroo with the r5 droid can also shoot back if asajj is shooting. If your putting engine on asajj then she doesn't have gyroscopic targeting or whatever it's called, so is she boosting with engine upgrade, or does she have to use her action to rotate her arc? If she has to rotate her arc, she can't boost, and vice versa. Put gyroscopic targeting on her and no boost, but at least she can turn her mobile arc as a free action. I never once said dengar is the almighty thor. You made that up yourself. Dengar with Zuckass, a nice opening salvo, a reroll, and focuses is still going to hurt, and it does, not to mention his double tap if that does happen Edit I'm not saying it's not impossible so don't take it like that. I'm just saying I don't think itll be easy. Itll also highly depend on who is with asajj. Dice can fail, people make mistakes, but if the dengaroo player is skilled it won't be easy. People seem to think "oh just do this" that's not always the case, and easier said than done. Dengeraoo is still a tough nut to crack. Things like defenders I think would have an easier time. As I mentioned before I've beaten dengeraoo on multiple occasions, and each time I gunned Dengar down fast. Chasing manaroo can bite you in the ass pretty hard. Especially if she gets away *you're
  15. Ugh, I hate this idea of feeling you need to use a certain list to stand a chance against another list.