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  1. I vote For no Rebel huge - I don’t think it suits the faction. If the Resistance/New Republic had ships that big then let that faction have one.
  2. mazz0

    Rebel Lucrehulk-class Battleship

    Nah, this is too iconic a CIS ship for Rebels to get it. I think it would just feel out of place to the vast majority of people.
  3. mazz0

    Pictures of new factions

    Perhaps the missing parts of the astromech are in constant hyperspace, like most of the Minds in the Culture?
  4. mazz0

    Pictures of new factions

    You think an N1 is a match for two Viltures droids? Even with a few upgrades I’m not sure about that. Maybe though.
  5. mazz0

    Pictures of new factions

    Perhaps we'll see two Aetherpsrites in the core (assuming, as I do, that there will be a core), and one Infiltrator. In which case they can be Anakin's and Obi Wan's paint schemes.
  6. mazz0

    More exciting - 2.0 or Clone Wars factions?

    We’ve been doing that for ages with sequel triogy ships.
  7. mazz0

    More exciting - 2.0 or Clone Wars factions?

    Force upgrades could be introduced alongside, and if they wanted to give them to existing force users they could errat-ed it or done something like titles for individual pilots to add the slot, or just leave them without on the grounds that it wasn’t a big part of other faction’s identities. Would have been messy but perfectly doable. Or they could have simply done without - nobody was feeling their lack before they were invented. Calculate - why on earth is that so important? If it turns out that focus would have been overpowered on droid swarms (which it might, but we don’t know) they could have introduced it on them, or just not given them focus actions, or come up with some other solution. The fact we have a particular solution in v2 doesn’t mean that particular solution was necessary. I get that they’re both nice to have, but I don’t see why they were required.
  8. mazz0

    More exciting - 2.0 or Clone Wars factions?

    I was hoping for a little more specifics.
  9. No, we’ll remember that, but we also remember the awesome settings and other good elements (droidekas, the clones from the cartoon, more Mandalorians, not to mention the amazing ship design that’s coming to X-Wing and hopefully Armada).
  10. Wow - I hadn’t seen that before. What a terrible name. Why not just call it The Clone Wars?
  11. mazz0

    2nd ed ARCs

  12. mazz0

    2nd ed ARCs

    Presumably also with clone crew and gunners who are basically designed to sit in ARC 170s.
  13. mazz0

    2nd ed ARCs

    Fortunately, the quality of the Rebel ARC-170 no longer matters, as we’ll be able to fly them properly with clone pilots alongside Jedi Starfighters, the way they were meant to be fielded (spaced?)!