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  1. Looking at purchasing a droid. What I don't understand is some have skill ranks higher then characteristic ranks (I.E. Astromech Droid). Does that mean they use yellow dice at that rank, or is there some way to upgrade the characteristic ranks of the droid to meet those skill ranks? Any info would be helpful.
  2. If you had gotten the Roads expansion, you could use the tuck boxes. I use the experience tokens as experience points for everyone instead of tracking. I use the gold pieces instead of tracking.
  3. Question is how does the spawning of the Militia work? Played it this weekend and their is no mention of the limit of Militia that can be spawned. The overlord killed 2 peasants the first half. Would that mean only 2 militia can be spawned? Am I correct in reading that the 2 that survived with automatically spawn at the end of the last Hero's turn? If so, then when rolling for Sir Paloman's check, can another militia be spawned? Also, With Sir Paloman being able to move now, the hero's moved him to the entrance and just spawned stones, skeleton pet, and militia to block my monsters from reaching him. I was only able to get 1 monster in range (Sir Alric Farrow) to attack him due to his special ability to swap places with heros. Anyone know how to counter that much blockage from the hero's side?