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  1. I've added in the details from the last pack, and will point out here as well that I think Shoju's Duty is going to have 20 cards with 3 copies of each, there being 0 Provinces or Strongholds in it.
  2. From what I've heard about their flavour text, and a couple of others elsewhere, it appears that Kuwanan is right for the wrong reason, and Hotaru is wrong for through no fault of her own. in fact, just like everything else that Hotaru is wrong about, it's probably her dad's fault.
  3. So, the Quartermaster is 111, which is the first card of this pack. Which means that there are 0 provinces in it. I would be really surprised if there were somehow three 1-of Dynasty or Conflict cards. I think this means that there will be 20 cards in this pack, not 22, meaning that the entire cycle is 130, not 132. It's a nicer number.
  4. There's really only space for 1 more stronghold, I'm afraid, - in Pack 6
  5. Got the pack. It lacks fiction, since it has the new rules on the insert.
  6. I've updated the OP now that I've got the numbers from the livestream cards. There are some interesting outcomes from it. I had always assumed that the 3 1-of cards in each pack would be in the first 3 cards, either as Provinces or Strongholds, with a distribution of 10 neutral provinces, 1 province per Clan and the Dragon stronghold coming to 18. However, there now appears to be another Scorpion province besides Toshi Ranbo. There's also the Anatomist in pack 4, which takes the third slot in the pack. So, what i now reckon for the one-offs are: Toshi Ranbo (Pack 1) 5 Neutral Provinces (1 each in packs 1-5, we've seen them all) 7 Clan Provinces (Dragon in Pack 1, Lion & Unicorn in pack 2, Crane in Pack 3, Scorpion or Phoenix in Pack 3-5, Crab in pack 4-5) 1 Stronghold (Dragon, in Pack 5) Something non-provincey in Pack 3 (A philosophy, perhaps, or a unique Holding) An enlightened neutral Province in Pack 6 (Maybe Otosan Uchi?) 2 non-provinces in Pack 6 With Togashi Yoshi and Kitsuki Yuikimi both now accounted for, I think we'll see the rest of the beginner game pre-gens as 1-cost Uniques: Hida Sugi, Doi Ren, Akodo Masako, Isawa Aki, Bayushi Kyo and Shino Takuya. There's probably 17 Cards per clan (+1 extra for Scorpion and Dragon) and 11 Neutral to make up the 132 cards
  7. I've got access to some quite blurry screencaps from the live stream. Can anyone make out the numbers for - Forebearer's Echo Justicar's Approach Inferno Guard Invoker A New Name Kitsuki Yuikimi (Topaz Champion!) Smuggler's Cove Student of Anatomies Ide Ryoma Petal Village Estate
  8. I'm not even sure Sotorii's a villain. Definitely antagonistic to some of the more relatable characters, but not really set on villainous ends, just childish ones.
  9. I am unconvinced of the attribution of all of those cards to the third pack. If it were the case, then there would be 1 card for the Crab, Dragon and Phoenix clans combined. Also, card number 121 would be in pack 6 of the cycle. There are also 2 5-cost cards from one clan. So far, FFG have kept a strict rota on the 5-cost cards:1 per Clan per cycle. Breaking away from that would be odd, although I suppose it could be 2 per Clan. I'll put them in the spreadsheet but not attached to any set yet.
  10. I realise that I'm a couple of months late, but we only just got this book over here. There were a number of great quotable lines from the novella - "I take no responsibility for the Moto"; "She speaks not a word of Rokugani; how is it that she is better at giving you orders than I am?" I'm also quite happy that it wasn't just Shono's cleverness that let him outwit the sorceress (she's a chimera, surely). It was his innate valuing of the Unicorn's favoured tenet of bushido - Compassion. The Ifrit helped him because he cared about the Ifrit, even when they first met. It strikes me as ironic that Unicorn magic is seen as alien and wrong by the Rokugani and by the Qamarists. There were a great many shout-outs to bits of the old Burning Sands lore, without using it directly. Did anyone else spot the passing European, with his Renaissance-style clothes? That puts an interesting spin on the Battle of White Stag. As for the fluff at the back, I found it full of interesting hooks - I want to find out more about the Suhili and their ongoing battles against the monstrous minions of a destructive god. They and the Crab could have a great time exchanging stories.
  11. I picked up Masters of Court and Across the Burning Sands on Friday. My LGS also said that there might be Inheritance Cycle, pack 1 next week.
  12. I finally got hold of Across the Burning Sands on Friday, so I have updated the census from that novella. Let me know if I've missed anyone.
  13. There's actually special clan scrolls in Shadowlands. They're called Signature Scrolls and are a thing that you can buy with XP that don't appear to be techniques. The three in Shadowlands have prerequisites of "Witch hunter, Crab Clan", "Crab Clan Shugenja, Rank 3" and "Shugenja".
  14. Well that will be your Bayushi bushi there - the Deathdealer.
  15. Like Kitsuki Investigator or the Dragon province Scene of Crime, perhaps.
  16. Either that, or he pulled off the best deadpan irony ever.
  17. Is the set legality for the Worlds going to be based on the official release dates, or the actual release dates of sets? For example, Masters of Court was officially released 25 April, but shops in the UK still don't have access to order it. It would be unfortunate if access to card pool was based on where you lived, rather than a level playing field.
  18. Esdevium are now Asmodée UK, which you'd think would mean that it was easier for them, but apparently not...
  19. I'd point out that this was mostly a UK problem. It's been out in the rest of the EU for a month or more, I think.
  20. I'd also think that there would be a problem with Chiyoe being the Champion's heir. You don't want the next Clan Champion being married to the Emperor, since it would unite the positions of Emperor and Champion of the Crane Clan - something that would really mess up the balance of power.
  21. The following is quoted from a thread called 'So What Did We Learn Today' on rpg.net. I repost it here with the permission of the author, Shadowjack. Given the state of Otosan Uchi's outer wall, I could easily imagine it ending up the same way... In the past week, I've been reading a history of Edo-period roads, passports, checkpoints, and tourism. Dry read, but fascinating stuff. How to sum up?Okay, here is a thing that might actually happen to a person travelling during the Tokugawa shogunate:So all women exiting Edo were to be inspected, and all baggage entering Edo was to be inspected. Baggage, so no one smuggled guns into the capitol, which actually makes sense. Women because theoretically some daimyo might try to smuggle his wife held hostage with him out to the provinces so he could revolt maybe. Everyone knew this was a dumb explanation, but it was The Rules.You walk up to the border control checkpoint, and the guard checks your passport, and he frowns at you. "It says here one woman with long hair, but I see two women with short hair. No pass. Next!"And you say, "Uh, yeah? The 'second woman' is my infant daughter, because I gave birth while in Edo. And I had a long convalescence, and the doctor cut my hair—"And the guard says, "I don't want to hear any excuses, lady, people are waiting. No pass. New passports available from the Office of Women's Passports in Edo, 1500 mon, allow 3 to 20 days for processing. NEXT!"So you stagger back to the teahouse where you spent the night, wondering what the **** you're going to do now. But a half hour later, that same guard wanders in on his lunch break, and sees you still there, and he seems surprised. "The heck? Hey, Hida!" he shouts at the innkeeper. "You sleeping on the job? Got a mother here wants to buy the special bag of sweets." And now you're really worried, because you're wondering what the heck the shakedown here is.And the innkeeper is all apologetic for missing you in the crowd, and for the low price of 100 mon, gives you an actual bag of local-made artisan candy, and assigns one of his serving girls to take you out back to "show you how to eat it."And right there, behind the teahouse, is the side road that leads up to the gap in the wall of the border station. There are people going back and forth like this is normal. There's a frikkin' guard tower right there. You see some person on the ground chatting with one of the spearmen in the tower, that guards the border, which has a hole in it, which people are using.So you go through the gap in the wall, and come up in the border station. Like, the passport desk is right over there, you can see someone putting their hat and shoes back on right now after the pat-down. But the new guard currently on duty just waves you irritably the other direction. See, his job is to check all passports of people coming from the left, and going to the right. You're on the right, so you're not part of his job.In a daze, you keep heading to the right, with the people who passed inspection the normal way, and the attendant asks, "Will you be renting a post-horse or palanquin with us today?""No, thank you," you stammer, "I'll manage.""Thank you for your cooperation. Please check out our gift shop. You and your child enjoy your trip!" And you're free to go. And there really is a gift shop, too.The next time you come through, you now know to head straight for the hole in the fence, and one of the locals scolds you for not leaving a little thank-you note or a tip for the guards. So you do that from then on, and everyone is fine.Now, not every station was quite that loose, and there were some genuinely tight borders – especially if the chief of watch was a martinet, or if there was an alert on, or an official inspection (for the first time in years), or if the Shogun was on pilgrimage nearby, whatever. And they all would keep a serious eye out for wanted criminals. But basically everyone on up to the Shogun hissownself knew the travel rules were bull that no one cared about… but the law said there had to be passports and check stations, so there were passports and check stations. Like, 99% of the time, if you got caught travelling without proper papers, you'd get no more than a lecture, especially if you apologized right away. If you even got caught. Most people just took the unmonitored side roads and/or bought cheap papers – you could basically get anyone who was vaguely an authority figure to scribble you a legit travel pass, so long as you said it was for "pilgrimage". Ironically, the higher your social status, the more careful you had to be about proper papers and inspections. Commoners got to take a lot more tourist trips than samurai.Why bother going through a check station in the first place? For one thing, you could hire porters and horses at below market rate…
  22. I feel that the Phoenix, spiritual leaders of the Empire that we are, need to get our own house in order first!
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