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  1. I have found it to be useful in combination with Uona
  2. Updated for Visions of the Future and the Deer Clan's family name.
  3. We're starting to get spoilers on blogs/websites for this cycle now. Just 2 Crane for the moment, but I'm sure there will be more where they came from.
  4. Wow, Ujiaki's really got a bit of the Mark Anthony going there. "Toturi is an appropriately neutral man..."
  5. This one is inspired by the Seal sought by many during the Romance of the Three Kingdoms * Imperial Seal 1 cost Conflict card (neutral) +0/+1 Item. Seal. Attached character gains the Imperial and Crown Prince traits. Reaction, when this card is played: take the Imperial Favour.
  6. The last thing that came in up in Edinburgh was the Unicorn Clan pack. They've actually changed the set legality for the UK Grand Kotei because the distribution's so messed up - the Crane Pack won't be legal, because no one in the UK has it yet!
  7. Ah, so Tsuki was the Imperial Ambassador for the Phoenix, but she's just been reassigned. It's always interesting to see new named characters getting involved in the story. I need to go and talk at the people I know going to the UK Kotei. Do we want the Inquisitor in our lands or the Capital? I think that it ought to be the Phoenix lands, to stop anyone going all Black Scroll-y again.
  8. Okay, here goes: Kaito and the Kami - Kaito do not invoke the abilities of the kami in the traditional (Isawa) way. Instead of nurturing the gift of being able to speak with kami, and thus request actions on the shugenja's behalf, the Kaito train people in how to open themselves to temporary possession by a spirit, allowing its power to flow through them. Birth - there are many superstitions around birth, since both parent and child are close to death. If possible, affinity with the kami is tested very early, and any child who may become a shugena is passed on to the Isawa. A grandparent may try to divine the child's future - get the child to grasp an arrow, then fire it at a target to the SW. How it lands tells many things. This is the life arrow, and is held in the family shrine until gempuku. Children are considered to be genderless and children of the kami before coming of age. Gempuku (or shufuku as the Kaito call it) - A test of the various skills required by an adult Kaito, then a plunge into a pool of water. After the new adult emerges, they are presented with their adult clothes, and a brush to write their adult name in the genealogy. They will afterwards be given a bow, often from a grandparent, and their life arrow. Courtship and Marriage - Romantic love is something which is subtly accepted and seen as a gift of the kami. Since marriages for the retention of the Shugenja's gift are not required, marrying for love and by choice happen sometimes. Even then, many marriages are arranged. Kaito tend to marry in the family except for the daimyo and revered sensei. Funeral - the deceased's family remain silent throughout the ceremony, and go without overcoats during it. Paper lanterns are released. Afterwards, a small bag with some of their ashes is attached to the life arrow, which is shot as far away as possible.
  9. IIRC, FFG got anything published in L5R books. The Unicorn book(s?) gave a general description of the Burning Sands and the Ujik-hai etc, but the dozen factions in Medinat-al-Salaam were only ever described in LBS material, so are not available.
  10. Let's see, I have it right here: There's 16 pages: Page 1: Charge art, plus very brief text (It looks like a 2 paragraph setup for the novel?) Page 2: The Legend of the Kaito Family - a telling of the story that everyone else knows about the Kaito Page 3: Sanpuku Seido, Cliffside Shrine - a description of the family's home, extends onto page 4. Page 4: The Kaito Shrine-keeper Tradition - a brief description of what a shrine-keeper's for. The Kaito Mon - a description of that. Page 5: The Training of a Shrine-keeper - what a shrine-keeper learns and does Page 6: Shrine-keepers across Rokugan - How they are assigned (by the daimyo, based on requests), but some go and do the the 'Shoot an arrow from the mountaintop and go where it does' thing. Page 7: The Kami Arrow - The martial art of archery and magic arrows, extends to pages 8 and 9. Mikazuki, the Crescent Moon Bow - a description of the ancestral bow of the Kaito. Page 8 : Hearts of Ice - How the Kaito use Water for archery, where most use Air or Void. (Air + Water = Ice) Page 10: Customs of the Kaito - extends to page 13, with subsections. The Kaito and the Kami - they're weird ( ) Page 11: Birth. The Village parable - a story explaining the difference between a dog trainer (Isawa) and and a dog lover (Kaito). Page 12: Gempukku. Courtship and Marriage Page 13: Funerals. Superstitions. Page 14: Frozen Memories - the Secret Shame of the Kaito - the true story of the family founding, extends to page 16. I may be able to answer one or two other questions, or maybe go into full detail on one section, but I don't think I can do much more.
  11. The Product page says As for the Dragon Sronghold, I don't have enough info to put it anywhere.
  12. I'm going to guess you mean Commander rather than Tactician, since the later isn't a keyword in this version of L5R
  13. Actually, people of other Clans sometimes wear the Isawa mon because they are honouring the part that Isawa played in creating the shugenja tradition, and they will do it even if they didn't go near the Isawa school - it's a personal decision. People are interested in who she might be - there are only 3 other people who have been featured on province backer cards - the Crane Champion; her brother; the Imperial Heir. Who is this completely unknown that is in that exalted company?
  14. ...but not entirely unreasonable. The Championship is run by the Crane Clan and awarded by the Kakita Duellist dojo's senior sensei. I can see having the Crane mon on the armour for the same reason that many shugenja wear the Isawa mon, irrespective of Clan.
  15. One note on first glance - Seeds on the Wind is a flashback. The author has confirmed this on the forum, and pointed out that Ichiro is not trusted as being new in Seeds, but he's a trusted lieutenant in Snow and Sun. Other than that, many thanks, this is a great resource. Have you had any thoughts about Dark Tides and Mask of the Oni?
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