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  1. There's technically enough space there, but... The only place they would fit would be between Corrupted Timestream and Past Machinations. That gap is expansion numbers 23-28 and scenario numbers 31 - 42. If you take up 4 of the slots with Dominion cards, that leaves only 2 slots for the remaining 8 cards in the scenario. We've only seen more than 3 copies of a card in one scenario, and they were the Goblin minions. Unless Dominions aren't 1-ofs, but I got the impression that they were from the way the FFG guys talked about them
  2. Right, I've put the info from the article into my workbook and here are my thoughts. Card numbers 34-37 will be the "Kang's Dominion" cards that are mentioned on the Stage 3 schemes. Why those ones? If you have the cards stacked in order out of the pack, ready to play the game for the first time on the Standard scenario you Put the first 6 cards in a stack as the Villain cards Put the next 7 cards in another stack as the Main Scheme cards Shuffle the next 37 cards (possibly with the Standard set) to make the Encounter deck - this includes the rest of the Kang scenario and the Temporal module. Set the next 4 cards aside to maybe add to the deck. Put the rest of the cards away, because they won't be used. This then implies to me that the remaining 9 cards are the Expert version of the Villain plus the Anachronauts Module. Whether that's Stage I and III with 7 unique cards for the module or all 6 versions of Kang with only 3 unique cards in the Module, I'm unsure. I tend towards the former, but there are modules with just 3 different cards. I bet Stage 4A does something with the Acceleration tokens sitting on Stage 2, since there's nthing to say otherwise. Card number 18 is another Obligation Temporal card. To discard it, you need to discard a Physical card from your hand. You probably place 1 or more random cards from your hand under it when it's played.
  3. I'll just go and update that spreadsheet again...
  4. It's not a 4-card set, it's 4 separate cards that get added - 1 for each of the 4 Stage 3 Main Schemes. For each Stage 3 that completes, one of them gets added to the deck for Stage 4. They mentioned that one of the cards was Kang's Dominion, or maybe that they're called Dominion cards? Anyway, one was his giant, sword-shaped space flagship.
  5. I've been updating my google sheet. Those Obligations are both 2-ofs. There's also a big gap in the numbering between the Temporal Module and the Master of Time module (13). I'm guessing this might be where some of the extra cards for the Scenario are, such as the Expert versions they mentioned, and the extra Encounter cards. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_7hNULvEo363mOEATd5QeGF9zJsjbaIcfkJOCpz6cSk/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Getting announced in less than an hour, if my timezone conversions are correct.
  7. Hey, there's a quote from the previous Elemental Master of Earth.
  8. I'm not sure we know whether she is or not. The story only says that Uji thinks she is there.
  9. Maybe they'd want to announce the next Cycle (Temptations)...
  10. This is in the Fiction library, but there's no announcement yet: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/a3/6c/a36cfd0c-4502-44c0-aaad-80f79dee8d35/3_daidoji-compressed.pdf Two things to say: It's in the Temptations Cycle Fiction category. ****
  11. I realise that this is getting remarkably semantic, but in my reading, a contest is not the same thing as a conflict. So, your ronin is walking down the street. A thug jumps out from a side-alley and attacks him - skirmish. Another ronin steps out in front of him and says 'this town aint big enough for the two of us - duel A magistrate steps out and says 'come with me, you're under arrest' - intrigue
  12. I'd just like to point out that a two-person skirmish is not the same thing as a duel.
  13. Like everyone, I was happy to see that FFG Live was getting back up and running and eagerly went to see what was going to b shown. And then I was disappointed because there was nothing for L5R. Again. So I wondered just how long it had been since there had been something. I went back through the FFG Live Youtube channel to see the last time Legend of the Five Rings was the topice for one of their videos. It was the third of December 2019. We are over half way through the year, and the setting hasn't been mentioned even once since before Christmas. Does anyone have any idea what's up? Is there anyone who has closer contact with someone at the company who can ask this question?
  14. They've not mentioned L5R on FFG Live for several months. I'm tempted to say not this year.
  15. I hope that they'll do something similar to Path of Waves, but for Minor Clans, picking up the various named but not investigated Clans of this edition and possibly a couple of other odd ones. Then you have a chapter about building your own Minor Clan, very much like the build-your-own gaijin nation thing. That might even be the first book that Edge does... ETA - I was unclear with the City of the Rich Frog thing. The Tonbo is indeed the supervisor of the Dragon quarter of the city rather than Governor of the whole thing.
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