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  1. Or, in fact, Sparrow samurai, if you remember the Core Rulebook.
  2. Tonbo Karasu

    Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)

    I've been spending a bit of time updating the linked Google sheet, and trying to sort the characters into categories (Core characters, Secondary characters, background characters etc.) Once that is done, I'll update the whole thing. My current plan is to only have about 1/2 the total number on the OP, so as to save space! Quick question, does anyone know how to count the number of times a certain character appears in one cell with a google sheet formula?
  3. Tonbo Karasu

    Wedding at Kyotei Castle (RPG at Gencon 2018)

    I could see this being done by a Shugenja as well, and the Kitsune school is a Shugenja one.
  4. Tonbo Karasu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Did I not put that in already? I suck at this. Yep, you are. If it is, I can see no logical ordering that puts the other ones where we know they are. Unless the Forge is somehow an Earth province.
  5. Indeed, it's as if the PCs turn up 3 weeks later. In "Death at Kyotei Castle", they arrive in time to identify the murderer and do something about it; in "Wedding at Kyotei Castle", we get the results of the murder unsolved.
  6. Tonbo Karasu

    Shinseist, Fortunist and Family

    Kinda yes and no. You will find Shinseist and Fortunist Monks in the lands of every Great (and most Minor) Clan. However, the Monasteries where they learn their techniques are not actually Great Clan schools. Have you read the section in the core book about peasant characters? It points out that a non-Samurai caste PC still picks a Clan and Family to represent the lands where they grew up, since the predilections of the Samurai in a province naturally spill over into the pastimes and traditions of the peasantry even if they are not literally part of the family. In my opinion, just the same is happening with the Monks - before joining the sohei of Osano-wo, you grew up in the lands of the Hida, or the Shosuro, or even the Doji.
  7. Tonbo Karasu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Thanks, they are quite helpful. The Seppun fixes that Mantis challenger into card no 41; the Miya library is that last 1-of card and also tells us that there's another neutral holding due (card 48); and the Void Province seems to confirm that the Provinces are in alphabetical Element order, rather than Title order.
  8. There's a wee tidbit in Emerald Empire that suggests a different way for the Mantis to become a Great Clan. It is a plan whereby the Mantis get recognition by performing as a Great Clan. One of the steps (the last one, some think) is to turn up at Otosan Uchi with an Imperial Tithe of the same size as the other Great Clans, perhaps repeatedly, and present it directly to the Emperor. The implication seems to be that Minor Clans present their tithe to a Major Clan, who present it the Emperor. As a side note, they also call their capital Kyuden Gotei, implying that it can host the Imperial Winter Court, without having had it officially awarded.
  9. Tonbo Karasu

    Wedding at Kyotei Castle (RPG at Gencon 2018)

    The article also includes the canon result of the session, if I'm reading it correctly.
  10. The locations marked on the map in Emerald Empire are all the ones that are described in the book. This seems to be a recurring theme. Each product that includes the map has the locations that are discussed or mentioned in it marked. Of course, to re-complicate matters, the map is done in English, but the index is in Rokugani...
  11. I read the short section on cosmology with interest. There are some intriguing hints dropped in it that I think are entirely new to this edition. Does anyone have thoughts on the hints about Toshigoku and Yume-do?
  12. Wow, that is about 4 hours after it finally arrived in my FLGS in the UK.
  13. Tonbo Karasu

    Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)

    A very brief first update from Emerald Empire with a couple of Minor Clans that are mentioned - the destroyed Snake and the Moth Dreamweavers.
  14. Tonbo Karasu

    Adapting 1st edition NPCs

    I just got hold of Emerald Empire and, to my great satisfaction, it has the stats for Hyobu in it!
  15. Tonbo Karasu

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Yeah, but Kiku Matsuri is definitely 1, which it couldn't be if they were entirely alphabetical - Illustrious comes before Kiky.