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  1. What backlash? The Emperor died of natural causes. The Daimyo of the Miya agrees so.
  2. I was pretty sure Ishikawa planned to go back to his post once Kaede and Toturi were out.
  3. Yoritomo'd marry Daisetsu to Magami, and declare him the Emperor and her Empress.
  4. I would guess it's a callback to the original Crane Clan Champion -
  5. The new Burning Sands, as introduced in the new novella, includes the Qamarist Caliphate, at the far end of the Sand Road. This Caliphate is actually a collection of different lands and peoples: "the sun-browned Nehiris, the black-haired people of the river.", "the olive-skinned Sogdans build great towers and ziggurats.", "the fair-skinned Suhili still live a seminomadic life... fight an eternal battle against the dragons, monsters and minions of Seth that emerge from the cursed sea.", "The dark-skinned Bandar live to the west across the Sea of Jewels" Elsewhere along the Sand road are (from East-West, approximately) Tegensai mountain folk who appear to follow Shinsei's teachings; somewhat to the south The Ivory Kingdoms, whence comes great tea; the Ganzu of a hidden valley, sworn to the Shino.
  6. The world beyond Rokugan has been the raison d'etre of the Unicorn since approximately the main rulebook of 1st edition RPG. There were foreigners in the very earliest sets of the CCG. There have always been outside influences on the game, just like Japan and China.
  7. The Ivory Kingdoms (pseudo-India) have been part of the L5R setting for a really long time, and Senpet (kind-Egypt) for not much less. Their replacement in this timeline were introduced in the Unicorn Novella. What exactly are you accusing FFG of?
  8. We still talking about monks here? 'Cos that's a job for the Asako shugenja.
  9. I was challenging the apparently popular opinion that Yoshi is incompetent and can't do anything right. Here's proof of something that he's done right.
  10. You're making a rather sweeping assumption there. I want it to be an enoyable game out the box, something that can do the "Hey, you want to try this game? Pick a hero and an aspect and we're good to go!" that it seems to be promising. If it also an intricate game, I won't be sad, but it's not what I want from it. For intricate, I have L5R.
  11. Yoshi has apparently got a pretty impressive spy network in place in the capital. He learned, from his spies, something that Kachiko and the resources of the Scorpion Clan, were trying to conceal. Which they actually think that they've kept secret, to the point of killing servants and assassinating The Emerald Champion.
  12. Indeed, but you also said, when in fact they're covering a selection of the RPG items.
  13. ...and occasionally threaten and run protection rackets on the nearby ruler.
  14. They appear to have missed a number of things from that list: Mantis Clan DLC Courts of Stone Winter's Embrace Fan or Sword DLC
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