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  1. To add to that, Knotted Tails, the DLC released today, has stats for 4 adversary and 3 minion level nezumi.
  2. Tonbo Karasu

    Imperial Census (Spoilers for Kyotei Castle)

    Census updated with new info.
  3. Tonbo Karasu

    Like seeds on the wind

    Satto was mentioned in passing in "In the Garden of Lies". I only picked up on the fact that it was the same character in the last PLS story because of maintaining the Census.
  4. Tonbo Karasu

    Clan Spirit in L5R...

    No, I started in Jade, and stopped when the only Stronghold available were City of Blood and City of Remembrance, which I think was the end of Diamond.
  5. Tonbo Karasu

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    Or the Pekkle bomb, as was played on the CCG.
  6. Tonbo Karasu

    Clan Spirit in L5R...

    And you had the decency to jump off into the Shadowlands as soon as possible, if I'm right. Personally, I stopped the old game when the only choices being given to us were maho-tsukai or dragon-tamers. I played Phoenix because I wanted to play powerful shugenja!
  7. Tonbo Karasu

    Like seeds on the wind

    Well, that will put the cat amongst the pigeons... I feel that Hige believes what he says. The question is whether what he believes is true or not.
  8. Tonbo Karasu

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    There's Mitsu and the newer Phoenix Stronghold that have an action to let you play an action card (of a specific type) from your discard as if it was in your hand. A reasonable number of spells that require a shugenja to be around require that shugenja to bow. If you need to bow to be a shugenja, then you can't use the spell.
  9. Tonbo Karasu

    Meet the Party: Otosan Uchi

    Miya Yemi? Didn't she marry a spirit and have a half-spirit child?
  10. Tonbo Karasu

    Better Maps

    thanks for the heads-up.
  11. Tonbo Karasu

    Fanmade cards while we speculate

    I see what you're getting at with the Fortunist, but I think bowing the Monk to do so is too much of a cost. Maybe Action: Play a card from your hand as if this character had Shugenja. ?
  12. Tonbo Karasu

    Lore question about monks and Shugenja!!

    The Asahina are famously pacifist, and Kakita Yoshi (at least used to) labour under a curse where he couldn't wield a weapon.
  13. Tonbo Karasu

    Kitsu Warrior

    I would agree that he is more powerful, but I think you only count your own rings for his abilty. Then again, I also think he was released since the last multiplayer rules update, so hasn't been specifically ruled on.
  14. I honestly think that Tsukai-sagasu as a title might be better than as a school.
  15. Tonbo Karasu

    Spiritual backlash targets

    In the previous timeline there were at least a couple of shugenja that were somewhat martial - Isawa Tsuke was the Master of Fire and also one of the best duellists in Phoenix Lands. He carried his katana around with him, and seemed more Gandalf than D&D mage. Then there was that Unicorn much later who was the general of one of their armies (I forget their name and even gender, alas).