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  1. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    I was imagining that they would have been healed and back on their feet - you could also change the effect to the next encounter. Basically if you get your *** kicked, you can do the archetypal saiyan comeback. I think your change does help limit the abuse factor and definitely captures the effect as it is described in the show. My only other reservation would be from a balance perspective (which is always the issue with DBZ as an RPG): how do you reconcile one PC getting significantly more powerful over the course of a campaign and why wouldn't everyone want to play a Saiyan? I know these games feel the strain between power levels much less strongly than other systems, but I think you might run into problems at the table eventually if you played over the course of a campaign. Just some thoughts. When I stated them out a million years ago, I just gave them a version of the Wookiee Rage ability from EotE, I thought it represented the ability abstractly and I knew it had been playtested for balance extensively.
  2. Dragonball/DBZ setting

    For the Saiyan, I feel like gaining 5 XP is pretty crazy and the potential to abuse it is likely to cause a major headache. Maybe something like: "Once per session, after receiving wounds exceeding their wound threshold or a crit of 100+ the Saiyan may spend a story point to upgrade their attack rolls for the remainder of the encounter." The story point and once per session use puts it more on par with what we see with most of the species/races special abilities. It's still very powerful. Besides during the Freeza saga, you never really see this come up again (why isn't Vegeta just half killing himself all day every day if that is the case?" also, once it is used it pretty quickly becomes irrelevant from a narrative standpoint (as do most power-ups in DBZ). I like your take on the transformations, I tried modifying the FaD rules to this end a few years back and the transformations were troublesome as heck. Genesys's format is definitely better for it.
  3. Warriors rejoice

    I guess I am in the minority, but I'm kinda bummed they are wasting a spec on Vaapad...a lightsaber form practiced by like 3 people ever who are all dead. It's one of those dumb EU things that should just be forgotten along with the rest of the stuff that basically let Jedi have their cake and eat it too with the darkside.
  4. What are the WEG fonts you used? I'd love to know for my own fan material!
  5. Inferno Squad

    From what I've seen so far, I'd say each of them either starts in Soldier: Commando and cross specs into the Ace spec of their choice, or vice versa. Alternately, they could all be Aces with the Recruit Universal Spec to get more personal combat ability.
  6. Where to start? SHOULD I start?

    I also got my RPG start on the WEG system and I think this system is the only one even close to comparing. It does a great job at replicating the feel of SW. Honestly, I would just buy ONE core book that most closely aligns with what you want to play (personally, I think EotE and AoR are more useful overall than FaD unless all your players want to do is be Jedi all the time). The system is so light and flexible that you can just about recreate anything with just the main rulebook. I don't really think the Splat books for each class are really worth the money- as I said the rules are so light there is really no reason to pay hundreds of dollars for ships and rules that you can easily kit-bash yourself. I do think that the locations books are pretty useful, but also not essential if you are cash-strapped. If you like pre-made adventures, the ones FFG makes are really excellent, in my opinion (though, again if you are looking to conserve money, you can do everything with the one book). TLDR; Just choose one core book and you should be all set for a good long while.
  7. What makes you say that? The power Vader used against Han's blaster bolt in ESB was definitely Protect. In fact, it was the very basis for that power when first introduced way back in the WEG D6 days. If he is using protect which would completely stop the blaster bolts why are his hands smoking? He is blocking them with his armored gloves. Its basically Reflect. Also if he could use protect then he would also be able to use Unleash which we know he can't do. His hands could be smoking because he partially absorbed it with Protect and took the rest on Soak. I think an argument could be made that he knows Protect/Unleash and just narratively describes it as throwing objects, or Force slamming people. That said, I agree Reflect is the simple answer...just playing Devil's advocate on the Unleash stuff.
  8. I think lightning is just a narrative description of what unleash could also be a massive telekinetic wave, or even Vader throwing a bunch of stuff at Luke in ESB. Though I am inclined to agree that it was more in-line with Reflect.
  9. Chirrut Îmwe

    I think it's meant to be undefined - in the movie, the only thing that is explicitly said is that he isn't a JEDI. I think plenty of people can use the force to some degree without realizing they are doing it. The whole point of the FFG system is that there are numerous ways to build a character concept and none of them are really wrong (which is why they don't stat canon characters in the first place). Also, it would just cause people to argue about something that no one will ever fully agree on. Personally, I saw him as using the Force passively (possibly without realizing it). Otherwise he is just a groan-worthy Daredevil rip off that really has no place in Star Wars. Star Wars is largely a mundane place where nobody is all that special...except when the Force is involved. The Force is the only reasonable way a human could do all the things we see. Frankly if a fully-trained Jedi like Kanan needs to use the Force to fit the archetype, then some rando monk needs it too. I would say in game terms that he is using Sense and Foresight, but always committing his Force dice to the Sense upgrade or the Foresight one that keeps it activated. I'd probably put him as a the Martial artist/Marauder going into Force-Sensitive Exile (as the church of the force people have been kicked out of their temple and need to lay low in the same way the other force-sensitive types do). That said, I can see the argument for well used Destiny flips to explain what he does in game terms. Either way, he is using the Force to accomplish his greatest feats.
  10. Imperial Light Cruiser

    Yep - AoR Core Rulebook.
  11. Force Rating Increase

    You would have to start from your 5pt level again and work your way down, following the branches. However, if you have a single purchase talent, like Saber Throw, you can skip over it when buying in other trees.
  12. Sons of Fortune art question

    As per 2P51's suggestion, I sent an email to the art dept. I'll post up the answer here if I get one.
  13. There is a great piece of art depicting two distinct types of fighters on page 109 of Sons of Fortune...wondering if anybody knows what types they are supposed to be. They don't really look like the existing drawings of the LAF or HLAF fighters we've seen before in WEG. I know that sometimes they just grab stock images out of the archives for these books so they might not even be the fighters described in the chapter.