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  1. philmandalorian

    Heres all the bugs I found on the android app

    Elusive, Outmaneuver, and Predator talents don't show up on Second Edition builder despite being in the core box. They do show up on Extended, but so does everything else I don't have cards for.
  2. I have the same problem: no Elusive, Predator, or Outmaneuver when trying to use the 2.0 squadbuilder....they show up on extended, but so does everything else, including lots of things I don't have physical cards for.
  3. philmandalorian

    Missing a lot of upgrade cards...

    Using squad-builder, I've noticed that I am unable to select key upgrades (Elusive, Outmaneuver, Predator) which are included in the core set. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?
  4. philmandalorian

    Padded Armor

    Most of Jabba's guards are wearing some form of padded armor, especially the Weequay.
  5. philmandalorian

    Podracing Worlds

    Are you still working on this supplement?
  6. philmandalorian

    Podracing Worlds

    I'm excited to see what you do - I'm pretty sure the stuff about pod racing getting shut down is now non-canon (as is the racing game) for what that's worth. I say make whatever narrative you like - individual GMs can do what they like with the material ("podracing" could easily become "swoop-racing" if they aren't a fan). Honestly, a fan-supplement about RACING, full-stop, is going to be really useful for everyone. Especially topical as I expect we will see a lot of chase scenes and such in "Solo". I love what you have done with the layout so far and I'm excited to see what you cook up for the individual courses. I'm also intrigued about the "build a custom podracer" idea, but I'd be careful about balance issues (note the starship creation rules in Fully Operational). I think that model could work well, it just needs to be more carefully balanced against the other vehicles. I personally would like to see a little section about how different careers fit into the racing world, like we see in the splat books. I honestly think it would be a blast to play a full "racing team" with managers, pilots, mechanics, and maybe even saboteurs/fixers. I could see a whole mini arc on that theme. Also there is the OG Boonta Speeder Race from the Droids cartoon: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Boonta_Speeder_Race Not a Podrace per se, but could still be a source of inspiration (I'm always pushing a Droids agenda!)
  7. philmandalorian

    Campaign Advice/Brainstorming

    This is all really good advice and I'll definitely be using it! I'm going to wait to see what the party comp is like before I make my choice, but I'll probably have it either be a idealistic Republic officer who is the one assigning their early missions or a freshly minted Jedi Knight who is hyped as a rising star in the order (somebody they will look up to).
  8. Yeah, the medium turbolasers on the Corellian Corvette run into the same issue. I believe Donovan's advice is the most sound.
  9. I'm thinking about setting my next campaign during the events leading up to and during the Jedi-Sith War (~1000 BBY): http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi–Sith_war I didn't like what existed in the old legends material and this time is a big blank-slate in the new canon. I'd like to come up with some original material (normally I run in the Rebellion era, but I'm pretty burnt out with that). I'm planning on letting my PCs choose from all three core books, as long as they can give me some sort of connection to the story to work with (they are usually good at that on their own, they are all RPG vets). They are also good about mixing it up, so even though it will be a Old Republic game, I suspect there will be a mix of Jedi, officers, politicians, and fringe elements. I want to make sure I have something for everyone. I'd like to do something somewhat episodic but with large underlying plots that develop over time. I'd like to include time jumps in the campaign and explore a similar set of themes to the fall of the Republic that we see in the prequels and clone wars (without the cringey acting). I see this as the opportunity to tell my own version of that story without necessarily doing an AU style campaign. What I'd like help with is how to hook it: I want them to start as young jedi (or republic soldiers, sector rangers, etc) who are just starting to get their own missions. I'd like to develop a series of seemingly unconnected intrigues and investigations that start to connect into the bigger picture of the Sith return. I'm thinking that the Sith would have agents throughout their invasion route starting to sow discord and weaken the Republic before their actual invasion. I want this to be subtle, though - stringing out clues over the course of the first six months or so of the campaign. Once they figure this out, I'd like to introduce some political intrigue that shows how divided and ineffective the government is (drawing analogs to how the current US gov is divided to the point of being ineffective). I'd like to end this arc with the beginning of the Sith invasion and then fast-forward a few years to the point where the Republic is about to fall, possibly ending on a ESB note when Coruscant falls. During this phase, the characters will now be seasoned Knights, fighting major battles and determining the fate of the Republic. I'd then like to fast-forward once more to the characters as masters, now fighting to preserve what is left of the Jedi Order and Republic. I'd like to introduce padawans for the jedi to train, and have the republic officers, politicians, and others building up a resistance army. I'd like this arc to culminate in retaking Coruscant and restoring the Republic and Jedi Order. I'm also thinking about having a few interlude sessions where the PCs play on the Sith side to have it feel more like a television series where the viewer sees both sides of the action (my group is good at keeping meta knowledge out of their IG decision making, so I'm not worried about that). I'm looking for ANY ideas you guys have - this is a much bigger scope than I have ever tackled in one of my campaigns and I'm looking to push myself and my players to build something really epic and have our own trilogy! Any ideas are welcome, but I'm especially interested in determining the initial intrigues that lead to the discovery of the Sith invasion plans, as well as the organization of the Sith Empire of the time. I big goal is to not have the Sith be mustache-twirling generic evils, but nuanced characters. The Dark Lords themselves might be irredeemably evil, but I'd like the majority of the converts to their Empire to have realistic motivations: the Republic is failing and many governments might actually prefer a strong empire that promises prosperity and security. I'd also like help developing the political factions within the Republic and even the Order. I don't want the Sith to be the only (or even necessarily the main) threat to the Republic. I want the PCs to struggle against the system they are trying to redeem as much as the external threat to it. Lastly, help developing any other major factions in the galaxy at the time. The Zygerrian Slave Empire would be at the height of its power. Not sure how the Hutts and other criminal empires would factor in at this time. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  10. First, I'd like to apologize for how off-the-rails this thread seems to keep going. Second, I have a few questions: Can the Formation Tactics talents be used on both personal and planetary scale? It's not clear from the long-form descriptions but seems thematically appropriate. Is there a reason Giorians were given the permanent "Low-Tech" species ability over the "Primitive" buy-off drawback from other species? In the force user sidebars, the Move power's control upgrade that allows the NPCs to throw objects as an attack is given to all Inquisitors and Rebel Jedi - many don't have any other upgrades so can they only hurl Sil 0 objects? Are we meant to ignore the normal rules and assume they can throw anything they have the pips for? Additionally, the listed upgrades to some Force powers seems to go against the normal rules (for example, not being able to activate things multiple times). I understand that they are NPCs and are not subject to normal PC restrictions, but this is different than other NPCs we've seen too. Thanks, and looking forward to the show!
  11. philmandalorian

    Universal Specs - reskin or restrict?

    I'm on board 100% that this book feels largely against the earlier spirit of the game. I also plan to open up the specs to anyone within reason: Force Adherent: Same. Open to anyone who is interested in creating a monk-like or religious character, force-sensitive or not. Academy Pilot: I'd allow this for anyone who had any formal flight-school training. I used to play a character who attended the Baobab Merchant Marine Academy (Droids cartoon throwback) and this would have been perfect for him. The Grand Army of the Republic, Rebel Alliance, and even local navies must have some sort of flight schools. Padawan Survivor: I'd basically let anyone who had training from a Jedi survivor take this, not just the survivors themselves. A lot of the talents are a little too specific to be useful to non-Jedi force users, though. Pirate: Same - generic galactic underworld/outlaw spec (This is almost a better smuggler/scoundrel speck than anything in that career). Really only 1-2 talents seem to be directly linked to piracy. Retired Clone Trooper: Same. Any veteran could take this (I have a PC now who probably will end up loving this). I could see this being cool in the Sequel Era as well for Galactic Civil War vets. Ships Captain: This is already pretty general (and seems like a Kirk-spec, to me). I could see any career buying into this if they ended up in a command role.
  12. philmandalorian

    Dragonball/DBZ setting

    I was imagining that they would have been healed and back on their feet - you could also change the effect to the next encounter. Basically if you get your *** kicked, you can do the archetypal saiyan comeback. I think your change does help limit the abuse factor and definitely captures the effect as it is described in the show. My only other reservation would be from a balance perspective (which is always the issue with DBZ as an RPG): how do you reconcile one PC getting significantly more powerful over the course of a campaign and why wouldn't everyone want to play a Saiyan? I know these games feel the strain between power levels much less strongly than other systems, but I think you might run into problems at the table eventually if you played over the course of a campaign. Just some thoughts. When I stated them out a million years ago, I just gave them a version of the Wookiee Rage ability from EotE, I thought it represented the ability abstractly and I knew it had been playtested for balance extensively.
  13. philmandalorian

    Dragonball/DBZ setting

    For the Saiyan, I feel like gaining 5 XP is pretty crazy and the potential to abuse it is likely to cause a major headache. Maybe something like: "Once per session, after receiving wounds exceeding their wound threshold or a crit of 100+ the Saiyan may spend a story point to upgrade their attack rolls for the remainder of the encounter." The story point and once per session use puts it more on par with what we see with most of the species/races special abilities. It's still very powerful. Besides during the Freeza saga, you never really see this come up again (why isn't Vegeta just half killing himself all day every day if that is the case?" also, once it is used it pretty quickly becomes irrelevant from a narrative standpoint (as do most power-ups in DBZ). I like your take on the transformations, I tried modifying the FaD rules to this end a few years back and the transformations were troublesome as heck. Genesys's format is definitely better for it.
  14. philmandalorian

    Warriors rejoice

    I guess I am in the minority, but I'm kinda bummed they are wasting a spec on Vaapad...a lightsaber form practiced by like 3 people ever who are all dead. It's one of those dumb EU things that should just be forgotten along with the rest of the stuff that basically let Jedi have their cake and eat it too with the darkside.
  15. What are the WEG fonts you used? I'd love to know for my own fan material!