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  1. I'm AFB, but I'm pretty sure it's only one dose per 25 credits, then it costs 125cr for the 5 dose. The rule about the stims getting less and less efficient were just on their usage, not on the doses you buy in game.
  2. I'm AFB, but one would assum so. If not, they are probably very similar.
  3. I didn't find that much about it either, what I know is that it's a Dynamic Class Freighter. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dynamic-class_freighter And one could assume, the ebon hawk was heavily modified when it was in the exchange on Taris. But I don't think anyone actually made a homebrew rule about it. Edit > You could find that archive databank link to be more useful : http://web.archive.org/web/20100327213645/http://www.starwars.com/databank/starship/ebonhawk/index.html
  4. They are rules for Sabbac in the Under a Black Sun module, page 27. And they only simulate the rules nothing more. So i guess you could adapt it to any gambling game you want. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/StarWarsRPG/edge-of-the-empire/adventures/Under%20a%20Black%20Sun%20LoRes.pdf Basically it's deception roles with narrative roleplay. Where the Force die represents randomness.
  5. On the second week I am not available I'm afraid :/ Only on friday night (12th).
  6. You have a recent and long topic that pretty much covers that, it's from a guy asking about th power level of PCs in EotE. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/120920-newbie-question-regarding-eote-power-level/ Basically, you have three ways to build your character. You can either build it on the talents of your spec, that means you won't do much but you'll be very good at what you do to a certain extent, but you'll be able to do it under many circumstances. I don't recommend this approach to be honest. You can build your character on skills, so your character will be able to do well in many domains without the help of anyone else, but you'll be limited on the long term. You will be able to focus on your talents in trees and even get to raise some characteristics later one with Dedication. (The minimum to get to Dedication is 65 PX and a max of ~120ish). That's when the third way comes into play, you can use nearly your whole XP on your characterestics. You won't do much in the beginning, but with that, you'll be able to focus on skills. On the long run, it's the best bet, you'll gain the talents a bit later, but you'll be one of the best at what you do. Hope it helps Btw : (Don't) Listen to Order 66 podcast. They have huge debats about these kind of things.
  7. Maybe Friday 19th is alright ? I'm really sorry I missed the first session, I'll cacth up on this one ^^
  8. Yeah Group obligation is way to go. Then if you want to play with some other people and that one of the PC's has a previous and still active groupe obligation I would divide by two or three and then apply it to the whole group.
  9. IT's just I have seen it happen quite a few times and I do not wish for it to heppen agin. And as you share the same opinion as mine, i'll apply to the rules with delight
  10. I don't know if everybody should have access to any of the other PC's sheets. Maybe only shqr in a peculiar directory to which only the GM can access and has all the sheets in it. But each sheet is shared only with it's user.
  11. I'm cool with it in the end, so no sweat And does anybody of you know id they will be a online release of the F&D beta? like the others? I'd like to get my hands on it, but without paying a hundred bucks on Ebay.
  12. I feel that starting as a Jedi, even a padawan trained is a bit...Too much ? I mean it's what force sensitive exile is for right? These young and small padawans that survived the purge as normal children? But then again, it might be my vision that's a bit too much :s
  13. I'll also take my take Setting: edge / age / mix of the two ? I'm pretty much for a mix of both. I like exploring the fringe and everything and participate in battles in the galaxy. What type of character would you like to play? I'm pretty much a survivalist oriented character. I tend to make a survivor out of everything usually I take a bit of Force Sensitivity in the mix. Wat kind of game do you prefer: I'm much more axed on heavy roleplay. But, big fights don't have to impend on roleplay. Knowledge about the others? Only build known What time? Pre the battle of yavin for me. It has the most potential out of everything IMO.
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