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    Goose666 got a reaction from Daredhnu in PRINT MORE ADVERSARY DECKS!   
    The UK has been out of them for ages.. why do FFG simply not produce more?
    Its the same with the books, we are always out of stock.
    I know gamers who have just given up on the system as the stocking rate is so pitifully low. If FFG actually produced more they would make more money.
    It seems such a strange way to do business. Here is hoping they listen and will produce more.
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    Goose666 reacted to Mortimire in EoT - Published Adventures - Best bits and worst?   
    My group really enjoyed Beyond the Rim. We stuck pretty close to the book until about half-way through act 2.
    My PCs did a bunch of investigating at the Retreat and befriended Cratala and, oddly enough, the Yiyar crew. Harsol kind of went off the deep end and fled with some metals into the forest when the Imperials showed up. My PCs (Shireen and Gand) rallied the survivors and evacuated the settlement while they held the Imperials off. Shireen grabbed Cratala and stole the working ship Harsol got from a previous scavenger group. They lead the Deep Dark away and tried to lose them in the forest. That didn't work too well, but they convinced Yav to assist them and he crashed his ship into the Deep Dark, taking both out of the air. Too Low died, but Yav survived and joined the PCs for the time being. Meanwhile, the Imperials fled back into the forest to regroup, now marooned themselves.
    Everyone regrouped at the engine section of the ship by the waterfall and Shireen contacted her sister to send a ship to get the survivors off-world. Gand's obligation caught up with him when the bounty hunter who had been blackmailing him for years arrived, wanting the location of the treasure. They brought her to the ship along with her new Hutt allies (who only joined up with her to get back at Shireen's powerful sister because proxy wars are fun).
    They take her back to the main ship section where they find a crazed Harsol activating all the B-1s he could. Things didn't go well and the blackmailing bounty hunter died in a shoot out with Gand while Harsol was knocked out and taken by Yav who figured the bounty on an Imperial fugitive would be the best he could get out of this failed mission. Everyone left for Raxus Prime with Cratala and her droid.
    Now this is where things went really off the rails as a rival archeologist kidnapped Shireen with the intent to ransom her to Shireen's sister for some exclusive excavation rights. The final bit of this campaign ended with Shireen escaping her binders and fist fighting her captor on a speeding skiff while Gand tried to catch up. Everyone had a great time as things just got worse and the skiffs sped through the garbage canyons and a recycling droid's furnace.
    So clearly I went off the book for the player's personal stories, which I think made the adventure that much more memorable. I'm saving that last bit with the Imperial attack on Reom and his Raxus Prime facility to kick off a new story arc. I just couldn't take away from that epic skiff chase.
    Overall, I've enjoyed the story modules. There's a lot of room to add new bits or change things. I really liked thinking about how the NPCs would react to my PCs and how that would change the story.
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    Goose666 got a reaction from kaosoe in Creative spaceship acquisition   
    Retiring captain.. he/she/it wishes to put up his space legs or tenticles.. he/she/it will lease out his ship against a bond (cash or their lives) rather than see her rust away or decay.. 
    A good excuse for a new obligation and some interesting plot twists as the former owners enemies come hunting.. old debtors seek them out, or it was linked with the rebellion or jedi etc etc etc..
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    Goose666 reacted to whafrog in HELP, please!   
    What kind of game do you run?  Sandbox or story arc?  This doesn't sound like a character that can play well with others if they aren't helping free Wookiees 24/7.  I'd ask the player, "how do you see your character fitting in with the others and the kinds of things the other players want to do?"
    You could promise a future multi-session arc devoted to freeing *some* Wookiees, provided they cooperate when the story isn't about that sole topic.
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