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  1. Goose666

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    If it was stuck in customs, you think FFG would simply state that so as to stop their customer getting frustrated by the lack of communications, but then again its not really as it FFG seem to care about us is it? I have been looking forward to this book for a while, as I hope it will have info I want and wish to use, but now months over due and not a single word. The re-prints are no longer coming through for previous books and so you cannot help but wonder if maybe they have pulled the plug.
  2. Goose666

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    I wonder if we are ever going to see the book released.. no matter about what is in it..
  3. Goose666

    Creative spaceship acquisition

    Retiring captain.. he/she/it wishes to put up his space legs or tenticles.. he/she/it will lease out his ship against a bond (cash or their lives) rather than see her rust away or decay.. A good excuse for a new obligation and some interesting plot twists as the former owners enemies come hunting.. old debtors seek them out, or it was linked with the rebellion or jedi etc etc etc..
  4. I am in the same boat.. thinking of going with A4 card collector pocket wallets, so can flip through them. I haven't actually used the cards for a game yet but will be doing so soon.
  5. Goose666

    EoT - Published Adventures - Best bits and worst?

    Thanks Folks.. I have a few on the shelf to read through and wondered if they were worth the investment of time over reading other things.. Sounds like everyone has tweaked them a little at least, but are as whafrog says, are good idea mines! Cheers.
  6. I am just reading through the published adventures for Edge of The Empire.. and got to wondering. For those who have run them.. what were the best bits and the worst bits you found by your experience? And if you made changes, what were they?
  7. Dear FFG / Asmodee, I didn't wish to raise this on the Star Wars Forums its a post about book availability and supply/reprinting, not about game content. I don't know if it is also effective other countries, but my local Game store have been trying to get copies of several of the edge of empire book for a prolonged period and they just never get any new news from Esdevium your wholesaler. Some of the book have been unavailable for over two years now. Surely that is is a little too long. There are player in my group and in the two clubs I attend all eagerly waiting to get a hold of the books but nearly all the outlets are out of stock of most. Granted shipping times from china etc, but it really cannot take two years to get more books printed surely? It is just starting to feel like the Star Wars RPG range is now, being discarded with little interest in completing it or re-printing. Its a great system and we are desperate to enjoy it to its fullest, but lack of books is not helping. Many thanks
  8. The information is in the books and on their character sheets. Never felt the need for any and none of my players have used them, and nor can I see any doing so. Especially with the shear number of careers and specialisations. I see though they are dropping in price in the UK, from their original £5.99 to £3.25 now.. so I guess they haven't proved as popular for shops as they had hoped.
  9. Goose666


    Esdevium will not do print on demand, its too small a market share option, for them to waste order processing time on.. FFG really don't get this! The UK gaming stores will not place orders for non stock lines, because Esdevium are such a crap supplier. Every shop owner I have ever spoken to, be it on line or brick and mortar says the same thing.. Esdevium put out a monthly stock list, they order and then get shipped a "random" selection of what they ordered whilst Esdevium put the remainder on back order which then they fail to fulfil when it does come back into stock, conveniently keeping lots of cash in their account and whilst they do.. Sadly it hasn't' changed since I was a customer of theirs. FFG really need to look at the demand for the Adversary decks. Do some ship and vehicle decks and scrap the specialisation decks as they just don't seem to be popular. Certainly I wont be buying any of those. I want resources I can use in a game straight away when the players do interesting things and quick aids to help generate scenarios and plots and scenes. It is really frustrating indeed. I can only hope that FFG one day actually listen to their customers!
  10. It does seem the case.. they don't prioritise or if cynical.. don't care about non US based customers. I guess being a US based business makes it easier and so they just focus on the home market. Its a shame as I have struggled to get new players and GMs into the system through our club, as the book availability is so dire! The print runs sell out so quickly, and are not refilled for months and months. Over all I think FFG's under supply is costing them. As once a gamer is put off a system, they rarely come back to it, as they find something else to satisfy their needs.
  11. I use the adversary deck - Citizens as only one that was available in the UK, all the rest out of stock and print on demand from FFG direct is way to pricy on shipping an duty/tax. I have the critical hits decks too, and these are good but I wouldn't rush to get them. I would go for adversary decks every time. As for the specialisation decks.. complete waste of space in my opinion. There are just too many decks and too many options and I would rather spend on source books. I can see from their starting price that now on ebay and other sites, some are down to £3 a deck.. which just goes to show they really are not popular. I wish they would do more ship decks and vehicle decks etc.. they would be handy.
  12. I would certainly buy ship decks and more adversary decks. But first wish they would just re-print the ones they have done already!
  13. Not found a UK shop yet that will do a pre order on them, as Esdevium the UK supplier are so crap at fulfilling orders, so shops wind up with unhappy customers waiting ages for a product that may never arrive. Its a flawed system for FFG. The principal is sound, but frankly, most shops will not pre under unless its for a new release. They know they will get stock for!
  14. You cannot buy print on demand stuff from the FFG store in the UK or I believe also Europe. Glad to hear its not lots the rights.. However it is not hard to order a re-print.. all the artwork etc is setup, its a case of getting your printer to do the work. The fact its sold out is not good, it means that people will look else where and give up.. as nothing worse than trying to get players into a game system, then they find they cannot get the books for over twelve months, due to being permanently out of stock awaiting a re-print. It seems very strange business logic indeed. Given the recent film release, I would have thought FFG would be wanting to ride the wave of interest and expand their customer base, but a major under-supply to the market means frankly its loosing that.
  15. I have been running a couple of Edge of the Empire games with some Age of Rebellion characters and it was fairly straight forward to integrate them. They meshed well and I have managed to tweak duties and obligations to fit. Now with Force and Destiny, I am wondering how people found integrating the new characters. Were there any difficulties? Have you any tips on things to do or more importantly not to do..? I am conscious of trying to keep the challenge level right for the players and differing character background/types without loosing the feeling of threat and peril.