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  1. If you're in the Durham area this Sunday, stop by Atomic Empire to participate in our Underhand of the Emperor Celebration conflict tournament. Cost: $5 You can register at the store or at the link below. Registration: https://www.atomicempire.com/Store/Event/2631 Rounds start at 11:30 A.M. Please arrive beforehand so pairings can be calculated and we can start on time. Store opens at 11 (TO should arrive shortly thereafter). This is a Basic Structure, Relaxed Tier tournament. Number of rounds depends on number of players. This event is meant to celebrate the release of the Underhand of the Emperor expansion for the Legend of the Five Rings LCG. To honor the dangerous subtlety and ruthless loyalty of the Scorpion Clan we will have extended art Make An Opening cards for all participants, as well as extended art Kyuden Bayushis for the Top 8. Top 2 will get playmats featuring Bayushi Aramoro. In addition: -All the top Scorpion players will receive a Scorpion-themed Imperial Favor. -Each player to win a Dishonor Victory will receive a playset of extended art Assassinations until we run out. -There'll be a costume contest! Wear your best Scorpion finery (or just a decent mempo) and receive extended art Bayushi Shoju, the Scorpion Clan Champion. Be ever vigilant, don't let your mask slip, and you may just survive!
  2. Hello anybody who runs tournaments with FFG's TOME software. I started tinkering with TOME this morning and found that it's possible to add participants after the first round, though anyone that is added in this way ends up with a modified loss for the first round (owch, but that's what you get for being late). Has anyone else had an opportunity to try this for an actual event? Does it create any issues or bugs that I'm not aware of?
  3. I hope you also have fun! Tell your friends. Not sure where you'd be coming from, but I've got a few more prize ideas in mind and hope to have something really cool to give to the Furthest Traveled player.
  4. Thanks! I've been trying to edit this for the past couple of days, but the forums were not loading. I've updated the post accordingly.
  5. Location: Atomic Empire 3400 Westgate Drive Durham, NC 27707 (800) 918-3985 One of the largest and finest game stores in the Southeastern US, half of the Empire's floor plan is devoted purely to gaming space and they have a wide selection of not just games, but comics, toys, and beers on tap. Cost: $20 to preregister, or $25 the day before or the day of the event.Pre-registration closes on Thursday, 3/21 at 11:59 PMYou can register at the store or at the link below.Registration: https://www.atomicempire.com/Store/Event/2538Rounds start at 11:00 A.M. Please arrive beforehand so pairings can be calculated and we can start on time. Store opens at 10 (TO should arrive shortly thereafter). Decklists are required. Please use this form:https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/b4/e9/b4e97aba-9b95-4bc9-9818-7d28b8664dee/l5r-deck-list.pdfThis is an Advanced Structure, Formal Tier tournament. Number of rounds depends on number of players. We will take a 45 minute lunch break after the 2nd round.For details on prizes, check out here. First place wins an invitation to the 2019 Winter Court World Championship! Everyone present will have a chance to influence the roles which elemental roles their clans will be able to use in the coming months, and everyone who comes will definitely walk away with some swag.AND because your TO is a jank-lovin' nerdlord from Ye Olde AEG Dayz, I have put up several bounties:1. Duel of Champions: If, at any point during a game, your Clan Champion faces your opponent's Clan Champion in a duel or conflict, and wins, you will receive a Clan-aligned promo (until supplies run out)2. UTZ! SQUEEK!: If you win a conflict in which the Nezumi Infiltrator is participating on your side, I've got a Ratling bumper sticker for you (until supplies run out)3. I Am My Twenty Strongest: Over the course of the tournament, whosoever creates the largest Yoritomo will win this playmat featuring Mario Wibisono's stunning artwork of the Thunder Dragon, patron of the Mantis Clan. This will be awarded once, at the end of Swiss rounds, though I may award it immediately if you can get your Champion up to 20 Military and 20 Political Skill.All FFG L5R Tournament Regulations can be found here.
  6. I'm trying to get an idea of how many people go to these events, are they willing to travel, what is the store charging for entry, before I finalize the details for the one I'm hosting. Anyone have any ideas? Or know where this data might be posted? Thanks in advance!
  7. Me too. There were some really great insights into why he played the way he did, and how the meta drove those decisions as well as his deckbuilding choices. It was thoughtful, but also entertaining! It's a rarity.
  8. For those that aren't in the Discord (like me) I thought I'd share the fabulous tournament report from the 2nd place finisher at GenCon this year: https://www.bushibuilder.com/l5r/deck/?deck=ea1f8a0d-9985-11e8-9c0e-020c407d2d9d&public=y Favorite quotes: "Tadaka is a fair and balanced card." " I use my ability to play cards to skillfully win the conflict..."
  9. If you already have a Yogo Kikuyo in play can you use the interrupt on one in your hand? I ruled 'no' as you can't have two unique characters with the same name in play.
  10. Michibiku seems less like a Phoenix enabler and more like an anti-Phoenix card. One step closer to a Phoenix Monk deck, I guess.
  11. For real. The sinister wording in this article about the cost of victory, plus the hints I've seen dropped about honor and dishonor mattering more at tournaments, plus plus that the FFG L5R tournament software track most honorable means that the OP team will definitely be tracking this sorts of stuff for consequences.
  12. Finally a decent Dragon Kiho. Fingers crossed for that Monk SH showing up in this cycle.
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