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  1. I'm absolutely loving Sudden Death. I honestly didn't expect it to breathe that much new fun into the base game. Here's hoping the game sells as well as it deserves to and we get to see another expansion with maybe Lizardmen, Amazons, and Norse. And maybe rules for 6 players
  2. My friends and I do it this exact way too. Keep up with fan score either with someone else's counters as well or with pen and paper, draw a highlight for each player, and the rest of the rules stay the same, turns take a little longer, but having more coaches has its benefits.
  3. MWS Jester said: I'm a huge fan of Blood Bowl. I just picked up the team Manager game. I've a few solo games by just playing 4 teams with each one trying their best to win. It's also a good way to see the abilities of each team and figure out your favorite to play. I did this the day I bought it and played with friends the next day and I was shocked at how I understood exactly what was going on with each of the four teams I played with. It's really neat how the game seems to have been designed to give you little mile markers on what every team can do and what others do better.
  4. I agree, random selection seems like the way to go.
  5. I think the downed skills will be much more balenced than they appear. I mean, think about when you play elves or humans and have almost no cheat tokens. It feels like they're not as good as the other four teams until you realize that their consistency is their bonus. I feel like the same applies here, these teams use the downed skills to make them stronger because they'll be missing strength in some other category.
  6. Does anyone else count 6 team upgrades per a new team? Also, those 6 multicolored cards above the new teams look like they could help with why these teams all have 6 instead of 5 team upgrades…
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