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  1. Staying with 1st. I don't feel like getting a second job to be able to afford all new cards for the ships I already have. I enjoy what I have and I can make custom cards if I need something "new" for my 1st edition stuff.
  2. Ouch! That did not go well for the Imperials at all.
  3. Great job so far. Looking forward to seeing what else you have for this project. Love the Epic ships so far. Any other ones you are adding or modifying the existing ones (like Scum and there same abilities)? Thanks.
  4. I would love to see the ship list you created for this scenario. I would be interested to see what ships, pilots, upgrades that each ship had.
  5. Nice. I like the squads you come up with.
  6. Launch the TIEs before you engage the enemy. Let the TIEs engage and you can support them.
  7. Probably not near you as I don't know those places...haha. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I look forward to your write ups.
  8. I enjoy reading your missions and play tests. They are fun to read and helps give me ideas for a campaign (not running one... yet). I wish I could come and play with you on a regular basis. 😀
  9. Oh wow, those look great. Do you mind if I use them in my own games? I tried this one for fun.
  10. I play 1st edition and can't see myself moving on to 2nd edition. I don't do/enjoy tournaments and prefer to fly casual with friends and/or playing solo using Heroes of the Aturi Cluster Campaign rules for co-op play. I have heard the values are approximately double as well.
  11. How many points were on the table? per side? My guess is a LOT! ….and what stats do Exogorths have?
  12. Dang! That looked fun. Congrats for getting it done. I look forward to your write up/novel of the battle of the PAW Installation. It looks like the Empire will retain the upper hand thanks to the escape of Zaarin.
  13. I actually prefer to have cards on the table, not an App. I play Star Wars to get away from electronics for a while.
  14. I am not sure where this should go, but I will ask here. Have any of you made your own homebrew upgrade cards? a new type of turret, a new illicit card, maybe a new set of cards for a new ship you have created? I enjoy reading these and seeing what other have come up with. Thanks
  15. Nice. Good to see they were successful in their second mission. Looking forward to more.
  16. These are great. I hope you keep expanding your force. Have you done any other ships from another faction or singles/one-offs?
  17. Nice! I would love to read your scenarios. I might have to play some "cinematic" ones myself.
  18. Hey everyone, I know most people use a 6x3 gaming area... but does anyone run it the "long" way with each fleet starting at the far ends (6 feet away) instead of the "short" way (3 feet away) when playing?
  19. option C. even if you do nothing, you will have to spend at least one point. This point is spent to ensure the "safety" of your fleet. This includes patrols to keep away the riff-raff, training to remain in tip-top shape, etc. (resources are spent even when doing nothing)
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