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  1. It would be -110 to each attack
  2. This was funded but there haven't been any updates on improvements, yet WilliamWhere's Anima character creator wasn't funded and has constant updates and works great: http://animaunico.helechaloscuro.net/
  3. I'm currently trying to put together every technique in the show, but I would like to see how others would do it.
  4. Has anyone tried making any Naruto Jutsu?
  5. My guess is that it is just extra wording. Shields do not get automatic success you have to roll the projection against the attack.
  6. Psychic potential is how much psychic power you have, so you roll a d100 and add your psychic potential to see how great the power is determined by the chart. Say the character wants to use the power Psychic Illusion. They have 80 psychic potential and they roll a 50, that would give them a total of 130 on their psychic potential check which would only give them a Difficult difficulty on the check with the target having a psychic potential of 100.Psychic Projection is used for targeting with a psychic power or when using a psychic shield. Say your character got the Difficult difficulty on their Psychic Illusion, now they have to see if they "hit" the target. They roll their psychic potential versus the defense of the character to see if they hit. Unless the target can see supernatural, (I think) all sentience and telepathy powers are invisible and make targets take a blinded penalty. It takes a minimum of 10% damage on the combat table to affect an opponent with a psychic power. Innate slots allow characters to maintain a power at the highest level they can with their psychic potential. A character with a psychic potential of 90 would only be able to maintain psychic powers at the Medium (80) difficulty level, unless the lowest successful difficulty level is higher than the character's potential. (i.e. A character with 90 potential would be able to maintain Mind Control at the Very Difficult (140) difficulty level because that is the lowest successful level of the power.) A character must successfully use the power to maintain it. (i.e. Rolling a psychic potential that results in failure would not allow the character to maintain the power.) I hope that helps.
  7. Anima Studios have ruled no. Nemesis is not equivalent to ki. http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php?topic=576.msg30341#msg30341
  8. I think it might be talking about the hand axe. But this is just because it is a one handed weapon in Skyrim, so I thought War Axe might be the same.
  9. Lucanor is the prince of Lucrecio, the last living member of the Giovanni family (the line of Emperors), father killer, creator and leader of Wiessenchast, and one of the most brilliant minds in Gaia.
  10. Are we going to try to skype today? My account name is the same as here on the forums and the picture is Vegeta.
  11. As in Saturday, today, maybe at 6pm EDT, 5pm Central, 4pm Mountain, 3pm West Coast time.
  12. Would you guys like to have the chat about expectations for the game tomorrow?
  13. I've GM'd (well tried to at least) once but all my players quit, and refused to play again… ever. If we did play however, we would need some medium like skype that allows for group calls (without it being necessary for everyone to have the premium service) and that is easy to use. Also if No One Else will GM, I could (though as I said I am really crappy at it) and the world would not be tailored to the players, there would be opponents better and stronger than you, and others that are far weaker. Just to give it a more realistic feeling (I want to try making a living, breathing world based in the Anima setting).
  14. I would be fine as long as we just had a GM. Also, I probably won't be able to play until around 4pm EDT on Sundays.
  15. Sundays work for me as well, as long as it is after 3pm EDT.
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