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  1. Straangeer

    Orkell the Swift hero ability

    A similar question: Lord Merick Farrow passive ability is the following: Aftershock: When an adjacent hero attacks this monster, after the attack is resolved, the hero must test . If he fails, he suffers 1 . lf Merick is defeated, i suppose i can't use his ability either.
  2. Straangeer

    SON Questions

    Thank you! An other one, but this question is about the Hexer On the Enfeebling Hex class card, the following is written: ...When performing an attack targeting a hexed monster, a hero may discard any number of hex tokens before spending . The attack gains +1 for each hex token discarded. On the Internal Root class card: "Each time a monster becomes hexed, you may place 1 additional hex token on that monster.Each of you attacks with a Magic weapon targeting a hexed monster gains Pierce 2." Q: During an attack could i get the "Pierce 2" for -Internal Root-if before spending surge, i use the -Enfeebling Hex- and this way, i discard my only one hex token which was on the monster for +1 ? When i targeted the monster it was hexed, but before spending surge i discarded the hex token so it ceased to be hexed. -?-
  3. Straangeer

    SON Questions

    Hello Guys! Little help is needed from you! Playing Shadow of Nerekhall, a few questions came up. During playig the Prey quest, Rylan Olliven is under the hero players control and treated "as a hero figure" and during his activation, Rylan uses his influence special action (influence:"Choose 1 figure adjacent to Rylan Olliven. That figure immediately performs one action of the controlling player's choice. Limit once per round") on a hero who is already finished his turn and after this granted action, that hero choose rest. Q1: When does the hero player has to remove his fatigue tokens? Does he has to wait until his next turn's end?( normally, if one of his action was rest, at the end of his turn, he removes them, but in this situation his turn was already ended.) Also in the Prey Quest in the setup part, the following is written: During this quest, the master barghest is "treated as a lieutenant" and may wield a relic. Q2: What rules applies "monters treated as lieutenant"? I mean i know lieutenants are treated as monsters and they activate as their own monster group and they are neither minion and neither master monster. Q3: So in Prey, the master Barghest has to be activated like a different monster group? In this way, could be legit, when the Spiritspeaker wants to use the Shared Pain card on him, but because the master barghest is treated like a lieutenant (diff. monster group in this case) the minion barghest will not suffer 1 damage? Thank you for your answers!
  4. Thank you for your answers!
  5. Other questions: 1. if there is a corner collision and my unit is unable to square up because there are obstacles next to both edges of the enemy unit, can i attack the enemy unit without squaring up? RAW - we are engaged - and as RRG mentions, you have to be engaged to perform an attack. 2. if i was unable to square up because of the obstacle, and the next action phase, the enemy unit has the lower initiative so he's unit come first, Must the enemy unit which i am engaged with, square up if it is able? i am asking this because if he must, he will be situated in a very shity position.
  6. I have a question for you guys: When a unit with one tray corner collide with an enemy unit, during squarring up, how you decide which edge of the enemy unit it will square up, i mean the range ruler overlap the only tray of my unit so if i interpret the rules correctly the attacker decide which edge of the enemy unit it will square up because the overlapped unit dont have to be take into consideration in this case, even, it looks a little bit silly. Whats your opinion? What is the correct ruling?
  7. Big thanks for the guys for the new hope: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1667128/unreleased-heros
  8. Good Day to Everyone! I have two questions in connection SON CIVIL WAR ENC1 which are the following: 1. "Taking Side" Does a Changeling monster has any limitation in connection the luring of the guards? So is there any rule about how many villager token i can place under my monster's base "as an action"? -a monster lures 2 guards and move off the map for exapmle- 2. "Loyalty Uncertain" Rylan Olliven is treated like a hero figure. We played the quest according to the CRRG 1.6 ( Many thanks to the communitiy for that work!) in connection with the "treated like hero figure" part we played this way.: -Rylan used his lieutenant card during the encounter - he could use his abilities which are listed on his Lieutenant card and he did not automatically lose the attribute test because he has attributes so he could tested it. Did we play it correctly? Thank you for your answers!
  9. Straangeer

    Index of Useful Links

    The link is broken, pal. Okay it is corrected!
  10. Straangeer

    Index of Useful Links

    May i suggest a site: http://www.fantasycoin.com You can order coins in different style (i ordered the sample pack | bronze-1gold silver-5gold gold-10gold etc.) and we use it to represent gold in the game! it is good replacement especially with a leather pouch where the player can put their hard earned money! As i know, nobody has suggested it yet.
  11. Straangeer

    How do you guys narrate?

    I'm from Hungary and i usually translate the whole campaign into hungarian because it is easier for my playgroup to understand the rules better (they speak english but in a different level) and for me also, because i can prepare for the following quests, i can update them from the actual FAQ and i often search for UNOFF. FAQ for questions and answers in connection with the quests. So in the end i create a doc file with all the information what is needed and jump into a quest! This pre-work can spare a lot of time because you don't have hunt answers or rules in the middle of an encounter. A good background music can increase the atmosphere! (Witcher 1-2-3, WOW ost)
  12. Straangeer

    Expansions painted

    Nice Job! Could you update some better qualitiy pictures?
  13. Straangeer


    I got the official answer: Hello, In regards to your Warhammer Quest rules question, the answer is yes - you are able to exhaust the action for the success and shield bonus even if there is not an additional enemy to target. Thank you,
  14. Hi guys! Our group's warrior priest's advanced attack action mentions the following: "Before this action, you may exhaust an other action to target an 1 additional enemy and apply +1succes and +1shield." Q: Can i exhaust an other action for the bonuses if there is only one enemy whom im engaged whit? So i cant target add. one but i want the bonuses,... what do you think?
  15. Straangeer

    Vorakesh - Zombies

    it is not quite obvious that you have to suffer 4 dmg for 2 zombies. It is said if you enter a hex with a zombie you have to suffer 2 dmg. scen. card: https://www.google.hu/search?q=the+corpse+king+scenario&safe=off&rlz=1Y3GQQX_huHU580HU580&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjwitTpgt7MAhXBYpoKHfQQBUMQ_AUIBygB&biw=360&bih=559#imgrc=4guGue8Fb1Hl5M%3A