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  1. Skipray and Preybirds for sure— Mazzic's Raptor and Skyclaw for me! Cloakshapes are cute ^,^
  2. I like the idea of stripping any card from a ship. Although I would have preferred to see Boba's ability as a Critical Hit in the new damage deck too. Hmm, but if you strip Chardaan Refit, can you kill 102 points?
  3. Timers are the way to go. When I ran BloodBowl tournaments, I always brought a stack of little kitchen timers. If a player was running slow enough to drag the game, I would first tell them that they needed to play faster in order to complete the game. If they didn't speed up, then I would bring over the timers for both players in that game. That system worked fine, and the timers rarely needed to be employed. BB does have a 3 minute time limit per turn, but the vast majority of players do not need to bother using timers.
  4. Just ordered a printed set. Thanks for doing all the work on this! And Printerstudio is currently offering free shipping on any order with code: WELCOME
  5. It's like pairing wine with dessert, I find it easier to plan the body of the dessert first. Not to say you can't start with a wine and then figure out what to bake for dessert.... So if I start with W00t all the Corvettes, then Mon Mothma. If I start with let's try a well rounded force — say 2 Frigates for beef, a Yavaris to anchor the squadrons, and a CR90 for zippy duties; then ponder hmm, do I want to try out Ackbar? Not this time, since I want to try a jack of all trades approach, I think Garm.
  6. Well, I do fear they will develop this like they have with X-Wing. Most everything you buy will be pretty obsolete for competitive play in about two years. Then a year after that they will have upgrade cards that boost the old ships up to the current power creep level, but you'll have to buy the current ships to get the cards to help your old ones since FFG won't sell packs of upgrade cards. And the ships in Armada cost a lot more money than X-Wing fighters! I'm not going to try to get into competitive play with this one.
  7. 1) A wee dram of Scotch. 2) The central core of ships. 3) Best suited Admiral. 4) Details.
  8. Aside from the fact that it is more fun to paint all 12 X-Wings in Red Squadron (I'll have my models ready to photograph in the near future), fielding 12 stands of A-Wings in a 400 pt list makes much more sense as 3 squadrons than 12 squadrons. Did the Rebels ever have 12 operational squadrons of A-Wings at the same time?
  9. I bought 2 core sets from jet.com with coupon codes and paid about $45 each for them. At that price, the 2nd set made sense for the tools and dice, and double rebel ships, and extra squadron stands to use for other fighters from Shapeways. I didn't really want a 2nd Vic, but the price tag was still worth it, and I have the big Vic stands to use for Shapeways ships too ^,^ I've built one maneuvering tool at 4, and the other at 2 — and that is really handy. (at the time of this writing, jet just went out of stock on core sets a couple of days ago, but may well get them back)
  10. I care because I paint. In fact, I've been painting my Rebel squadrons tonight. So, in order to proceed, I needed to make a personal decision on what exactly each stand represents. I'm going with 1 stand = 1 flight of 3 fighters, 4 flights = 1 squadron. For my eye, that will just look better with Red Squadron having 12 X-Wings next to the Millenium Falcon. I also considered a figure ratio of 1:2 with each stand representing a flight of 6 fighters, that would allow painting 2 stands for Red Squadron with Luke leading one of them and Wedge the other. The game mechanics get very mooshie on the subject. The ISD's have Squadron Command capacity for 4 'Squadrons', yet the typical complement for an ISD is a Fighter Wing of 6 Squadrons, plus a large complement of Shuttles, Transports, Blastboats, etc. So direct fighter command capacity is more limited than their full carrying capacity.
  11. The M—Dash will still get you across the galaxy, even faster than travelling through Hyphen-Space with Boosted Commas.
  12. Due to the nature of die-cutting cardboard, about half the rulers will not be accurate. Thanks to the Target clearance sales at $12, I wound up with a very large stack of X-Wing core sets in order to field squadrons of fighters for big scenario games. I recycled all of the range rulers that were shorter than 30cm and/or misprinted such that the lines didn't match up on the two sides. I kept 8 out of 16.
  13. A perfectly suitable 3rd faction, or at least strongly allied to the New Republic, is Talon Karrde's Smugglers' Alliance. Booster Terrik's Errant Venture ISD as the anchor. The Wild Karrde and assorted other Action V transports, the Lady Luck, Etherway, Starry Ice, Preybirds, Distant Rainbow, Pulsar Skate!
  14. Niko, the TO, has the lists and should be sending them along at some point when he's not exhausted and has some computer time.
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