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  1. Composure Limit

    I'd say you can't play à second one to replance the first. That's how it works in lotr; so I'd imagine it's the same here.
  2. Their QA department probably woke up and actually checked Cirith Gurat after the glaring mistake with Quickbeam And guess what, they found another one. Reprint!
  3. Hour of the Huntress

    edit: nvm
  4. There's just 1 copy of the Quickbeam hero in the pack, same as always. So like everyone else, I'm sure it's an oversight. And the worst one to date come to think of it.
  5. Yea I think so too. I meant 2 of the same heroes. Ent/hobbit attack deck & Ent quest/defense deck or something (which is under construction)
  6. Gots the pack. non-unique quickbeam confirmed. FFG will errata him no doubt, but until them I'm so gonna play an ent deck with both of them
  7. Confirmed. This is pretty much what my supplier stated in his email. An error was made & Crossing was sent out.
  8. Yes! He has it in stock. It's on it's way to my front door
  9. Heh. Just checked my supplier's stock, and it seems like he also has it. Emailed him just now to ask if he really got it. Hope so!
  10. Quickbeam, Scorpagorn & Merry(T) can wipe the board of enemies with just a few rohan warhorses.
  11. Teach newbie how to play AHLCG

    If he liked Ravenloft, there are 2 more sets of the same game out there. Wrath of A....something & a Drizzt set. The rules are very straight forward, but the game can be quite brutal. If he likes tile games like that, I'd advice you to take a look at zombicide. It very very good. Easy to learn and loads of fun. And you're in luck, they just started a new kickstarter named the green horde. Great bang for your buck. Downside is that you will have to wait a while to get it. But you could always get a older set from a store.
  12. Teach newbie how to play AHLCG

    I'm mostly with awp on this, good post man. I'd just like to add that it's important to give him a clear and easy single goal to work to so he will feel he has accomplished something. My advice is to let him play seeker, and focus on clue gathering. Be sure to mention that this is a important job. You need this to progress. 3 actions per turn: move, investigate, investigate, et cetera. And just that to start with. It's what I did teaching someone. Keep his deck simple, with the easier clue gathering cards; and don't play the game for him. Let him learn from his mistakes. Stick to him like glue with a guardian, and pluck the monsters off. Show him that it's a team effort. Explain step by step to him what you're doing when engaging in a fight every time and he'll learn the fighting part in time.
  13. How do you Chaos Bag?

    This. Just look away and rummage around a bit and presto. I didn't like the constant token pulling at first, but it has grown on me. now I wouln't choose a app over it as I quite like this physical aspect over the press of a button. I press buttons all day long at work anyhoo.
  14. Hmmm. I wouldn't add any horror heal effect in this equation, as it doesn't compare simply because it doesn't heal damage. That, and it costs a whopping 4 xp. I still think it pretty weak as you can buy way better cards for that amount. If they had given it the fast icon & 3 supplies (or something) I would have liked it a lot better.
  15. That was in my head all day....bro's being bro's helping broooooo's!