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  1. Confirmed. I'm from the Netherlands also and recieved my pack on the 3rd exactly. So no worries there mate.
  2. I concur with the issues concerning Thor that people mentioned above: he really needs time to set up; & small hand size + expensive cards aren't helping. On top of that, he can't thwart at all with so few minions in most scenario's. Defender of the nine realms just should not be played, as it can easily take some10 cards before one pops up. It's not worth the +1 booster token adding to the scheme that much faster. His starter deck just plain sucks solo. Then again, solo + aggression is simply not a great combo due to lack of threat removal. It's the LotR LCG tactics problem when it was released, but anno 2020. He was probably designed with multiplayer in mind; and if not, he's great for the people calling for an extra challenge as they found the game too easy. Go play Thor's standard deck solo. You won't be disappointed. Anyway, I coupled him to the justice aspect just now and played a few games vs Rhino & Klaw. Went a lot better. Still needed the set up time and so on, but justice can simply give you the time needed. So for anyone who struggles, and wants to play true solo, I can recommend justice. Going to try him 2H solo next. Think I'll pair Thor/Aggro with She-Hulk/Justice.
  3. Yea I agree. And he would be better balanced I think. That, or he could use a extra hit & sanity point.
  4. Same here. Learned something new. Though strange that I've never heard this frase as I'm dutch.
  5. This. I'd certainly like to have Marie, but I can wait. It's co-op, so others don't have a advantage if they play her. That said, I'm suddenly wondering if Marie is an alt art and we'll get a different picture, weakness & signature card with her release. Did ffg say anything about that?
  6. I'd say you can't play à second one to replance the first. That's how it works in lotr; so I'd imagine it's the same here.
  7. Their QA department probably woke up and actually checked Cirith Gurat after the glaring mistake with Quickbeam And guess what, they found another one. Reprint!
  8. There's just 1 copy of the Quickbeam hero in the pack, same as always. So like everyone else, I'm sure it's an oversight. And the worst one to date come to think of it.
  9. Yea I think so too. I meant 2 of the same heroes. Ent/hobbit attack deck & Ent quest/defense deck or something (which is under construction)
  10. Gots the pack. non-unique quickbeam confirmed. FFG will errata him no doubt, but until them I'm so gonna play an ent deck with both of them
  11. Confirmed. This is pretty much what my supplier stated in his email. An error was made & Crossing was sent out.
  12. Yes! He has it in stock. It's on it's way to my front door
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