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  1. i understand that part like other coöp games from other companies have it shadows over camelot has 1 player can sacrefice .... or all others have to .... but i couldn't find it with discard cards or -2 ..... other stuff like risk or destroy to do this" ofcourse because there is a choice to gain stuff this was choice to do the lesser evil
  2. my appoligies, after reading for a hour I found it at card clarifications at the end of the rules it says that you can always choose even if you don't have enough cards to discard this makes the game a bit easier
  3. hey I have been testing the game for teaching my gaminggroup how to play in the near futur while doing this, I found that when you can choose what to with some crisesses for instance food Shortage President Chooses * -2 food * -1 food. the president discards 2 skill cards, then the current player discards 3 skill cards can you chose this option if the current player only has 2 skill cards? and what if the current player is a revealed Cylon and choses this card knowing that he only has 1 card so he cant chose to discard? I couldn't find it in the rules or in the FAQ or some of the other forum threads (disclamer, I didn't check all of the threads) but it is possible i overlooked it thank you
  4. wel, lets get started this is based on the rules and the FAQ "Q. Does the Greatjon’s “The Greatjon” commit ability also apply morale results to all adjacent units? A. No; morale results are not considered damage." from this you know 2 things: 1) morale results don't do anything and 2) it is to all this may look overpowerd but this means in your example :"Two red infantry units and one blue infantry. Dies result are red, valor, morale and 2 green." this wil kill 2 red infantery in each group (unless they have heavy armor then each loses 1 because of the ignore valor) and 1 infantery in the blue group. if they are in a building or have toughness or cover this will ignore 1 extra hit bare in mind that your friend rolled lucky! and that stark has better commander abilities, lanister has better tactics on the card (in comparensen to how many times you use those commanders in the base game scenario's)
  5. hello i've only read the rules, and tutorial play-tested the game but i was wondering if a westeros card is used, is it then removed from the deck or is it put face down at the bottem of the deck, so if "Winter is coming" is drawn those cards can still be drawn again later in the game like supply and mustering, who could be punishing or rewarding if they only come at the beginning of the game i think it is at the bottem of the deck(or "winter is comming" also uses the discardpile) but I can't find it in the rules going in either direction
  6. on this site http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/battles-of-westeros/minisite/support/bow-errata-v1.2.1.pdf the pdf is printable
  7. I'm actually thinking about making my own little campagne book with scenario's, mayby uploading them so other BOW players can enjoy it as wel. again: thinking about doing it, if i do it i will probably take images from the pdfs and photoshop them into a battlefield. also i will make more ships not just baratheon (photoshop lannister/Stark crest over the ship in Baratheon pdf and print 5-10 of each faction) and make at least 1 with blackwaterbay (probably next to a normal map, so 2 maps next to eachother. and also make scenario's where you need at least 2 expansions + main game i hope this will keep it alive what do you people think?
  8. indeed, everything that was on the board and ist destroyed(by removing is) stays on its place. Even the units(so if you sacrifice a lot of units to win 1 scenario, you wil have less units in the next scenario) so the trebuchets(catapults) stay in place, it is not the postern gate that is removed at the end of stage B but the main gate utterwise the only way to let the Baratheon forces enter the city would be the postern gate in stage C or with luck have the wildfire spread back to the city and burn up the gate but then you still can't enter because of the wildfire
  9. 1. yes you need 4 red shields (or mixed with valor signs) but keep in mind that because the mountain is a red unit, he is very slow. and I had him suffer 3 flag results so he had to go back 3 spaces while he can only move 1!! + he is a bad commander and can only give 1 order each round. These 2 things make up for the fact that he is almost impossible to kill. Again, Stark has got Karstark who is also near impossible to kill and kan do 2 commands and kan move 3 and attack or move 4 2. NO!!! it needs to be a BLUE SHIELD! why is this? because otherwise these little extra's are overpowered, Other powers sometimes are better but or more difficult to trigger. killing a unit with 4 dice and for each flag you roll you get another attack dice + the flag still counts?-> you will destroy a lot of thinned out units, so at least once! other units committed abilities are more powerfull or only usefull in certain situations. this one is always good and is only more powerfull if you only need 2 more moral results to make your oponent rout the mountain is, like in the series and books, a bruut, champion, (pit)fighter with no sense of tactics but will kill anyone who comes near. And in this game that is very much so. Use him as your champion/tarpitter/unit killer.
  10. I hope this doesn't mean the end for Battles of Westeros and future expansions for BoW?
  11. I got the core set for my birthday this year (januari) and have bought Baratheon and WotW expansion(the rest will be also bought in time). Me and my girlfriend were wondering if there will be more expansions (allies, army expansions and reinforcements) now that Battlelore has got a second edition? I really hope so. My girlfriend cant wait until she can play with the Targaryan dragons. And I can only dream of ordering the knights of the Vale. Personally, I think that Fantasy Flight Games is waiting for George R.R. Martin to finish his next book. Because it is difficult to make a Targaryan army if you don't know how it would look like if it ever reaches Westeros. What do you think? And if there are any people from FFG, we always like to hear your side of the story as wel (because i don't think you spoil stuff if you ask your loyal fans to remain loyal to the game )
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