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  1. Erathia said: . Your Weirdboyz is also pretty good, but remember that at Rank 3 they will get "Da Nekst Best Fing" allowing their Psy Rating to be increased by the presence of non-Orks as well as their Minderz. As well, they get techniques fast and theoretically have access to everything. I honestly feel this is probably the best class to start with for a Psyker because you won't have to worry about optimizing your talent choices (they're all there!) you get a few minions to play with and are surprisingly versatile for a character. What do you mean Weirdboys have access to everything? I thought that the fact they don't get any chance to select an additional discipline means they only get powers from the Waaagh discipline. Also, how big are the limitations on the navigation and telepathy for wierdboys? As in, can they work as a ship's navigator or astropath? Also, how does the navigator in your campaign achieve +50 with Stacking the Deck? Wouldn't that require an Int bonus of 10?
  2. Hello, I'm getting ready to run my first Rogue Trader game, and one of my players, who is new to RPGs in general (it's going to be her first campaign) has expressed interest in running some kind of Psyker character Since I'm relatively new to the system (played a single campaign a long time ago, back when the Rogue Trader core was very very new, and it was the only book we had), I've got little experience with psykers, and I'm trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the 3 psyker classes (astropath, navigator and weirdboy) so I can at least offer some informed advice when she asks. This is what I have so far, after going over the books a bit: Astropath Seems to be the best class for psyker-ing around. It has a ton of powers to choose from (and can pick quite a few) and powers have a wide variety of applications. On the flip side, it seems incapable of doing much else than throwing powers around (combat skills are quite bad, so is social interaction) or maybe gather a bit of knwoledge (common stuff mainly). Navigator Looks he can get really good at navigating ships through the warp, and also has quite a few nice powers relating to doing stuff at ship scale. On the other hand, I'm a bit at a loss about how much a navigator contributes outside the ship. Combat ability is mediocre, and powers don't seem that impressive either (Lidless Eye seems really strong, but tricky to pull off and live, others not so much). They do get some nice Lores though. Also, they seem to have very very few powers (1 per rank, and the possiblity/need to upgrade) Weirdboy Can do a bit of navigation, can do a bit of telepathy, can do some fighting, but seems a bit limited. Access only to Waaagh discipline I feel strongly pushes you into a damage dealing Psyker/melee warrior hybrid, both through the nature of the powers and the short range they have. Also, making full use of a weirdboy's potential requires making pretty heavy use of Minderz and Runtz talents (at least it seems that way to me). I'm looking for more feedback on these classes: -Is my idea of them correct? -Have you played any of those classes? If so what was your experience with them? -How strong is each of them (compared to other RT classes)? -Any issues regarding these classes I should know about? -How can a Navigator contribute outside the ship? (this bit worries me somewhat) Thanks a lot in advance, Michael
  3. breez said: The faith talents are very powerful, so in that sense the xp and fate point cost is appropriate. I noticed that the use of a fate point for a faith talent will shorten an encounter, and make it less likely that the players would need to spend a fate point in a longer battle. For example, the Passion usually means that the players always have initiative, which is a big advantage in a fight. I would recommend limiting the amount of fate points your team/cleric has for this reason. I don't have an issue with the XP cost of the talents in regard to what they do. They're strong so they should be priced appropriately. My issue is with them using the same resource as not dying. It is perfectly possible to have to burn all your fate points( seen it happen more than once) and then you're stuck with 1-2k xp invested in stuff that you can no longer use.If I end up going the Faith route I am probably going for a Maccabeus Quintus origin, which gives me 3-4 fate points and possibly one more from divination, but it still seems a few
  4. Hello, Long time Rogue Trader player here. Recently, my usual GM has been gifted the Dark Heresy core rule book for Christmas and wants to try running it for a change of pace. I'm looking to give the Faith system from BoM a try because it's something new. There's a couple of things that worry me: The resource they run on: fate points. A char would usually have 2-3 fate points at character creation and they tend to go down from there. It's entirely possible to get 'stuck' with 1 or even 0 fate points. Spending 300 xp per talent and then being able to use one of them once per session or not at all (if out of fate points) seems a bad return on investment. The power of the talents. Some of them seem really powerful, especially Emperor's Wrath ones. I can use 2 fate points to activate Wrath of the Faithful and Flames of Faith on a clip of Inferno Rounds and get 2d10 damage(or 3d10 vs Daemons), Tearing (from the bolter) and Righteous Fury on a 9 or 10. 2d10+5, pen 4 is almost a guaranteed kill, even on power armor. So I'm looking for some input: what have your experiences with the Faith system been?
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