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  1. @RuusMarev do you want to go ahead and narrate that IC? (Suggetion more than question)
  2. That's fine but I don't want you finding a new crystal until after you lose your current one.
  3. You have some in universe down time, but your scouts will eventually tell you that the separatists seem to be massing for an offensive. (We're going to do a sneak behind enemy lines, encounter assaj ventress, lose lightsabers)
  4. Unmatched ferocity is similar to unmatched devastation, but you have too keep using the same skill and there's a strain and/or conflict cost
  5. If the 3 of them fit in a nu class attack shuttle, then using the smallest number of vehicles makes the most sense.
  6. I am okaying it, just make sure there's an explanation, held in reserve works but it won't be another fang fighter... as long as it's plausible I'm ok with it.
  7. And shin ethan being reassigned to help? Sure. Why not. But how are they going to get off planet?
  8. Make something up. It was going to be that he was sent to hunt jango.
  9. @Bellona @MrTInce @P-47 Thunderbolt @RuusMarev We will be continuing without @Von3679. Preparing for his national exam naturally takes precedence over the game.
  10. @Bellona @MrTInce @P-47 Thunderbolt @RuusMarev @Von3679 get 5 xp btw the test came back no Corona so 24 hours without posting is now 72
  11. You should introduce your characters to the others tell them why the jedi council & mandalorians (joint mission) sent you (to hunt jango Fett). Put sufficient detail into it.
  12. Whatever you want to do. Edit: that sounds like a good plan to me, but I'm waiting on a PC to take the first pc slot.
  13. @Bellona @MrTInce @P-47 Thunderbolt @RuusMarev @Von3679 get 5 xp
  14. You have to have both of the signature abilities anchor point talents filled for it to appear. Ffg frequently makes undesirable for the cost talents (e.g. dodge at the bottom of steelhand adept is one of the two anchors for unmatched ferocity) be the anchor talents.
  15. I suspect 1 hp from maybe modder and 1 from reverse engineering. Also I would go kst-100 it looks freaking cool to me The kst is cheaper and has I think the best stats of any eote legal starting ship (120K credits or less) in the game. Not everything on it is "good" (e.g. light lasers, hyperdrive is slow, 2 armor, sensors are short range) but nothing on it is too bad to accept (I personally put a requirement of a base speed of 4 so I can add high output ion turbines to get it to speed 5 and be as fast as a tie fighter, so that eliminate most ships from consideration)
  16. You can have sustained flight over pretty good distance, you can't travel to the other side of a planet with them the way you could with a speeder and as a narrative thing you don't want to use them more than you have to. The house rules are that normally jetpack are for narrative movement. If you want to use them in a combat encounter (because unlimited number of personal range bands movement per round pretty overpowered) you flip one or two (I forget which) and every player controlled character can use them. But if everyone in the encounter has vehicle scale movement, I wave the dp flip.
  17. @Bellona Get 13 damage pierce 1 incoming at your speeder. So nothing after 1 armor. Shooting at Mireska's speeder: 2eP+2eD 2 successes Shooting at Kain Eldar: 1eP+1eA+2eD+3eS 0 successes, 3 threat Oops forgot the 2 setback Missing setback dice: 2eS 1 failure Next one up can narrate.
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