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  1. It was at 7, plus 6 this round for using reflect twice is 13, +2 for an extra maneuver is 15. Btw I'm tracking strain, wounds, turn etc in the first ooc post. Everyone should be keeping an eye on the first ooc post. I believe you got to the 7 by using reflect twice before, having taken a second maneuver (2 points of strain), and and having spent a spare advantage to recover a point of strain but I'd have to check back through the ic thread to confirm that. Basically using reflect and parry uses a lot of strain, but on the plus side it lets them save wounds. When jedi score advantage they should seriously consider spending most of it to recover strain rather than for example add several crits.
  2. @MrTInce do you want to use the triumph to crit OR position yourself so that the droids give you cover from other droids? BUT the second maneuver would cost 2 stain which would put you at 15/14 i.e. unconscious. You could use force leap as an action forgo the attack and get inside the defensive perimeter of jedi surrounding @RandiQuade and obiwan kenobi. @Bellona sessions rollover at the same time as rolling for morality. Currently the plan is to roll morality once every two months but if that seems too infrequent in practice I'll increase it to once every month.
  3. @MrTInce @vandarl @Bellona you have incoming damage and you can post your turns any time now (don't have to be in order) @RandiQuade you may be called upon to force drag Mireska or Ker'see to your position and administer a stimpack to them. @AnomalousAuthor what would you want my side of your narrative to be this turn. You show up at the end of next round. Taking your turn after the battle droids and before Bellona.
  4. The battle droids in the arena take notice of the archer that single handedly made quick work of a clump of their compatriots. Two more groups of b1b's focus their fire on Ker'see Shooting at Ker'see: 1eP+5eA+2eD+4eS 1 success, 2 advantage (9 damage÷4 soak do you want to reflect, passing a boost to the next minion group, and flipping a dp on the next check). Shooting at Ker'see: 2eP+3eA+2eD+4eS+1eB 5 successes, 1 advantage (13 damage minus 4 soak=9 damage potentially minus reflect) Another group takes aim at Mireska Shooting at Mireska: 1eP+4eA+2eD+4eS 2 successes (10 damage - 4 soak, potentially minus reflect) The three groups of battle droids that were targeting Tinari continue to do so Shooting at Tinari Wen: 1eP+4eA+2eC+2eS 1 failure, 2 advantage (Miss) Shooting at Tinari Wen: 1eP+4eA+2eC+2eS 1 success, 1 advantage, 1 Triumph (9 damage and a crit) Crit on Tinari: 1d100 33 (You loose your next action, still have maneuvers) Shooting at Tinari Wen: 1eP+2eA+2eD+2eS 2 successes, 2 threat (10 damage minus soak, they'll take 2 strain -> wounds which you can narrate as reflecting a blaster bolt back at them)
  5. This week is probably about average, from past experience things can bog down a lot or speed up a little. Most of my posts will be Thursday night to Sunday night.
  6. I was a community effort, I did "most" of the "design" part (I have a PhD in mechanical engineering heavy on the computational side of things, so this is in my wheelhouse), but design is an inherently iterative process, and the key step in iterative design is fault finding. There have been a lot of people finding problems in these rules and pointing them out to me so that I could fix them and there were even a few people who suggested mechanics that made it into the rules (e.g. weapon banks/folding seats). If you want to help, try replicating starships (walkers and speeders aren't ready yet) and when you find things that aren't quite right post them in this thread. While all input is welcome and appreciated, I'm not going to promise to make all suggested changes.
  7. @Bellona @MrTInce @RandiQuade @vandarl get 5 xp and @AnomalousAuthor gets 10 xp. You can spend it immediately or save it (or spend it just before making a check to boost a roll you "need to make" this and next battle only)
  8. @MrTInce Ker'see turns her attention to the group of battle droids that have started shooting at her. Carefully aiming (True Aim Manoeuvre) into the group she pulls the energy string back and looses into the group. http://orokos.com/roll/750204 (Going to crit 3 times which takes out a minion each, a total of 16 damage with pierce 4 and I believe takes out the rest) The blast hits the group and takes them out in one go, the force flowing through her. (will use the three light sight pips and turn them to advantages and recover three strain). FYI RAW says writing once kills one extra minion and that's it, however what you propose is a very common house rule that I typically play by, just describe it as multiple shots. One dice roll can be more than one shot.
  9. To be honest I didn't put numbers on how badly Kenobi was hurt because I didn't think it'd be a game mechanical issue. But he's 1 plus the amount of healing you gave him below DOUBLE his wound threshold (so a stray shot would kill him), he's got a metric crapton of remaining critical injuries which will require extensive (not Vader or grievous level) cybernetics and most likely cause amnesia (replacing neurons doesn't recover the information on the destroyed neurons). Ker'see is about halfway between Ker'see and Kenobi so short from both but Ker'see is medium from Kenobi.
  10. Through the open door of the laat, captain wraith can see anti aircraft fire. A last a little ahead and of to starboard erupts in a ball of flame and plummets to the ground trailing a thick cl and ad of black smoke.
  11. @vandarl and @MrTInce can you take your turns, will let @RandiQuade catch up later. @AnomalousAuthor if you've got any leadership buffing talents you can use them now and the timer on their duration starts ticking once the doors of your laat open in the arena (so feel free to load up now)
  12. @Bellona for the purpose of my clone wars alt univ campaign that you're playing in, the bold parts are correct, but donating his DNA for the clone army would cause most other Mandalorians to disown him... which I believe is a non-contradictory interpretation of canon.
  13. You would know that Yoda is enroute with a conventional army. You don't know the details of it yet. You don't have any clue about when he'll get there.
  14. You assumed correctly. If there was a despair and 3 threat you could have reflected and shot back. I'll update the ooc 1 post to reflect. Btw that minion group is down 2 droids.
  15. The devs answered a specific question that I submitted regarding ebb/flow (and some other things in combination), they did not give a general purpose ruling. Also ebb/flow doesn't take an action and most force powers do. So two force powers that both take an action are out because you only get one action per turn. And force talent pips can be split with powers etc. subject to the action constraint.
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