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  1. That made me think of how "Pizza the Hutt" from Space balls died
  2. KWS MK I SABERDART Please see page 41 of the Endless Vigil Sourcebookfor details.Encumbrance: 1Hard Points: 1Rarity: 9Price: 1,600Type: Energy WeaponCategories: RangedDamage: 1Range:LongSkill: Ranged - LightQualities: Limited Ammo 1Features:May be loaded with 1 dose of synthetic neuroparalytic or any otherpoison. Whenever wielder successfully attacks a target, even if nodamage is dealt, the target suffers the effects of the poison looking at the book the 1600 is for the launcher (and I think) 1 dart. After you fire your 1 dart, how much do reloads cost? Asking here because bounty hunters are the typical users of said weapons (even according to the fluff text). Enter the unknown has a model 77 air rifle, it runs out of ammo on a despair (as normal), and puts the cost of a *clip* of smarttranq darts (page 40) at 500 credits (they require a average resilience check, failure = 5 strain + 2 strain per threat, on despair repeat the check next round with +1 difficulty, rinse repeat with subsequent despairs) I'm going with the saberdarts (only requires a successful attack not dealing damage) with Raquor Venom (because they're a lot more effective, requires a daunting resilience check or staggered for 2 rounds, 2 points of strain per threat, and immobilized on a despair) launched from a Security s-5 heavy blaster pistol page 43 ofkeeping the peace which has the text:"...it's under barrel dart launcher can be configured to launch solid projectiles of various sorts; one particularly common choice is a grappling hook attached to a cable..." note that it has medium range (at least this part of the weapon has identical stats to the grapnel harpoon launcher in no disintegrations which has medium range) would 350 per dart +150 Raquor Venom dose = 500 credits per shot compared to 500 credits per clip of (the less effective) smarttranq darts be reasonable? In this case the 1100 for the model 77 + 500 per 1 clip = 1600 credits is the same cost as a saberdart launcher which comes with 1 saber dart (both are long range, one uses ranged light, one uses ranged heavy)
  3. that worked for me but I had to try twice
  4. Hmmm, I thought the force had no opinion on abusing Droid unless you were using negative emotions to fuel force powers to abuse it, but that's a the mental state of the Droid killer transgression not it's wrong to kill droids.
  5. The official ruling is that you can only have one attachment of a particular type on a starship, i.e. you can only install 1 gunnery Droid brain per ship, I admit that it doesn't make narrative sense but that was Sam Stewart's response when I specifically asked about installing multiple Droid brains on a ship
  6. The game I ran (before my son was born, he's about 10 days shy of 4 months now) was a bounty hunter game, they pcs were important had a big impact (e.g. one was the rightful heir of a approx. 10% share in czerka and became ceo of czerka) but they weren't moral agents influencin the fate of the galaxy. But they had a significant impact on the galaxy's criminal underworld, mostly as tools/extensions of the will of a rising star hutt.
  7. There's the colorful chick Boba Fett was hiting in in the special edition RotJ Jabba palace scene http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rystáll_Sant
  8. So you/ your-GM don't/doesn't have your/his star destroyers deploy tie fighters the moment the drop out of hyperspace and jump to hyperspace just as soon as the last tie fighter docks?
  9. Like I said, I believe this that what I told you is the official precision strike specific ruling handed down by a dev guest (probably Sam stewart) on the order 66 podcast, the two i'd check first are the episodes on keeping the peace and no disintegrations.
  10. I have about 98% confidence that the official ruling is that if the person attacking you just uses precision strike (or the improved or supreme versions) it's treated as not having rolled the critical hit percentile at all and since the critical hit percentile was never rolled durable doesn't apply/come into play, but I don't have a source on that at the moment. It works the same both ways, as in for both pluses (lethal blows) and minuses (durable)
  11. I was just thinking "get your <money/credits> for nothin' and your <checks/specs> for free" I think I just dated myself.
  12. Did I miss it or did you not include the cost of the specs themselves?
  13. Not sure, but I'm guessing that the build places higher emphasis on attributes and less on skill ranks as well as having a lot fewer force powers than Korath. I'm a little suprised that the total was 1100 but I wouldn't have blinked at 1300.
  14. So maybe, in addition to the one out of the career skill, they get a choice of brawl, melee, ranged heavy, ranged light, charm, cool, deception, or negotiation Or Melee, ranged heavy, ranged light, charm, deception, or negotiation Or some other half and half combination.