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  1. EliasWindrider

    Sith Lord Droid

    A droid that started as makashi duelist or shi-cho knight wouldn't get a force rating because it's a droid. You'll want a magnetic weapon tether and a repulsor fist (lords of nal hutta), jump boots. You might want to go enforcer dangerous covenants for a fear effect.
  2. Look at the always get my mark signature ability of bounty hunter (no disintegrations). Your player may also decided to go martial artist if you have that book.
  3. EliasWindrider

    Discipline and adding force dice

    There's a force power in the adventure ghosts of dathomir with an upgrade that allows you to commit force dice to increase willpower, the attribute that discipline keys off of.
  4. Yes, but there are a lot of lightsaber form talents that require you to use a specific attribute.
  5. EliasWindrider

    Buying capital ships

    If you want a cheap cap ship there's a couple of options 1) a croc gonzati for 190K credits, the thing is horribly overpowered considering the lore and price, it's in no disintegrations. Take a ir-3f systems patrol ship for 1 million credits strip off the hull to gain 3 hp, add a "sleek carapace" for 2 hp but I think the crafting lets you add 1 or 2 hp and get a free integrated attachment (hyperdrive), you can also get the armor up to 5 or 6 and increase the handling. You have extreme sensors 2 twin light turbolasers and 2 quad laser cannons. Smallish crew requirements, speed 4, and you've got 4+ hp to spare
  6. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    While I may be a power gamer, I'm not a munchkin or rules lawyer (there happens to be a lot of overlap between munchkins and rules lawyers). Too bad for you that I'm not offering it to you. The clarification/elaboration in the time to go talent long form is that it can only be used to move into cover or out of blast range, and using force leap as a maneuver meets that criteria. Using a maneuver to move is using a maneuver to move. At least that's the way I read it. But several hours ago I submitted a request for a dev ruling. It was unclear to me whether you the PC were trying to kill another PC or a NPC, so I was alternating answers from both perspectives. It is completely within the rules for the GM to upgrade a roll based on the circumstances, the criteria for upgrades is the likelihood of something going wrong (and since baradium is explicitly highly unstable, so that box is checked many times over) and high consequences if something does go wrong (which is also checked in spades). Across all the systems I've GM'd for the last 27 or so years, I have never killed a PC. As a GM my objective is for the players to have a good time by collaborating on telling a good story and for the PCs to usually win. Power gaming is not only allowed at my gaming table but encouraged, I expect them to mow down minions and rivals, but I do not abide munchkins or rules lawyers (in my experience they have a high rate of coincidence).
  7. EliasWindrider

    Jedi Star IC thread

    Elias spoke in calm voice without moving: Sir if you don't want to buy it because you don't have the resources or connections to change the transponder codes, then don't buy it. I had guessed that you could change them or had connections who could. If you're curious about how we acquired it, we stole it from the first order forces who were busy massacuring the inhabitants of Dantooine so that we could escape the same fate. A ship is a resource, it has value, particularly to a smuggler with the resources or connections change the transponder codes. As for being where you're not supposed to be, the best place to hide a needle is not in a haystack but among other needles. A first order ship can get you in places with a high concentration of neo imperials without attracting attention, which coincidentally is the kind of place where contraband commands the highest prices. If that kind of smuggling run is to risky for you then you most certainly shouldn't buy it, but maybe you could point us in the direction of a ship fence or smuggling crew that is less risk adverse than you.
  8. EliasWindrider

    Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    The burden of proof that you need to meet is proving that RAW explicitly states that a single attachment training emitter is not composed of an ultra low output power generator and a crystal. The reason the burden of proof is on you is because the official write up says it does consist of an ultra low output power generator AND a crystal, and because the RAW name training EMITTER strongly implies that it is more than just a crystal (as in it's an EMITTER). No one is contesting that a training emitter is a crystal so proving that it is a crystal is pointless. You need to prove that the RAW explicity contradicts the official fluff text by explicitly stating the training emitter is not (a crystal AND an ultra low output power generator as a single attachment). Until you can do that, you're just plain wrong; and claiming otherwise doesn't change the fact that you REALLY ARE just plain wrong. So as the saying goes it's time for you to "man up or shut up" (no offense intended).
  9. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    PCs don't get to give NPCs talents, GMs do. So no, it is not legal for you the player to give talents to the npc (except what's allowed by droid crafting). And I find your claim that using force leap as a maneuver to move doesn't qualify as a move maneuver to be highly suspect. You're going to have to show me a dev ruling on this specifically or you're out of luck. Not all minion droids are remotes and having a remote carry an additional payload that rivals or surpasses it's own weight, yeah that's going to take some justification but I would probably allow it, of course you still have to make the mechanics check against multiple red (cause baradium is highly unstable and stuff can go crazy wrong , and then the GM flipping a dp for an extra difficulty upgrade beyond what's justified by baradium... so that would be something like a 3 red check and possibly black depending upon the circumstances) to set the explosives which with a despair or I forget how many threat means boom. Given an explosive with long range... well unfortunatelly for you stuff goes flying so you got a long range area full of black stuff to search for a blackened body before you can cap a passed out character, assuming that you survived the blast without losing consciousness as well.
  10. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    Targeting the ground near a character close enough to hit them with blast from a torpedo IS by any common sense definition targeting them. Trying target them "without targeting them" to bypass the rules that increase the defense pool is the munchinism I was referring to. And I categorically reject your claim that it is allowed by RAW. But what I would do for such a creative/cunning player is let them treat the target as being silhouette 3 (which would potentially decrease the difficulty of the attack depending on the size of the players starship/vehicle) because they're trying to use blast. If that wasn't good enough for the player I would then eject the self demonstrated munchkin from my gaming table. Since we're in the F&D forum I'll mention that sending a minion to suicide bomb would be earning conflict, sacrificing a minion droid would earn less conflict than a organic sentient. And I'm not going to let them break RAW by making a minion rival or nemesis NPC sidekick with a PC specialization like saboteur sapper or demolitionist. If they wanted to risk the life of their own character using selective detonation that's something that I would allow. Of course there are going to be red dice in the pool if they're dealing with baradium. On the topic of time to go, it does work with enhance force leap maneuver so if they detonate within short range it's a viable tactic, otherwise that would allow the target to force leap out of range. If we're talking PC vs. PC assassination attempt, first off if it comes to this there is serious out of game issues that need to be dealt with, however ignoring that, surpassing wound threshold doesn't kill a PC, it renders them unconscious and triggers a critical hit. If they were engaged with the device (+50 to critical hit) it could kill technically them. Otherwise the target PC is just going to be unconscious with a critical hit between 1 and 100. Basically the only PCs that might die from the explosion is the saboteur in your example plus anyone who they are engaged with.
  11. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    As a GM I wouldn't allow PCs to kill a nemesis NPC or another PC with blast by targeting the ground near him... if you aren't targeting someone, you don't hit anyone, targeting the ground hits the ground but not close enough to blast the character you intended to kill by not targeting them, and if you try to get it close enough to them you are by definition targeting them. And I can avoid the PCs doing the target the minion trick by not having the minion near the nemesis/PC. However, assuming that this munchkin tactic (and I distinguish between power gaming and munchinism, power gaming works within the rules, munchinism seeks to circumvent the rules, and that tactic seeks to circumvent the rules) was allowed, knowing what's coming (thanks to foresee) would still allow Elias to not give the assassin the opportunity to take him out with a torpedo targeting the terrain by instead being in a ship such as a highly modified KST-100.
  12. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/vie7im4z8qovogn/ArisRenn3500xpWithShipAndGear.pdf/file I entered the KST-100 into ogg dude's generator (because it wasn't a book Oggy was planning to get in the next release after all) I also added a whole bunch of gear most of which she leaves on the ship, the surveyor's bag is a purse which she normally doesn't use.
  13. EliasWindrider

    You get 3500 xp

    Actually all of those would help by increasing the defense pool and some of those end up as threat, as would the silhouette difference, it's just not full proof. But if you looked at the build he has foresee with the details upgrade so he would see your torpedo assassination attempt coming and not be there for you to take potshots at, he also has agility 4 and the enhance pilot upgrades so with 5 force dice you'd have a non trivial dog fight on your hands if he did show up, with another 5 xp he could get time to go as a scar talent which Grant's a maneuver to get out of blast and he can force jump as a maneuver so... 😋
  14. EliasWindrider

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Drez'n's swsheet isn't 100% complete, what's his soak without active force powers/talents? What're his defense melee/ranged? Does he have any signature abilities? It'd be preferable is you could post a link to a oggdude sheet.
  15. EliasWindrider

    Jedi Star Misc thread

    Sure Fear check: 3eP+3eA+2eC+2eD 2 successes, 2 advantage