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  1. Your favorite Force power

    Why not shoot through the door?
  2. Aka'jor Shuttle Unmodified

    Except the paramilitary conversion is supposed to be the only thing you do to a ship if you do it at all.
  3. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    @Tramp Graphics an accept or decline would be appreciated.
  4. Unlimited Power -- Sourcebook for Mystics

    All Jedi do that, it's why they appear to have such quick reflexes (paraphrasing quigon jin)
  5. Another Character Generator

    There's a donate button in the generator
  6. Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!

    Looks like 9C4 *3 or 9C5*3. Not sure why you're multiplying by 3 9C4 = 9 things taken in combinations of 4 at a time.
  7. Trends, Statistics, and Predictions!

    You spelled GENESYS wrong.
  8. Aka'jor Shuttle Unmodified

    There's no official source for what you're asking but I would guess that the weapons were the only additions and that's easy enough to undo
  9. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Mychal'el I think I've built up more of a tolerance to Tramp than anyone else on these boards, possibly more than anyone else in the world who is still alive. I also have a desire for tramp to get to a point where he can retire Korath as I think Tramp will interact with real world people significantly better if he's not playing Korath. So I am willing to take over as a GM in a lower detail email game with Tramp only. I think that maybe just maybe after going through 3 GMs BEFORE finishing THE FIRST SESSION tramp may be in a place to recognize something needs to change. My plan is for Korath to wrap up his unfinished business as fast as possible and then he'll die climactically and heroically in a self sacrificial way that saves a young apprentice (**** get a lot of input in designing the apprentice character from a fluff perspective). Interactions with the apprentice will be 3rd party low detail, because I will not in character roleplay an apprentice to tramp ever again. I will get tramp's input on a lot of the story/plot before declaring it and will frequently say "you don't need to roll for that it just happens." But I'm not going to back and forth argue with you about anything, if you disagree with anything I decide you get exactly 1 email to make your case for a different outcome, before I make my final ruling. If you try to continue arguing after I declare a "final rule" a figurative big rock will fall (severe negative consequences, I'm thinking conflict in response to Tramp's/Korath's anger at the universe not obeying his will appropriate, up front warning I'm giving you a 60% chance of falling to the dark side for arguing with trying to bend the universe/force to your will ). I'm going to roll physical dice and will just tell you the net symbols outcome, I will tell you the negative dice when I call for a roll, you'll reply with specify positive dice and talent based modifications of the negative dice before I roll. If you verbally berate your apprentice in character it will earn you conflict for verbally abusing your apprentice. @Tramp Graphics if you're OK with that let me know and I'll take over the gming, I think this is your "last" chance to finish Korath's story... feel free to take it or leave it.
  10. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Are you deluding yourself into thinking that a possible outcome of this argument is that the game world gets retconned to how you wanted your escape to happen? This a real world people interaction question not a do you think you have a reasonable argument question.
  11. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    You really need to learn to stop arguing when it can't gain you anything and it will cost you something. And I've already pointed out to you in all caps that this is one of those situations. Even now Mychal’el is bending over backward to let you retcon removing the tracker in atmosphere, it's not going to let you evade pursuit, nor should it because you are slower than a tie fighter and kamino doesn't have any terrain to hide behind. there's no obstacle course that chase rules would make a difference for. Pick your battles carefully because if you argue over everything the game will die, heck if you argue over MOST things the game will die. Instead you should be thinking about how you could have better worded your requests without implying a fast forward or a particular outcome that was the gm's not yours to decided. Before arguing about anything you should ask yourself, "would I rather not play at all if I don't get my way on this" and if the answer isn't "yes" then you shouldn't be making an issue out of it (whatever it was). YOU really really really need to recognize that the game and real worlds do not function the way you think they should and learn to react/adapt to external stimuli that's says reality (including the "game reality") is different than what you were expecting.
  12. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    Hwk-1000 is as fast as a tie fighter, there are plenty of sil 4 speed 4 freighters that you can add high output ion turbines to if you don't like the Hwk-1000. There are a few speed 4 sil 5 ship (and 1 sil 6), mostly military or system patrol that have speed 4 out of the box + ion turbines You declared that you flew to the other side of the planet keeping the planet between you and the first order ships, that's where YOU fast forwarded it. I believe you meant to say that was your plan but you said it like it already happened. The gm went with your fast forward but changed the part that you narrated that you got away because you saying it doesn't make it true. But here's the big picture that I'm sure you missed, STOP ARGUING WITH AND BLAMING THE GM BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WIN THIS, I DOUBT YOU WOULD IF ASKED SACRIFICE THE GAME OVER THIS STICKING POINT BUT THAT IS IN EFFECT WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY CHOOSING BY CONTINUING TO ARGUE, there is plenty of blame to go around (most of it yours), and Mychal’el is "at fault" for not yet knowing how to compensate for your particular personality and "communication style" (I'm not sure I could do any better and I've known you in real life since 2003 or 2004).
  13. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    1) Read my lips "chase rules" vs speed, advantages have jack squat to do with how far/fast you travel. 2) I recall you making a check to activate full throttle not a series of opposed pilot checks for a chase (as in the other side of chase opposed check didn't happen so you weren't using chase rules) 3) you're delusional if you think you lost the fighters because the gm mychal'el ruled that you did not. 4) Relatively Fast for a largish freighter does not make one "fast" in an absolute sense, it will not be enough to help you avoid/escape imperial entanglements/tie fighters. The way freighters escape tie fighters is called a hyperdrive, although an asteroid field will do in a pinch if your hyper drive isn't working. (Asteroid fields have a strong impact on chase rules chases)
  14. Crafting a unique saber

    One of the books has a light whip if I remember correctly, can't use any crystal upgrades though