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  1. Going off of memory the regular gozanti would require 7 advantage on the frame and a triumph would reduce that by 2. It requires 6 advantage on the hull, and an optional 2 advantage on the engine would save a mod there. But it does require a number of mods which are extra checks you have to succeed on. The CROC requires 2 extra advantage (that could be moved to the hull) and a triumph on the frame construction, It needs 2 or 4 or 7 (to reduce the number of engine mods, it requires a 3 engine mode just to get the strain threshold where it needs to be) advantage on the engine crafting The hull requires 9 advantage and a triumph would reduce that by 2, but extra advantage would decrease the number of required hull mods (minimum of 2, 3 for the 9 advantage) or the amount of advantage required by the frame crafting check. To reliably make the checks for the croc you're going need the schematics down to simple and talents that convert success to advantage.
  2. 2-3 rounds to calculate and you have to be clear of a gravity well (potentially several rounds, and I run it that being in a gravity well screws up calculations, so calculations start when you're clear of atmosphere, but you could "blind micro jump" in system when you're clear of atmosphere) and have a clear patch of space (e.g. not be in an asteroid field or debris field or in the middle of heavy space traffic around say coruscant). And that's when there isn't a gravity well projector in play.
  3. Hoofing it is why speed is important
  4. When I was gm (before my son was born, he's now 10 months 3 days, 6 hours and 49 minutes old) I started my knight level eote/aor spec pcs with a highly modified loronar e-9 explorer (same stats as a yt-2400 except speed 4). And then I upgraded them to a highly modified consular (hybrid consular and ir-3f stats, better of each). These days I'd start with a kst-100 from dawn of rebellion, which at 120K is a raw starting ship
  5. EliasWindrider

    Oggdude's on a Mac for free?

    I've recently had trouble running a linux vm after the windows 10 host updated. The issue was that 3d graphics acceleration didn't work and I once I turned that off and turned on 2d acceleration and it worked fine. That's where I would start to try to fidget with it.
  6. Ok when looking up the YT-2000 stats I flipped past page 58 of fly casual which had the gonzati class armed transport on it and my first impression of the stats (since starting to work on these crafting rules) was "if that thing was built as a freighter hull on a freighter frame then it's a really sucky design because it should have a bunch more hp" but maybe my eyeball math got it wrong (or maybe it was built as a gunship hull on a freighter frame) so let's do the numbers more formerly sil 5, speed 2, handling -3, defense 2/2/2/1, armor 5 htt 50, sst 36 hyperdrive x3, backup x12, navicomputer crew 12 passengers 12 enc 1000 consumables 1 month sensors long hp 4 weapons 7 hp so freighter frame with larger scope, sil 5, 35 htt, 2+VSL=27 hp, 20 enc, 4 crew, 8 passengers 2x integrated improvements => 8 crew & 16 passengers, with officer quarters => 12 crew and 12 passengers, reinforced frame x3 (6 hp) => 50 HTT ion turbine engines (3 hp) speed 1, 25 sst, defense 1/0/0/0 mod the engines twice to increase system strain threshold => 35 SST, mod the engines one more for speed military grade shields (2hp) => defense = 2/1/1/1 freighter hull: 1 armor, -2 handling, mod hull for +1 armor = 2, and 3x layered plating crafting upgrade => armor = 5, 2x mod to add +1 defense to 1 arc (each) => defense = 2/2/2/1 1 dedicated cargo bay => enc=1045 x1 life support (1 hp) maybe modded x1 hyperdrive modded (1 hp) navicomputer (1 hp) sensors modded (1 hp) unspent hp 4 weapons 7 hp 6+3+2+1+1+1+1+1+4+7=27 hp which says my eyeball math was bogus, this is a good design, but I initially thought there was only 5 hp on weapons, and a reinforced construction crafting upgrade on the frame could save another 2 hp (so up to 4 unspent from first impression, but that was bad eyeball math)... so yeah CEC did a real good job designing the Gonzati and the rules I made seem to replicate official ships better than first glance appears. *********************************************** But if the original gonzati was such a good design, can my rules handle a CROC gonzati (page 62-63 of no disintegrations) which is widely considered to be overpowered???? sil 5, speed 3, handling -3 defense 3/2/2/1 armor 5 HTT 55, SST 40 hyperdrive x3, backup x12, navicomputer sensors medium crew 12 passengers 20 consumables 2 months hard points 6 weapons normally 6 hp, but what would making them retractable cost (unless that would go in weapons crafting rules)???? so only doing delta's away from the regular gonzati for the frame we'd need the reinforced construction crafting upgrade to add another 5 htt, and the add a hard point crafting upgrade, and apply both integrated improvements to passengers which would make crew 4 and passengers 32 before officers quarters makes it 12 and 24 the engine would require the "enhanced output" crafting upgrade and either enhanced power to deflectors or being modded to increase the shields in the forward arc by one, it would also have to be modded the third and final time to increase SST by another 5 to 40 SST The hull would require 3x of the cargo pods crafting upgrade => enc =1045+3*255=1810 mod the life support x2 instead of x1, drop the torpedo launchers and there we have it, except it has 4 too many passengers and there are to my knowledge no way of explaining why the weapons are retractable (they can be, but why/how they are is not explained/costed) Also the CROC gonzati would be hard as h&ll to craft, but my rules do actually allow for it to happen BTW for the CROC gonzati it's ALMOST ESSENTIAL for freighters to VSL+2hp, it'd be possible (but even harder) to do it in VLS+1 hp by adding the +1 hard point crafting upgrade to the hull.
  7. YT-1300 (page 264 EotE core) sil 4, speed 3, handling -1, defense 1/1, armor 3 htt 22, sst 13 hyperdrive x2, backup 12, navicomputer short sensors crew 2 enc 165 passengers 6 consumables 2 months hp 6 weapons 2 hp, and 2hp for turrets freighter frame: sil 4, 25 htt, (2+VSL=17 hp/VSL=15hp), 20 enc, 2 crew, 4 passengers, integrated improvements x1 or x2 to decrease passengers to 1 or 4 ion turbine engines (3 hp): speed 1, 15 sst, 1/0 defense, mod the engine and/or output to get speed to 3, mod shields or hull or enhanced power to deflectors to get to 1/1 defense Transport hull, 1 armor, -2 handling, x4 to passenger => (4 or 8 passengers), with 2x cargo pod => 80 enc, and maneuvering fins => handling =-1, 2x hull mods and or layered plating to get to 3 armor 1 dedicated cargo bay (1 hp) => 160 enc 1 life support x3 modded (1 hp) => 60 days of consumables hyperdrive modded (1 hp) navicomputer (1 hp) sensors (1 hp) 4 hp on weapons & turrets 6 unspent hp 3+1+1+1+1+1+4+6=18 hp, which is 1 two few for the old way of computing hp, but we can add up to 2 during crafting so a freighter could have as few as 1+VSL hp ************************************************* YT-2400 (page 265 EotE core) sil 4, speed 3, handling 0, 1/1 defense, 4 armor htt 25, sst 18 hyperdrive x2, backup x12, navicomputer sensors short crew 2, enc 140 passengers 6 2 months consumables hp 5 weapons 2 hp + 2 hp for turrets like the YT-1300 it freighter frame, ion turbine engine (3 hp) {but modded to increase strain threshold by silhouette (so 19 as opposed to official 18)}, transport hull with x1 cargo pod, and an extra layered plating and maneuvering fins, besides having only 5 unspent xp, the rest is the same as a YT1300 so 3+1+1+1+1+1+4+5=17 hp, having to do an extra hull mod (extra maneuvering fins) is probably why the added 1 fewer hp during crafting of the hull, which means the frame could still have had a hp added to it... so maybe freighter hp should be VSL+1... ************************************************ YT-2000 would be built the same as a YT-1300 but with one extra maneuvering fin, which would explain why they didn't mod the hull for an extra hp, OR ditch both cargo pods, add the hard point to the hull and add an extra dedicated cargo bay (which would be 180 enc)... both VSL+1 hp or VSL+2 hp are on the table.
  8. revisiting: Interceptor IV (page 81 of Mask Of The Pirate Queen) sil 5, speed 3, handling -1, defense 3/2/2/2, armor 2 HTT 40, SST 20 Hyperdrive x3, Backup x20, Navicomputer Medium Sensors crew 20, Enc 10,000 passengers 5 Consumables 3 months Hard Points 4 3 weapons no turrets Freighter frame, larger scope: sil 5, 35 htt, 27 hp, 20 enc, 4 crew, 8 passengers, 2x integrated improvements => 8 crew & 16 passengers, officers quarters => 20 crew and 4 passengers. Reinforced frame (2 hp): +5 htt => 40 htt Fusial Thrust Engine (3 hp): speed 3, 20 sst, defense 1/0/0/0 Military grade shield generators modded (2 hp) => defense=3/2/2/2 Freighter Hull: armor 1, handling -2, 1x maneuvering fins => handling =-1, mod hull for +1 armor, 3x cargo pods => enc=785 9 dedicated cargo bays (9 hp) => enc = 10,010 1x life support modded x3 (1 hp) => 100 days consumables sensors modded (1 hp) hyperdrive modded (1hp) navigation computer (1 hp) weapons (3 hp) unspent hard points 4 2+3+2+9+1+1+1+1+3+4=27 hp spent 27 available, built pretty much optimally and it misses spec by having 1 to few passengers and 10 days too many consumables and 10 too many enc (and I don't think the back up hyperdrive rating will match either) , but all in all it's an incredibly close match which says that CEC really knew what it was doing and was on the ball when it designed this thing, but it's basically a bulk freighter, that's been slightly ruggedized and slightly weaponized, which fits in with CEC design expertise. Also if you look at the picture on page 80 of mask of the pirate queen the 4 identically looking cap ships are probably what this thing looks like and it's remarkably similar in appearance to an action VI. ************************************************************* Action VI bulk freighter (page 260 EotE core) sil 5, speed 2, handling -3, defense 2/1/1/1, armor 2, htt 40, sst 20 hyperdrive x3, backup x20, navicomputer crew 20 enc 10,000 passengers 5 consumables 3 months hard points so build it the same as the interceptor IV but leave off the 3 weapons, and don't mod the military grade shields, and don't add the maneuvering fins, and use 2 life support systems modded x1 each instead of 1 modded x3 we end up with 6 leftover hp instead of 4 official, 1 too few passengers, 10 days too many consumables, 10 too many enc, 1 too fast, and 1 handling too agile (there isn't a engine that can replicate the performance of this ship) and the backup hyperdrive rating isn't going to match. Hmmm, looks like CEC was slacking slightly when they built this thing, or that interceptor IV's that missed spec were repurposed to be freighters, or that CEC had deliberately loose tolerances so that manufacturing mistakes didn't mean scrapping parts which saves them money. or maybe the above is true but the slacking is less severe because the freighter frame should have 2 fewer hp, and the interceptor IV should have used crafting upgrades to add 2 hp but what would that do to other freighters????? Edit: the hwk-290 and hawk-1000 could still be built by added 1 hp to the frame and an hp to the hull, so no problems yet... let's look at some YT series freighters next...
  9. EliasWindrider

    'Free' force point, would you take it?

    My character would very likely do it. But then again I've been using an artifact that provides +1 force rating for 1 day at the cost of 10 conflict, not for the +1 force rating but to keep me close to 50 morality because i have a mentor bonus that let's me use a darkside point once per session without flipping a destiny point or costing conflict (but I get 1 conflict per session) and I'd lose that if I became a lightside paragon.
  10. Given that he "liked" the post where I suggested it, I think he was satisfied with my borrow special embellishment (excepting stealth and resilience) suggestion, and he's "salty" about (your words not mine, I'd say takes exception to) people arguing against that (which is already in the game for armor).
  11. I don't have to imagine, I lived it back in 2005 and/or 2006 (when I lived in Buffalo NY and I was the only player [and a sidekick to tramp's GMPC, the one who got superior holt personalization in the conversion] in tramp's campaign), he chained 3 bits of fluff text together to declare that drawing a lightsaber in a bar fight I was losing against a trained martial artist who was therefore armed with a deadly weapon deserved a dark side point. Of course Tramp will claim that I was winning the fight and that the character didn't have the martial arts feat, but he was describing vitality point damage (that he was secretly rolling) against him as misses and his vitality point damage against me as getting a bloody nose black eye etc. So I had no clue I had hit him even once and he made multiple rules mistakes one of which was not giving me attacks of opportunity against him which I knew he should be triggering if he didn't have the martial arts feat and after I had called him on multiple other rules mistakes he said "trust me i know what i am doing." That was the first session, the 10 sessions I lasted were much the same. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was frustrating as h&ll and I quit the game because I couldn't stay in it and stay tramp's friend. I give him a bit of grief on these boards from time to time but underneath tramp's very THICK CRUSTY exterior over the top literal interpretation of things (once I called him captain obvious and a few minutes later I had to revoke that title because he didn't qualify for that rank) he is one of the most morally upright people (honest, loyal, good hearted) I know. I still send him star wars rpg books for his birthday (in december) and Christmas.
  12. But what if you were the young and inexperienced kid who was trained by a padawan who escaped order 66 and they were say 10 years older than you... would you maybe suspect that if they weren't the jedi master themselves then they either were trained by him/her or somehow managed to defeat them and take their saber? Or maybe you would suspect that they are/were fantastically wealthy to have afforded the electrum to build the saber themselves? That's 4 different good impressions that you could have of the character that fit into the recommended eras (dark times/rebellion) of the game.
  13. EliasWindrider

    Another Character Generator

    No clue but that sounds pretty cool.
  14. Player: my character's lightsaber had a lock on switch under d20 so I need to have a superior hilt customization in this system to replicate that. Sane gm who's paying attention and doesn't let players get away with shenanigans: no you don't, you just have a lock on switch. Player: but it's not in the rules as a separately available option that's why I have to have the superior customization. GM: The rules also don't say that gungans can blink, but guess what they can, use some common sense. Player: no, I only play by (my outlandish interpretation of) RAW (because it always benefits my character) GM: get out of my game, I don't tolerate nonsensical munchkins at my table. Player: no you get out of my game [restarts play by post with a new batch of victims who don't know him well enough to not give him the benefit of the doubt]
  15. Actually he convinced a GM to give his converted character a brand new Ferrari for free because before the conversion his 10 year old pickup truck had power windows.