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  1. Yes (excluding the duchess, because she doesn't have fingers and opposable thumbs)
  2. It doesn't seem over powered to me. The problems I have with it are 1) it doesn't have the minimum of 3 new talents (multiple ranks don't count as more than 1) 2) I don't see how martial grace fits in 3) uncanny senses is more fitting than uncanny reactions 4) I can't narratively justify blaster block You should replace basic combat training with a "blaster slinger" which adds cool and ranged light as skills You should add a "constant cool" talent which is the reverse equivale4t of constant vigilance. Sidestep and improved sidestep (see the deathwatch universal spec in the clone wars book) belong in the tree
  3. Yes but it's supposed to work against bullets an shrapnel as well so that's a moot point. If that explanation works for you, more power to you... it doesn't work for me.
  4. @P-47 Thunderbolt take a look at the push aside talent int force adherant, moving your opponent away from you after an attack is like disengaging.
  5. Every sith in the rule of two killed their master. In cannon the sith ended with sidious in ep 9 and they didn't rise again (until they decide to change it)
  6. There is a difference between not auto killing and not auto hitting... not auto killing is easily justifiable.... but not auto hitting a human when you can auto hit a blaster bolt/bullet mid flight... I can't justify that. If you can, you're welcome to make a homebrew teepo Paladin spec, but for me it's a bridge too far. Blaster reflection with a lightsaber is also substantially easier.... you "just" have to have the lightsaber in the right spot before the blaster bolt gets there (e.g. before the other guy pulls the trigger) and then wait for it. To shoot a bolt/bullet out of the air you have to get both position and timing perfectly right, since bullets can travel near ot at the speed of sound pulling the trigger at the exact right moment would be incredibly difficult even for a jedi.
  7. How do you narratively justify that ability without also letting them auto hit any larger slower target like characters.
  8. My comment was (based on accounts) I could not square the tempo Paladins ability to shoot down blaster bolts, slugs, shrapnel will the game mechanical need to not auto hit every target, especially without the hunter's intuitive shot talent which is their signature talent and was therefore off limits for poaching. But if we take gunslinger as a base and look at what we could remove, deadly accuracy (replace with force rating), Could also remove the toughened, 2x lethal blows, confidence, sorry about the mess and dodge So 6 more talents to play with There has to be a minimum of 3 new talents to justify a spec Things we'd like to add A skill that adds cool and ranged light as career skills look at warleader there is also a attachment that Grant's this) Natural negotiation (reroll cool and negotiation checks Actually I think we need a from scratch build. If we're doing this I think we need to talk about concept... I'm thinking a gambler/gunslinger vibe. Semi related for the force sensitive but other stereotypical smuggler, I like racer/hotshot/sage.... it covers pilot/gunslinget/gambler/erstwhile face pretty well.
  9. Barc's with an empty sidecar or two to pickup the new guy and his stuff.
  10. Create a separate thread for force sensitive gunslinger, and I'll take a crack at it there, I'd prefer to reserve this thread for legends/canon force traditions.
  11. @Von3679 crashed 20 klicks (km) away... you'll need to go out in some variety of speeder to retrieve him. I would recommend against a laat unless you're in the mood to dog fight with vultures, they've stepped up aerial patrols since the previous days attack.
  12. I'm having trouble with squaring the ability to shoot down blade yt er bolts/slugs/etc. and the game mechanical need for every shot not to be an auto hit, which would necessitate the instinctive shot talent at a minimum and that's the hunter's signature talent meaning it shouldn't be poached. I could make a force sensitive gunslinger spec but it wouldn't be a tempo Paladin
  13. How about Disk blade technique: melee becomes a career skill for the character, additionally the character may use the saber throw and saber throw (improved) talents with the disk blade and Melee skill instead of Lightsaber. Would a name change to "practiced telekinetic" make a difference..... I don't see another way to make the reliably good at telekinesis, besides a whole lot of force rating which is overpowered. The thing about the lore is they could do it reliably, empty soul is the precedent.
  14. Ok I read the article, I'm fine either way, if the dream team was behind the reboot I believe they could pull ot off without upsetting the fan base unduly.
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