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  1. dj9091

    Add # Confusion

    Sounds great! Thanks for the tip! We started doing that tonight.
  2. dj9091

    Add # Confusion

    Unless I am misunderstanding the set up rules, how does an Add # card work, if the card to add has a vault number on the back? Are these supposed to be separated to start? Thanks!! Don
  3. dj9091

    Miniatures Inventory

    Ok, I feel REAL foolish...saw this twice as I read through and for some reason skipped over it. Thank you VERY much!!
  4. Is there anywhere that states how many of each miniature the game comes with? Since the rules were specific as to when these run out, no more can be used, I'd like to know what is available in each category in case I lose some. If anyone has this information, that would be GREAT (and if it's in the manuals, can you let me know what page)! Thanks! Don
  5. dj9091

    Assignment Phase Question

    Good point...Thanks!! Don
  6. dj9091

    Assignment Phase Question

    Got it...I took "any" as a free choice and wasn't sure if it allowed multiple missions at once. Thanks again!! Don
  7. Greetings Everyone. Just got the game and in learning mode. I found where it talks about assigning leaders, but I can't find where it talks about minimum or maximum missions to be assigned. Do I HAVE to assign at least one mission? And can I assign up to four? This may be answered already, but I could not find it outside of a post stating four learders can be assigned to four missions. Wanted to know if that's stated in the rules or not. Thanks!! Don
  8. Awesome info! Thanks. I'll check out that other site as well!
  9. Awesome, thanks! I didn't even pull the cover card out and had no idea it was in there. Thanks again! Don
  10. I've been out of playing for quite some time, but I keep up with the Force Packs. I've recently been going through "Solo's Command" in hopes to meet some new players in my area, but I can't say I remember the "mission" cards (card 6 of a few of the objective sets). Can anyone explain how these work or point me to the dialog in the rules? Thanks all! Don
  11. Dang...can't believe this was the FIRST question in the FAQ...ah well. Thanks!! DJ
  12. The TIE Attack Squadron text reads "During any engagement in which you have place at least one fate card in your edge stack, this unit gains "unit damage" and targeted strike". If the Dark Side places a Fate card that cancels the edge battle, does this count to make the TIE Attack Squadron work for the engagement even if in the follow-up edge battle the Dark Side does NOT play anther fate card? Or does the "cancel" card provide the effect that the edge battle never took place and thus would ot count for the TIE Attack Squadron text? Thanks! DJ
  13. The reaction reads "After you refresh, capture the top card of an opponents deck at this objective, if able". What does the "if able" part mean. Multiple cards can be captured at an objective and I couldn't find a card that limits this. Any thoughts on this one? DJ
  14. I know the Light Side enhancement "Sub Zero Defenses" (destroying the first unit to attach a Hoth objective) does not stack, so having two in play gives no benefit. But what about the Dark Side "Forward Command Post" with text stating that each friendly shielded unit gains blaster? If both of these are in play, does each friendly shielded unit gain TWO blasters? This does not say limited or anything like that. Thanks! DJ
  15. Does the Light Side Heroic Sacrafice card need to have the Dark Side player actually have a ship out with a printed cost of four or lower, to be used (better said, so the Light Side can sacrafice a ship)? Here was the scenario we had today: Dark Side player had only "Devastator", printed cost of 6, in play (for vehicles). Light Side had "X-Wing Escort in play with text "When this unit leaves play, opponant MUST sacrfice a vehicle unit he controls". Light Side tried to get Dark side to destory "X-Wing Escort" but Dark Side did not. So, Light Side played Heroic Sacrfice" to remove "X-Wing Escort from play, kowing the Dark Side's Devastator would not be affected (nor any other units). Then Light Side used the "X-Wing Escort" text to remove "Devastator". Since Dark Side didn't have a vehicle of printed cost 4 or lower, can the Light Side still play the sacrafice (even though it does sort of waste the card)?