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  1. Thanks! I was pretty sure that since the new rules didn't state an exception that the old rules for tests applied. Thanks for confirming! DJ
  2. Greetings Cyberadams 64, thanks for the info. I assumed we'd need to use other effects to kill the Mirelurk Queen but I wanted to see if that was the intention of the "level 3 plus shield" as I encountered it twice with no assist and basically just rolled for my own damage (not cool). Greetings Husker949...thanks for your info as well. I was actually checking on the new test feature where they don't provide a number to shoot for (e.g., some cards reads as "Test SC 4", but in my example, it reads "Test SC") and if the total "*"s are counted and added from all rerolls, or just what is showing on the last reroll. In the instructions, it kind of made it seem like, for these new tests without numbers, you add up all "*"s from every roll, meaning you could go way beyond a count of 6. It seems like the rules would have stated "You want to get as many "*" results as possible [displayed on the last roll opportunity]." As such, some of us are interpreting that it means add them all of from each roll. In the card we were using, if was for caps, and I pointed out that with interpreting the rule that way, if the test was for SPECIAL, and you held those letters, you'd be able to bring in 49 (+1) caps. Unfortunately when we agreed to use the standard rule of "add the "*"s showing on the last roll only", one of us picked the "gold mine card" (pay 1,000 caps for the gold mine), and a heated argument broke out that the intention was to be able to get as many caps as possible with the new rules so we should have been adding all the "*"s from every roll, cumulative. Keeping in mind that little to no intelligence was being applied to the fact that there aren't even 1,000 caps pieces in the game, and that the point of the card was a joke as the card becomes the gold mine and probably can't be used for anything (I say probably as I'm not sure if there is another card that may have an option to be played only if you have the gold mine). Gotta love game night...
  3. Interesting...thanks for the great responses. The way I read the specifics in the rules is that you can't have more than three in inventory (unless special circumstances allow) so the addicted drug item, exhausted or otherwise would take up an inventory slot. I'm not understanding the exception for drug items, especially since a rule wasn't included that states this, specifically for drug items. I definitely see the points provided in your responses, just still a little confusing on that interpretation. I'd think that being addicted has a specific penalty that has to be realized and by allowing me to keep as many exhausted drug items as possible, the only penalty is I can't become well rested until my addiction is gone.
  4. Fnoffen, can you tell me where you found in the rules about having to keep newly drawn drug items when addicted (aside from the card that got you addicted--going by your example above where you had to discard the weapon). We've not been using that rule and I was looking for it tonight in the books. The way we've been playing, exhausted and unexhausted drugs take up space in the inventory, addicted or not. And each card brings it's own ability to get you addicted even if it's a drug you are already addicted to. We've been doing this because I didn't see in the rules or on the cards, any specifics to apply the addiction to multiple cards. Your thoughts?
  5. Greetings Everyone, I'm looking for some assistance on understanding a couple of things: 1. With the new cards that say "Test SPEC" and don't have a specific number to roll, in the rules it says "You want to get as many "*" results as possible." If I have S and C this should mean I only get 2 rolls, not three (as in a fight where you take the first roll before using the SPECIAL options), correct? Also, would I take the count from the final roll (which could max my "*" count at 6) or would I add up all "*"s on the S roll and then all the "*" on the C roll (which could add up to a max of 12 in this case if I were lucky enough to roll 6 "*"s each time)? 2. The Mirelurk Queen enemy is a level three with a shield. The impact points are head and legs. Since there is no die face with both a head and legs at the same time, the most damage I can inflict without any special effects is 3. Is this an error, or is it expected that the only way to defat this enemy with a gained effect (weapon, companion, etc)? Thanks in advance for any advice! DJ
  6. Is that true about holding as many exhausted drug items as you want? I thought this was an inherent penalty to using the item and becoming addicted...it takes up an inventory space.
  7. dj9091

    Add # Confusion

    Sounds great! Thanks for the tip! We started doing that tonight.
  8. dj9091

    Add # Confusion

    Unless I am misunderstanding the set up rules, how does an Add # card work, if the card to add has a vault number on the back? Are these supposed to be separated to start? Thanks!! Don
  9. Ok, I feel REAL foolish...saw this twice as I read through and for some reason skipped over it. Thank you VERY much!!
  10. Is there anywhere that states how many of each miniature the game comes with? Since the rules were specific as to when these run out, no more can be used, I'd like to know what is available in each category in case I lose some. If anyone has this information, that would be GREAT (and if it's in the manuals, can you let me know what page)! Thanks! Don
  11. Got it...I took "any" as a free choice and wasn't sure if it allowed multiple missions at once. Thanks again!! Don
  12. Greetings Everyone. Just got the game and in learning mode. I found where it talks about assigning leaders, but I can't find where it talks about minimum or maximum missions to be assigned. Do I HAVE to assign at least one mission? And can I assign up to four? This may be answered already, but I could not find it outside of a post stating four learders can be assigned to four missions. Wanted to know if that's stated in the rules or not. Thanks!! Don
  13. Awesome, thanks! I didn't even pull the cover card out and had no idea it was in there. Thanks again! Don
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