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  1. During my weekend gaming session we had an issue with failure and opposed tests. A player had attempted a commerce test as part of an acquisition and failed with four degrees of failure, the GM also failed with four degrees of failure. The rules state that when an opposed test is failed by both parties then the test is re-rolled or nothing happens. However the rules also state that when a player fails a commerce, test during an acquisition, by at least three degrees they take a minus ten penalty on the acquisition test. Which rule takes precedence in this situation? Is the test count as a failure and the player takes a penalty? or Is the test considered a stalemate and the test re-rolled/nothing happens?
  2. I couldn't find an answer using the search so please excuse me if this has been answered already. The psychic power machine curse can target any vehicle or mechanical devices, up to casters pr, and only requires a wp tests by the caster to succeed. If the caster were to target the power armour worn by an opponent would the test become opposed or would the wearer lose their turn as their armour no longer responds?
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